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Emerging Technology: The Future Of The Global Economy

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Innovations and digital revolution has changed the way we see the world. The digital economy has reached a whole new level and is growing at a much faster rate. From appliances to the latest gadgets, it becomes too easy to perform financial transactions. Big players like blockchain, internet of things, 3D printing, and artificial intelligence are ruling the digital world. You would not believe that with these technologies, there are many chances that these can dominate the future of the global economy.

One of the most innovative inventions in terms of doing a safe and secure transaction is blockchain. It attracted many big companies to use this tech for purchasing or selling assets. Well, many experts have also doubted that these cannot be the future of the global economy. The controversy goes on, and some of them agree with their statements, while others believe that they can be the future. In this guide, you will come to know whether these emerging technologies are shaping the future of the global economy or not. Let us discuss these aspects below.

  • The generation of big players

Yes, we are talking about blockchain. It enables the users to perform secure and fast transactions, and blockchain is much better than the other traditional methods. The fantastic features of this new technology have attracted many financial companies and prominent technology, including Oracle, JP Morgan Chase, Boeing, and IBM. In recent years, IBM has teamed up with the financial tech company for launching a cryptocurrency, which is dollar-backed and named as Stronghold USD. You can also get more information about this on Bitcoin Circuit.

  • Arriving of new asset classes

We all know that the digital economy is reaching a whole new height. The latest characterization of the current digital economy is by the arrival of new asset classes and improvement in the traditional assets. Emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, 3D printing, the internet of things, and blockchain play a vital role in the growth of the economy. The new technologies are the future of the global economy. For instance, the arrival of blockchain becomes popular in no time as it has tokens and virtual coins, which can carry a considerable amount of money. It means you can securely do transactions without any interruption.

  • New framework

The rapid change in economy tells us that no one will rely on the traditional methods in the future for making decisions. To keep up with the latest technological developments like AI, VR, M2M, P2P, and DAO, it becomes imperative that we must develop a unique framework. We are talking about changing the old traditional models and put our focus on the new digital models, like exponential growth and network theories projects. The arrival of blockchain solves the majority of problems related to doing a safer transaction. But, you must choose the right platform, and visiting Bitcoin Circuit is all you need to do for having a successful and rapid transaction.

To sum up, these are the top aspects that you need to know about emerging technologies. Well, these are going to be future of the global economy. There will be some drawbacks, and if we keep improving them, then there is nothing that can stop them from leaving a positive impact on the global economy.



Digital Currency Future or Not?

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Digital currency is booming in the world right now, Transfer of money is everywhere, and digital currency makes it better. According to the data, Digital currency hold around $130 Billion of market cap. Bitcoin circuit holds a more significant portion of its $70 Billion, so what this currency works on is a technology called Blockchain. Few reports state that by next year, this blockchain technology will hold around 10% of global GDP. Now we know there are a lot of benefits of blockchain technology and digital currency.


There are benefits of having Digital currency, but there are demerits to it as well. Let us see what the difficulties Digital currencies face are.

  1. Extensibility – There is an obstacle towards growing and have a scalable environment for digital currencies. That is, the platforms out there who use these digital currencies transact slowly than the existing system which is being used.

  1. Obscurity – The crazy thing about digital currency is that we can’t see it in front of our eyes. It may be a benefit for some like carrying millions of legal money in the account. But for some who deal with illegal money, it’s easy for them to launder it. Make it white so that the government can’t catch them.

  1. Inconsistency – Digital currency like Bitcoin circuit, the value of them fluctuates all the time. There’s no fixed amount of digital currency out there, which makes it difficult for traders to trade In them.

Let us talk about them in detail.


If we talk about a transaction that happens per second all around the world that is around 2500 per second, which is a lot for digital currency like Bitcoin to handle, Bitcoin can handle about 3 to 5 transactions per second this indicates that bitcoin is not ready for the global market right now. The slow process depends on the process of how this transaction works.

Overcome Problem

There’s a way to overcome these problems right now such methods include –

  • Taking a new approach – Bitcoin and other digital currencies should have a unique approach towards how they handle transactions between customers. Getting this new approach will decrease the time of the transaction, and the transaction pers second will increase.

  • Using a fast Network – Using a fast network here means that the microtransactions that happen between two parties should be done offline and then upload the details of it to the online servers.

