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League of Legends or Counter Strike: Global Offensive – Which one to play!

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The player base for the League of legends might have been a wide one but with the release of Counter Strike:  Global Offensive, the value of entertainment for players has increased substantially. The elements of counter strike are comparatively more exciting and grander than League of legends. 

League of Legends seems to have turn stale for players, who find the same teams playing at the top spot, as always. Bringing a wave of fresher attributes, Counter Strike provides its players with a chance at newer objects and timelines, improving their interest and channeling their enthusiasm on a new route. 

One of the most remarkable feature of the game is that there is no domination of any single nation in the game. With each new tournament session, players can view a classic structure that involves multiple high grade events in the year, something that is hard to come by in League of Legends. This particular feature of the game also makes it more attractive for an investor from business point of view. 

Many players complain about the production quality of League of Legends, claiming that it has always been more like a television drama. Perhaps, this is where Counter strike overcomes the whole competition with a wave of innovation, upcoming talent, diversity in competition, and monetization of a product. Speaking in monopoly terms, League of Legends remains under the control of one while Counter Strike brings a fresh fleet of liberty on the board. 

This is why, Elo boosting service claim that when it comes to playing either of the two, perhaps it might be a good choice for players to opt for Counter Strike: Global offensive, rather than settling for League of Legends, which seems to have fallen down the charts. 


Best Tic Tac Toe strategies you should master

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Games come and go but there are some games that stand the test of time. One of such games is Tic Tac Toe. A timeless favorite, Tic Tac Toe is loved equally by both adults and kids. But no matter how simple it looks, Tic Tac Toe is not an easy game to win. There are scores and scores of possible combinations to achieve a win and prevent a loss in the game. Are you too looking to know how to win tic tac toe? Well, much to your delight, here is a brief on some of the best strategies you might try in your next Tic Tac  Toe session.

Start with corner

The common trend is to start with the middle box. But, it would be better if you can actually start with corner. In fact, corner-starts tend to fetch more wins than middle-starts. Here are some pointers that will show how you can check-mate your opponent when you start from one corner.

  • If your opponent places the letter on a side close to your start corner, put your next mark in middle box. Now, if the opponent has to block off your line, he will put his mark on a far corner. But,  you can then place your third mark on close side on the other end and throw a check-mate.
  • Let’s say, your opponent starts his turn by placing his mark on far corner, in respect to your first mark on one corner. In that case, you will have to place your mark on another corner. Now, he will want to block off your line. But, don’t worry, you can still place your mark on last corner followed by a check-mate.
  • If your opponent plays on a far side, put your mark on middle. He will again go to another far corner with the intention to block off your line. Now, you will just block off the line of your opponent and throw a check-mate.

Strategy if opponent starts with playing in middle

Let’s say you mark is “X” and that of your opponent’s is “O”. 

This strategy would be helpful when your opponent starts the game by playing his mark in middle box. Now, you have two ways before you here-

Tip 1

Place second X right in opposite side in respect to your first mark. It will look like “X-O-X” in a diagonal pattern. Now, if he places his second “O” in any of the corners- good news- you will most probably win. To ensure your win, place the third mark in last vacant corner of the grid and this you can prevent the other player from blocking you. Now, you can simply place your 4th mark and win the game. 

Tip 2

Place 2nd X on edge square- a square that doesn’t touch your first mark. Now, if the other player puts his “O” in corner not exactly next to X, use the 3rd X mark to block off his move. This way, you will have a guaranteed win with 4th X.

Count on 3rd X

If you end up with 2 Xs in one row, the other player will try to block you. If you face the similar situation, look for vacant square in between 1st & 2nd X. Now, place the 3rd mark there and enjoy your win.