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Male Hair Removal Becoming Increasingly Common

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Have you always wondered how athletes such as swimmers always manage to have pristine-looking backs and chests? Have you ever been envious of those guys on the bags of expensive clothing stores who walk around beaches with no hair in sight? Well now you don’t have to be jealous or embarrassed any longer: male hair removal is more common than you think.

Sure, it used to be just athletes, models, and other celebrities who needed to worry about hair removal. However, right now it is becoming increasingly common for men to seek permanent body hair removal solutions. Of late, it has been observed that medical spa offers an extensive selection of services for men that gives them freedom to avail as many treatments as women.

Are you too embarrassed to go to the local pool or on a beach vacation with your family because you don’t want to embarrass yourself and your family with your hairy back and/or chest? Or have you been noticing how nice your mate’s body feels when it is smooth and hair-free and would like to give her the same experience when she touches your body?

One way by which men remove their unwanted body hair is by waxing. However, the anticipated pain of such procedures is usually enough to make most men steer clear of this technique. Although you could probably wax your chest yourself, you would need to have some sort of help whether professional or from your mate in order to wax your back.

As most men would be embarrassed to require help to have this treatment done regularly, more and more men are discovering the advantages of laser hair removal. Not only is laser hair removal permanent, but it is painless as well, thus creating none of the problems described above.

What is great is that right now is the perfect time to receive treatment, as the costs for laser hair removal are lower than they ever have been. Since the technique has been approved for use by the FDA since 1997, more and more people, both men and women, have been seeking the treatment, thus increasing its demand several times over. This has caused the price of such treatments to go down and the availability of treatments to go up.

Now that the advantages of permanent laser hair removal have been pointed out, you will want to start looking for a practitioner. The best place to start would be to ask your wife or significant other where for recommendations. Even if she hasn’t received treatments laser hair removal treatments herself, she will be more than happy to do the research for you by asking her friends and professional aesthetician for suggestions. If you would like to surprise your mate and not ask her for recommendations, finding a practitioner is as easy as opening up the phone book or conducting an internet search.

The time is right to start investigating your options for hair removal. Male hair removal is more common today than ever before, and the sooner you start your research, the sooner you and your lover will be able to enjoy your smooth skin!


Reloxin, the First Real Threat to Botox’s Preeminence in America, Emerges

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The first real challenger to Botox’s preeminence as a beauty treatment is on the horizon. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is set to approve Reloxin, an injectable form of Botulinum toxin type A. Medicis and Ipsen Pharmaceutical Companies submitted a Biologics License Application (BLA) in March of last year. The expectation is that approval should be coming very soon. If you are looking for Botox in Montgomery, NJ, then you might be in for some good news.

Reloxin and Botox are both purified forms of the neurotoxin, Botulinum Toxin Type A. The toxin is derived from a bacterium called Clostridium Botulinum. It is the toxin best known for causing Botulism or food poisoning and comes from the German for “sausage poison”. Botulinum Toxin A is known to have an effect on the nervous system. It was utilized as a biological weapon throughout World War I and II but fell out of favor because it required extensive refrigeration. However, those who worked with it noticed that it had other applications with regards to relaxing muscle spasms of the eye. As it was used for eye spasms, doctors noted that it also smoothed the muscles of the forehead. Botox was approved by the FDA, for cosmetic purposes, in 2002.

Some reports have said that Reloxin will act more quickly and have longer-lasting effects than Botox. However, Dr. Ramsey Markus, Director of Laser Surgery at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, TX believes that the duration of a Reloxin treatment will generally be about the same as Botox He shared that some studies even indicate a shorter duration for Reloxin. While Reloxin and Botox are both derivative of the same bacterium, Dr. Markus specified that Reloxin has a smaller molecular structure. As such, the toxin will spread more widely into tissues. He believes that current injection methods will need to be modified to guard against relaxing adjacent muscles such as those that hold up the eyelids.

Dr. Nancy Snyderman, NBC’s chief medical editor, reports that an important factor is Reloxin’s cost relative to Botox. Price competition is good for the consumer in any industry. Since Botox treatments currently run anywhere from $300 to $500, it is expected that with the advent of Reloxin, the consumer will be the beneficiary. Snyderman remarked further in an appearance on the Today show. “I think you’re going to see a marketing battle. Watch for the price war. It’s going to be a price war for women who really want this.” Dr. Markus concurs. He believes that if the price difference is significant that a number of women in the Houston area will switch from Botox to Reloxin.

According to an article by Nicole Ostrow that was reprinted to the Pharma forum from, Gary Nachman of Leerink Swann Healthcare Investment Bank is quoted as saying that “Reloxin may be priced 15 percent less than Botox. Over time Reloxin may take 25 percent to 30 percent of market share from Botox. He also shared, “U.S. sales of Reloxin may rise to about $160 million by 2012”.