  • Using Sharding – Sharding is a very best-known method to deploy data towards different nodes; these nodes then share various information about the bitcoin; this will increase the speed.


Some of the obscurity of Digital transactions as a threat, and some view it as an advantage, both ways are genuine here, and we are going to discuss both. First, let us look into the factor that the total anonymity of digital currencies provides broad security towards the customers that are using it. In other words, the more anonymous the transaction is, the more secure it is.

Benefits of Obscurity – There are few benefits of anonymity while no one can see our transactions our money, which is saved in digital currencies, is safe. IT also allows us to maintain a low profile, and anyone can buy bitcoin and use it.

Problems with Obscurity – Problems come as much more profound than the benefits as being total anonymous no one knows who is transacting. This allows criminals or illegal money holders to launder their money in the form of Bitcoin.

There’s a way to overcome these problems right now such techniques include –

Adding KYC to Bitcoin – currently, there is no KYC to a Bitcoin registration process, having KYC of the legal format will let digital currencies hold a much better grasp towards this whole new market they are targeting.


We all know fluctuating Bitcoin is if we invest at a more considerable amount and the price of bitcoins go down than out money is flushed. There is no way to know that when the cost of the bitcoin will go up and when it will go down. There is a way to overcome this if we adopt digital currencies worldwide. The volatility will decrease by a considerable margin. This then will allow users to invest more and do digital currency transactions often.


Digital currencies hold a much better future than it is now, we can trust them, or we can reject them; it depends on us. We all have to believe in them; all these digital currencies are working all the time to secure their network. We can surely say that having digital currencies like Bitcoin circuit is a benefit to the world market. Only if all the problems are solved, we all can move towards a secure and more digital future.


Many Things You Can Make for Your Small Business

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It’s a lot of fun looking through catalogs that offer supplies, office decorations and other things for a small business. It’s fun to dream about all the things you could buy for your shop or office, but in reality, it’s much better if you can have those things without spending the money! Money saved is money you can use towards other business needs. You might not know this but there are many different things you can make for your small business, and not only will you save money, you’ll have lots of fun creating the easy supplies, accents and more.

One thing anyone could make for their small business is a unique business card holder. Start with a small box and a picture you like. The picture can represent your business or can be one you’ve simply chosen because you like it. Glue the picture to a piece of cardboard. Trim the cardboard to be the same size as the picture. Cut an upside-down “u” shape in the center bottom of the picture. Use a small box in this area to hold your business cards. Paint the box or just use a decorative box you’ve purchased from a craft store. Put the box against the backside of the cardboard, draw around it, then cut out the shape. Place your business cards in the box and slide the box halfway into the hole. The box will not only hold the cards but it will also serve as a stand for the poster.

Make other business card holders by choosing an appropriate, small box and decorating it to suit a particular theme. For example, you can glue on fake jewels, seashells or even colored yarn. Wrap yarn around and around the box until it is completely covered. Glue a trinket on the front to give it a more professional look. You’ll find thousands of miniatures that will look perfect on your business card holder. Give the box a more masculine look by covering it with bits and pieces of masking tape. After the box is completely covered with cris-crossing and overlapping tape, cover it with shoe polish or furniture stain. The masking tape will take on a look of leather with this technique. Another great thing that you can make for your company is a system for small businesses using the latest technology. This will provide efficiency in your operation.

Make an “Open” and “Closed” sign for a glass front door by starting with a suction cup. You’ll find them in many sizes at a craft store. Create the sign you want using your home computer and printer. Laminate the sign, but as you do, trap the string in the top side areas. The string can then be used to hang the sign on the suction cup.

Make countless other signs for your shop by simply printing the desired sign out on your home computer. The signs can say “No Public Restroom”, “We Will Be Closed On Labor Day”, or “Welcome”. Make any sign, with any background, and any icons or logos. Place the finished sign in a nice picture frame and hang it on the wall or set it on a counter top.
Make all sorts of desk accessories by using an assortment of things. For instance, a wallpaper trough, used for dipping wallpaper in water or glue, makes the perfect organizer. Set it across the back of a desk and it can hold everything from staples to paper clips to sticky notes. Make cardboard separators and it will be even easier to keep track of a huge assortment of things. Cut the bottom off a two or three-liter bottle, cover with a piece of fabric and a ribbon to hold it, and you can set a real or fake flower on the desk or elsewhere. A fish bowl or ivy bowl makes a beautiful pencil and pen holder; an ordinary juice glass can hold writing instruments, stapler or other things. Use a long Styrofoam block to make yet another desk organizer.

Paint the Styrofoam the color you want but make sure the paint you use is suitable for Styrofoam. Some paints will actually melt Styrofoam so check the label. It’s easy to cut shapes from the top of the Styrofoam so that each item on the desk has its own place. Poke holes to hold pens and pencils, cut slits to hold rulers, cut dugouts for paper clips or cut other shapes to hold a stapler and more.
If you have a sign outside, one that has interchangeable numbers and letters, you can make those yourself. Instead of having strictly black or red letters like everyone else, make much more attention-grabbing numbers and letters yourself. Simply use stencils to cut them from neon colors, pretty cloth prints or even scrapbook papers. There are no limits to the different designs you can do. Laminate the letters and numbers then use them to advertise special prices outside on your sign.

Create all sorts of storage room by making a magnetic organizer for the side of a file cabinet. Glue magnets to the backs of wire, wicker or plastic baskets to hold any number of things. Or, cut a long piece of fabric, felt or thick plastic, and use it to make the organizer. Glue on pockets you’ve cut from additional fabric or plastic. These pockets can hold notes, reminders, photos, incoming and outgoing mail and much more. You want your business to succeed and what better way to get it to that point than by saving money when you can. Make some or all of these business crafts and you’ll not only save money but you’ll have the designs, colors and patterns you chose yourself!

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Fitbit one- Three reasons to choose old but gold Fitbit one

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Various people now day’s uses Fitbit in their life. There are some people who do not even know about the Fitbit one. It is one of the oldest, and the first smart fitness tracker by the Fitbit ever built. If you are looking to buy Fitbit, then you should go for the old Fitbit one. As it is one of the oldest Fitbit but it is more reliable and affordable than any other in the market. You can get relieved from the LonelyConservative by using a fitness tracker in your daily life. The main purpose behind using the device is to track your daily activity that can help in maintaining of your help.  

You can buy it online at a lower price but with almost the same features as compared to the latest Fitbit tracker. There are many reasons to choose Fitbit one instead of the latest as you can get a better battery life and also better tracking. 

Crucial reasons for buying Fitbit one are- 

Fitbit one is the original Fitbit ever created. You can get to have the same features in it as in the latest Fitbit. So that is why you should buy it as it can be purchased at a lot cheaper price as compared to the latest one. Here are some reasons for you- 

  1. Attach to your clothes- If you are love to wear a watch and do not love to wear Fitbit nearby, it is the best option. Fitbit One can be attached to your pants and record your day to day activity. There is no need to wear it on your wrist because it can track your activity by the movement of your body.
  2. Synced by most of the devices- As we know that smart-watches or Fitbit can be synced only by the latest smart-phones. On the other hand, if you are having an old smart-phone, then there is no need to worry about it. Fitbit one can get synced by the oldest phones so that you can have a track on your day to day fitness. 
  3. Cheaper in the price- People who cannot afford the latest Fitbit tracker can go for the Fitbit one. It can be bought at a lower and affordable price as compared to the latest one. The features you get in this will be almost the same as the latest FitbitThere is not much difference as the latest Fitbit can wear on the wrist.  
  4. Accurate tracking- You will not have to face the issues in tracking as you will get the perfect results in steps or other healthy activities. All you need to do is just hang the Fitbit with your or pant, and it will work for you. 

Is buying Fitbit one is worthy? 

It is true the series one of the oldest models of Fitbit but not in terms of features. You can get all the features at a much lower price. It is affordable for most of the people who love to take care of their health in a better way. It is the best and worthy Fitbit tracker you can get at a much lower price. 

In a nutshell, it is concluded that Fitbit one can be useful in today’s time. Lots of reasons have been discussed by which you can come to know how powerful the Fitbit one tracker is. 

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Zuri’s Starcast for May 2020

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Step into the intention of financial freedom and stability as the sun spends time in the sign of Taurus through May 21st. With May being a 5 month in numerology, it inspires everyone to embrace new opportunities and try new things. It’s an energy cycle of expansion and adventure, as we are all called to live our intentions with purpose, strength and clarity. Plant the seeds of change and watch them grow this month.