Reloxin is set to enter the market at a great time. While more expensive and invasive cosmetic surgeries have dropped in the face of the contracting economy. Less invasive procedures such as Botox and Restylane have continued to increase in popularity. “I, so far, have not seen any drop-off. If anything I have been getting a little busier with the minimally invasive procedures like Botox and Fotofacial,” Dr. Markus shared.

In a Wall Street Journal article written by Rhonda Runkle, it was revealed that many women see these treatments as an investment in themselves. Kathleen Hudson, a 57-year-old marketing consultant in Falls Church, quoted in the same article, as saying, “If you’re in the business world and you want to be competitive with the younger people, you need to stay on top of your game.”

Young beautiful girl receiving pink facial mask in spa beauty salon – indoors

Reloxin has already been approved for use in 23 countries. In the months since Medicis and Ibsen submitted Reloxin for FDA approval, they have continued to test it extensively. Reloxin has been on the market for 15 years outside of the United States. Dr. Markus added that the anaphylactic reaction to Botox is incredibly low and as Reloxin is very similar, it should result in the same type of side effects. If it undercuts Botox’s price, it promises to be a boon for the customer and the beauty industry.



Smooth Away: Review

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I have tried it all. Wax that you heat in your microwave, smelly chemicals that remove my skin but leave the hair intact and all-natural products that are sticky, messy and rip the hair from the roots. I always fall back on the old-standby method of shaving.

Not that there is anything that horrible about shaving. As long as you exfoliate and use a good quality sharp razor you can get a decent shave. The problem is that with shaving it feels like you need to do it daily to keep your legs smooth. When I saw the commercial for Smooth Away I must admit I laughed. Not another product that promises to leave you hair-free with no pain at all! I was not going to try it and then I actually heard of someone who used it so I purchased it at my local drugstore.

For $19.99 plus tax the package of Smooth Away contains 1 travel case, 1 large applicator, 1 small applicator, 5 large and 5 small replacement pads and instructions on how it works. The applicators are flexible plastic with a molded area for your fingers or hands. The flex-crystal removal pads look like a smooth sandpaper and stick onto the applicator. After peeling the protective backing from the pad and sticking it to the applicator I was ready to give it a try.

My biggest issue is my legs. I have darker, coarse hair and I admit that I do not always exfoliate as often as I should and because of that I have problems with ingrown hairs. It would be great to find a product that really works as easily as this one says it does.

I read the directions which tell you to apply pressure and rotate the pad in small circles. The directions say to go clockwise 3 times and then counter clockwise 3 times. I do this and immediately notice my legs appear whiter. This is due to exfoliated dead skin cells and applying moisturizer will bring your skin tone back to normal. I repeat this process of circles and only seem to accomplish getting rid of a whole lot of dead skin. I am disappointed plus my arms are tired! I had stubble and after running my palm up and down my leg, I still have stubble. Aggravated I put the applicator back in the box and forget about it.

A few weeks later I am watching television when I see a commercial for Smooth Away. In this commercial they show a rather hairy man rubbing the applicator on his chest. Next scene he has a patch of baldness on his chest and I think to myself that maybe the hair I was trying to remove was too short. Not having anything better to do at the moment, I grab the applicator from the drawer where I left it and take another shot at this product.

This time the aim is my forearms. Being of Eastern European descent, I am a woman with rather hairy arms. It used to bother me when I was young but shaving left too much stubble. I grab the applicator and go through the process. There is a little bit of white powder that comes off this time but also I notice baldness! Wow! I can hardly believe it. I do one arm and when I am done, I apply some lotion. I put my arms side by side and compare. A definite difference. I found the key to success. Apparently it works better on longer hair than it does on stubble. I show my husband, my teenage daughter and my adult daughter the proof. They are not as impressed as I am but at the time I just feel success. I do the other arm and proudly sit back and admire my smooth, hairless arms.

It is now about 2 weeks since that evening and my arms have a slight bit of re-growth. I cannot believe it and if I hadn’t seen it myself I wouldn’t. This product works. I have not tried it again on my legs as it is summer and I am not going to let the hair grow that long. Perhaps when swimsuit season is over I will give it a go.

I do not know how long the applicator pads will last. I guess it depends upon how much you use them. I can honestly say that this product Smooth Away does remove hair. Yes it does it painlessly. Is it the end to shaving? For me, sadly, probably not but for annoying hair it works wonders. I would also recommend to look for Trusted Laser Hair Removal Specialist.