May asks you to explore what you value and make positive changes that activate material success and abundance. Challenge the thought patterns that focus on lack and create a shift in thinking and behavior that reflects the person you can be proud of. Re-define your money and relationship stories and execute a plan of action that transforms the problems into tangible solutions. This is one of the most popular forecasts that are there at this time. You get complete details and predictions as well. If you are a firm believer of this you have Mindfulness and justice that can guide you with all the necessary details.

The Taurus cycle supports healing any issues around our ability to create multiple streams of income, building self worth and finding beauty in the physical body. Ponder this:

How do you define security?

Where are you putting your energy?

Are you carving out time to indulge in comforts that bring you joy?

Or are you denying yourself what you really desire to serve others?

As the month unfolds, if you listen carefully, the answers will be felt within your body. Any imbalances or untruths will come through as a physical manifestation, from weight fluctuations to inflammation of some sort. Pay attention to how your body reacts to emotional triggers from the environment. These responses will ultimately provide valuable insights into what is really going on within and around you.

This month encourages moving that energy out of your body through healthy diet, exercise, and some type of therapeutic massage. Being on the tail end of spring, we have the power to clear out any junk from our lives so we have room for the things that we really want in our sacred space.

The goddesses of self-empowerment will help you face the fears that come up when you are on the cusp of major change and instill the courage needed to move with the flow of growth. The sign of Taurus is all about self-care and making sure you are well taken care of. And, when those primal needs are not met, the bull’s not playing games. Be prepared to experience a cosmic shake up that forces you to get your priorities straight.

The power of the Egyptian goddess Hathor is behind you this month when you evoke the beauty that lies within. Treat your body like a temple with loving rituals of self care, nurturing and wellness. When you truly feel beautiful, you will radiate a self confidence that is intoxicatingly attractive to everyone you come in contact with. Anchor Mother Earth energy through your feet and clear out any root chakra debris through physical healing therapies and spending time in nature. You have my permission to plan a spa day of reflexology, hot stone massage or a cleansing facial to rejuvenate the senses and allow that inner beauty to shine through!

We can finally see clearly out of the Mercury retrograde’s fog that dominated our mental landscape last month. With clearer skies, comes new opportunities to grow, honor our physical pleasures and create beauty from the world around us. During the late night hours of May 2nd, the new moon is in Taurus. Our thoughts and actions will be grounded in earth energy so we can manifest our goals and be ready for the new beginnings in the weeks and months to come.

With the blessings of the spiritual team of Lakshmi and Ganesh, now’s the time to write your abundance check and set the intention that prosperity in all of its forms is yours to create. By mid-month, Venus, Mercury and Mars join the sun in Taurus. We are asked to think about how aligned we are with our career as our life’s work. Are you working a job simply for the paycheck or is it something that you feel called to do, that answers a soul-based passion? Venus will teach you that when you are pursuing a vocation that you love, the money will follow. Call upon Archangel Chamuel to find the right job and watch the magic happen.

The Full Moon in Scorpio on the 17th will provide the perseverance to complete any tasks and karmically call in twists of fate having to do with changes in fortune or potential financial windfalls. Invoke the power of the Scorpio full moon to release any karma related to money and draw the luck you need to manifest abundance.

From May 21st onward, the sun moves into Gemini, sparking new ideas and sharing information that make a difference. For the rest of the month, engage in activities that promote learning, teaching, communication and bringing people together to create new projects from the collective brainstorming sessions. This would be a great time to network and socialize with influential people.

Have a prosperous month!



Understanding The Term Ico In Cryptocurrency

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If you want to get started investing in platforms such as Bitcoin Circuit, you will need to have an understanding of basic bitcoin terms such as ICO. In this article, we will discuss just that. Without further ado, let’s start:

Basic definition of an ICO

Basically, ICO means Initial Coin Offering. It is a procedure for raising money by making use of cryptocurrencies. It is most widely used in initiatives which have not yet completely created their blockchain program, merchandise, or assistance. The transaction is generally settled with cryptos such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, however, in certain cases, fiat money can also be approved.

Investors take part in Initial Coin Offerings or ICOs with the expectation and anticipation that the organization is going to be prosperous, generating need and evoking the fundamental tokens to raise in price. Quite simply, they aspire to obtain a great return on investment or ROI as early investors of that specific cryptocurrency venture.

After the startup company creators have established their tokens, they have to persuade investors to back up their venture by taking part in their ICO. This can be accomplished with the production of a whitepaper explaining the organization’s objectives and the way in which the newest environment should do the job.

ICOs vs IPOs

ICOs are frequently contrasted to IPOs or Initial Public Offering. Having said that, this comparing is very misleading. IPOs generally affect proven businesses that offer partial control stocks in their corporation in order to raise finances. In comparison, ICOs are mostly employed as a fund-collecting system that enables organizations to get funds with regard to ventures in really early phases, and people who buy their tokens are generally not purchasing virtually any possession within the organization. Usually, ICO tokens are set up within the blockchain of the Ethereum cryptocurrency, pursuing the ERC-20 token standard. As such, ICOs are not similar and should not be compared to IPOs.

Are ICOs Lawful?

The quick response is maybe. Legitimately, ICOs have been around in a very gray spot due to the fact that disputes can be said against them. However, the previous ruling by SEC was able to get rid of several of the gray spot surrounding ICO. In some instances, the token is merely an application token, which means it provides the owner admission to a particular process or system; thus it is not possible for it to be categorized as a monetary protection. In contrast, when the token is labeled as an equity token, which means that it’s main objective is to increase in price, then it will be similar to a security.

Although many people buy tokens to gain access to the main system at some upcoming opportunity, it’s hard to refute the concept that the majority of token acquisitions are for risky investment decision reasons. This is simple to conclude provided the appraisal numbers for a lot of initiatives that have not yet pushed out a commercial item. The decision of the SEC has presented several clearness to the position of utility as opposed to protection tokens. Regardless, there are still many gray areas left in the legality of ICOs. Until additional regulating restrictions are enforced on ICOs, business people will carry on and keep taking advantage of this brand new trend.

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Sacred Path Tarot Card Reading for February 27th, 2020

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Numerology – first published in 1994 -Avery Publishing Group by Hans Decoz and Tom Monte. Numbers convey special and some time secret meanings. Numerology applies a number to every letter in the alphabet, and every number has a meaning. For more astrology, numerology, and tarot card reading from Hans Decoz and Tom Monte there is Mindfulness and justice that can refer to.

Special letters

If your name starts with – P

Cornerstone (obstacles and opportunities) – You are intelligent and are knowledgeable in many areas, you have a commanding first impression.

If your name ends with – P

Capstone – (ability and attitude) – You can be too attached to your possessions and not free or willing with your time.

If the first vowel in your name – I

Window (the deeper self) – You are a little emotional and you are very considerate and understanding.

Double letters in your name – I, R

Excessive (problems) – You feel you are misunderstood all the time or a victim of gossip, and you can be jealous and possessive.

The Sacred path cards – published in 1990 – Harper San Francisco – by Jamie Sams and is based on the medicine teachings of the North American Indians. We are all here on earth, to learn from each other and to live in harmony with the earth and each other. Acknowledge your talents and the talents of others, for that is what makes our world unique. This is a very nice collection of stories from many of the tribes the once roamed in peace the North American continent, and truly lived with the land, and could talk to all animals, so they might provide only what was truly needed. The kit contains 44 rather large cards and a cloth bound guide book. The book gives you 8 recommended layouts and all the teachings or stories of the Grandmothers and Elders. The cards application sections, take into consideration the noisy hectic world we live in and is easy to apply to present world.

Past – 30/Fire Medicine – Passion/Spontaneity – Support you passion for living through acknowledging all that is present in your life. Create adventure and excitement, you are worthy. Be respectful and clear away fears of intimacy; be ready for a more rewarding relationship that is coming your way.

Present – 28/Medicine Bundle – Allies/Support – You are not alone, it may be difficult at times, but you are supported by your family and friends. Be grateful of your allies and their experiences. Try to return the favor when ever you can.

Future – 14/Kokopelli – Fertility – Seeds of the future take a lot of effort; now is time to use your skills and resources to make magic. The timing couldn’t be better. Start any project you like. Plan a trip, upgrades to the house, a day at the spa.