My Breast Augmentation Procedure

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Well, I was nervous up until the very end. I was afraid of going under. I think that is the part that scared me the most. The procedure did not take very long. I was under for one hour and then just over an hour and a half in the recovery room.
I was very sleepy and felt disoriented. My vision was blurry and I felt a bit nauseated when I woke up. Stubborn as I usually am I tried to get up and walk around right away. I am not a feeble person; I try to get myself going and pick up to the usual right away. The nurse had to instruct that I take a seat and relax.

Breast augmentation is performed to increase the size and fullness of the breasts.

My mother and sister were waiting for me in the waiting room. I had a long drive home ahead of me. When I began to become more aware of my surroundings, the nurse sat me in a wheel chair and pushed me out to my car where my mother was waiting to take me home.

On my way home I unbuttoned my night gown to see my results. I must admit I was a bit disappointed. They were not as big as I had wanted them to be. I know they can be stretched bigger as I had breast fed and they were a large D size before for several months. What my result turned out to be was a C cup. Frustrated and disappointed and tried to relax on the way home.

These past five days of recovery have not been that bad. The pain medication made me feel better and I was able to cope for a few days. I was quick to notice when the pain medication wore off throughout the day. My breasts felt as they did when I was engorged with milk and when I worked out my chest muscles. The incision area at the bottom of my breasts hurt to the touch. I had nipple sensation, but areas of my breasts were numb. I frequently placed ice packs on my breasts to keep the swelling down and ease the pain. As my feeling came back I could start to feel the cold from the ice packs.

I am out of pain medicine now and wish that I had maybe enough for two days more as the pain is hard to deal with. I have tried the Tylenol and Motrin but they do not seem to work. I just tough the pain out the best I can. Most of the swelling has gone. I am left now with the results. I am contemplating on what I should do. Whether I am happy with the size or not. I am confused as to why even after the pictures I had given my doctor he still gave me a smaller size than we discussed. I am sure as I will have to pay for another surgery if I want it fixed.

Lesson learned, be sure you make sure your doctor understands the size you want to be. You may be disappointed in the end after spending thousands of dollars, missing work and pain from recovery.


Post Mortem Plastic Surgery, Society Gone Vain!

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On the drive into work today a local, radio news report prompted a response of, “Are you kidding me?” The report discussed a new trend in funeral preparations. Apparently our society has become so vain that plastic surgery is being performed post mortem. What a monumental waste of money. At this point, you’re dead! Who are you trying to impress?

When a mortician uses make up to cover the pale grey skin of the deceased it is understandable. The reasons behind the use of some cosmetic surgery after a lethal automobile accident are also understandable. No one wants to see carnage at the casket, it would not be appropriate. It is the goal of the mortician to make the recently passed look as presentable as possible. The goal of a funeral viewing is to provide an opportunity to pay respects to the deceased and offer condolences to the living. A good mortician will help present a body in a manner that will help reach this goal.

After hearing the radio report, one might wonder when the goal of a viewing changed to presenting a beauty pageant contestant. The following are three common plastic surgery procedures being performed after ones death.

First is lip enhancement. Many are prepaying for lip enhancing injections. They say that fuller lips give a more youthful appearance. What good does it do to look more youthful if you’re dead? People who want to look younger are typically trying to defy the natural progression of age. Some want to deny the fact that life is passing by, and an end to mortality is just around the corner. At least those people enjoy the youthful appearance while still living.

The second post mortem plastic surgery procedure is wrinkle removal. As part of the pre-death arrangement with the mortician, some are requesting that wrinkles be removed or hidden. Again, these should be procedures done for the living, if at all. If wrinkles were okay when the person was alive why are they not okay after death?

The third procedure that was mentioned in the radio report was a little more shocking. Believe it or not there are post mortem breast augmentations being performed. Why on earth would anyone who wants a breast augmentation proceed to pay for it, but delay the surgery until they pass away? As stated in the opening paragraph, what a monumental waste of money. Adding to the waste is the fact that many cremators require the removal of silicone implants before cremation. The implants can cause small explosions during the cremation process. How shallow has our society become when one actually worries about being perceived as beautiful, even after death?

What thoughts do the people who are preordering these procedures hope to illicit from those who attend their viewing? Are they trying to prompt feelings of how beautiful or youthful they were? Instead, why not prompt memories about the long full life they led. Aging is expected. It’s part of the natural way of things. Death will come to all. Why not face it with honesty. Except in some cases of repairing trauma or illness, post mortem plastic surgery leaves one with a deceitful parting. In the opinion of the author it is a sad reality that society has created such a strong need to have the right image; extremely sad when the need is carried even into death.

Just look up on the internet and consult various experts on how to choose a plastic surgeon when in doubt as this can help generate new ideas.