Personal – 34/Burden Basket – Self-Reliance – Problems cease to be burdens when solutions are found. Don’t waste the precious time of others, keep your woes, and accept the advice and wisdom already given to you. Be self-reliant and let others solve their own problems, while you solve your own problems. One at a time.

Family – 8/East Shield – Illumination/Clarity – Restore order to your space, make lists, clean your living space, finish old projects, mend friendships, be creative and daring, have some courage when confronting old friends; they may be sorry too or greatly changed.

Friends – 3/Vision Quest – Seeking/Finding – New directions and strengthening the present path is based on your personal truth. Trust your feelings and follow them, there by releasing confusion and doubt. Be willing to accept the answers you are given.

Business – 43/Give-Away Ceremony – Release – Do not hold on to anything that no longer serves you. Associates, ideas, habit, and belongings; don’t throw them out, give them away. Generosity is a talent and a virtue. Recycle it.



Take Out a Loan or Wait for a Miracle! Why? Read to know

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One thing that hinders people from making investments in properties and real estate is financial capacity to support their want. Even before the financial crisis that has hit our world today came, financial management is something that has always been an issue that deprives people from making the effortless practice of having great personal loans schemes with low interest per annum and still wanted to make investments in the world of real estate and property management today.

With these in mind, it makes you want to wonder if it would be best to take out a bank loan or wait for a miracle to happen. Let us take them separately.

Bank Loans

It is easy to apply for a bank loan. Most banks and financial institutions offer housing loans to people but with added interest. Truly, some people may find it hard to invest in properties with the current cash funds they have. Properties need millions to attain and unless you are among the financially blessed families, chances are you will be considering loans to assist you.

They usually offer fixed annual rates and amortization schedules depending on the amount you are planning to borrow. These in turn become financial burdens for people since the monthly amortization requires them to pay the principal amount plus the accrued interest. Taken altogether, your monthly expenses are expected to balloon. The worst scenario is not being able to settle the monthly amortization schedule which would in the end become a reason for them to place you in the bad credit bureau and even foreclose your property in the end.

So from here, it is indeed easy to take out a loan. But the consequences that follow later is entirely disheartening but a reality we all have to face. So when you make a bank loan, make sure you can manage and afford it.

Waiting for Miracles to Happen

This is the long shot wishes to which people would pray for miracles in the form of inheritance, sudden winnings from lottery or big commission on sales. These are not the usual things that you can expect to happen everyday. They come once in a lifetime if you are indeed lucky. But if you base it on consistency, they are just one shot deals that may or may not happen.

There are others who prefer to do it the traditional way of saving from what they earn. For sure, time will not be on their side, since it will take years for them to accomplish. But as far as toiling and sacrificing for a common goal or good is concerned, the personal fulfillment of it al will truly be amazing in the end. You may not enjoy everything for your entire life but at least you lived it while you are in the world. Further, treat it as an investment for your offsprings. That alone is the best gift and example you can have them inherit from you.


Bitcoins- Future Crossroads

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There are numerous ways to earn money. You can be sure that you are not going to be on your own and will certainly have to rely on family and friends as far as money matters are concerned.

Its no secret that hard work is a must for achieving your goals and becoming successful but it is also true that you need to add something extra, efforts that are sincere and most importantly ones that are completely within a specific time period.

Time leverage is a significant factor that has to be kept in mind when you are busy into completing any task. It means that you have to divide your time equally between work and home, which is a prerequisite for the successful completion of the work at hand.

But how do to do all this? Where do you start with? How are you going to manage everything in a systematic manner?

The first step in this regard is planning. It means that you have to decide in advance what to do and how to do. Before doing something, you must formulate the idea in your mind on how to perform a particular task. This also involves a lot of creativity and innovation.

The next step is organizing. Once you have the blueprint of the plan engraved in your mind, you have to transfer the ideas on paper so that everyone involved in the plan has a better understanding of it and get to know what all is going on in your mind.

To implement the plan into action is neither too easy nor too difficult but just make sure that you have the right set of people for the right job and a fixed time of date for finishing it as it not only results in successful execution but also helps in saving valuable time for other issues.

Fortunately, the social media revolution during the 2000s, there came up many such opportunities for many youngsters to prove their mettle by providing them with a potential platform to work from both home and office, thereby eliminating the typical home-to-office office-to-home routine and rendering it obsolete.

For businessmen, investors and youngsters, there came a new phenomenon called bitcoin and turned their lives upside down. The bitcoin is a crypto-currency or, simply, digital currency through which you can make financial transactions from your own place to different people around different parts of the world.

Launched in 2009, it quickly became a resounding success worldwide, with many investors and businessmen and even the youth folk earning in millions everyday. But its downfall was as steep as its rise after the initial watershed.

It began to seen by many people as a fraudulent ponzi scheme designed nothing more than to cheat users of their money after glitches in its security maintenance were discovered, making it vulnerable to external penetration.

The people could conduct transactions through the plat form called bitcoin circuit where they were conducted in an automated manner, quite similar to automated e-mail.

At The Crossroads Of The Future

Admittedly, the future prospects look far from rosy for bitcoin. It went into abysmal decline within a few years and resulted in losses for users and also with the emergence of new crypto-currencies in the market like litecoin, ethereum, ripple, bitcoin cash and others.

But it is still expected to garner around $8000 according to many reports and may maintain this position for sometime but given the extremely negative word-of-mouth from users it could still become extinct within 10 years. We can only hope for the best.


Changes in You Lifestyle that Will Help You Lose Weight

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It is beginning to gradually sink in to a few people’s heads that diets don’t work. Not in the long run in keeping the weight off that you have worked so hard to lose. What works is removing that word completely from your vocabulary and replacing it with Lifestyle changes. This is the only way to keep that weight from coming back.

One of the first lifestyle changes that many suggest is to do away with fast food completely. It is not only loaded with calories and unhealthy fat, but overloaded with sodium as well. Even the salads are unhealthy with the added cheeses, fried meats, croutons and way too much dressing. Fast food needs to be virtually eliminated from your lifestyle if you want to be successful.

Another change to make is to eliminate as many processed foods from your home as you can. They are also filled with way too much sodium and other preservatives that do no one any good, plus lots of hidden sugars to help them taste better.

No, these are not going to be easy changes to make but by doing just these two things, you will be doing your body a huge favor and you will begin to notice a difference in how you feel as well.

Cooking your own food, being in charge of what goes into your body empowers you. Take back your life and begin to regain control. You will see results soon.

Other changes to make would be to avoid white bread and white rice. Stick with whole grain breads and pastas. Not only do they taste better, they are much better for you. Brown rice has all its nutrients intact and has a wholesome, nutty taste.

Any “diet” that excludes any one group of food is destined for failure. Sooner or later, you will break down and eat that food which you have been denying yourself. It’s just human nature. So when you eat carbs, just make sure they are healthy and not the kind that give a quick spike to the blood sugar and then fade away. The glycemic index is a good way to track these. For example, a sweet potato is better than a regular white potato, just don’t pile it high with sugar and marshmallows.

Fats are essential, too. We use them for our hormones, as brain fuel and to make our skin look good. Just use the right kinds and in small portions. Avocados, nuts, seeds, olives, olive and canola oils are only a few. Fats help you feel full and satisfied, too. Just limit saturated fats by choosing lean meats, skinless chicken and eating more fish.

Another lifestyle change, and this one is probably the one that will help the most at losing the weight, is portion size. We are out of control here. Supersize this and supersize that! We eat way too much food for as sedentary as our lives have become. Start looking at the recommended portion sizes of the food you buy. We are eating way more than that. Start by using a smaller plate. This really can help. At first, your body is going to want more and you will feel hungry, but after about the third day, things will begin to shift. Your brain will begin to realize that you are full and send that signal out. Pay close attention at your next meal. Just try this: It really is kind of surprising. If you are eating slowly, as you should be, at some point toward the end of the meal you will find yourself putting your fork down. Now just wait and don’t pick it up again. Listen to what your body is telling you. Are you still hungry or are you satisfied with what you have eaten? Not stuffed and uncomfortable, but satisfied? If so, then get up and walk away. Your body has told you it has had enough for now.

So, to summarize, avoid fast food, start making your own meals, eat healthy, real foods, watch portion size and listen to your body, which will help you a lot in dealing with flabby arms and you can consider these dietary precautions to anyone without hesitation after experiencing its benefits. These are lifestyle changes you can do and that will work. Throw in a thirty minute walk four to five times a week and the weight will come off faster and your muscle tone will improve. No monthly fees to pay and your will feel so much better as well. Best of luck to everyone.