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The Top Ten Fad Diets of Today

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The top ten fad diets change from year to year, but some have managed to hold spot in the ranks for decades. What they all have in common is a promise of quick weight loss and dubious science. Here’s an overview some of the most popular diets going around right now. With these top diet choices, there is no need for going in session with a Premier Cool Sculpting NJ Provider.

South Beach Diet

South Beach is one of the healthier fad diets out there. It bans unhealthy fats but strongly encourages healthy ones. While the South Beach diet doesn’t count carbs, it does consider the amount of sugar in a carb.

Flat Belly Diet

Although new on the scene and still considered something of a fad diet, the Flat Belly Diet has been getting some excellent reviews. Created by two editors of Prevention magazine, the Flat Belly Diet promises that you can lose fat without exercise. Instead, you’ll need to eat foods rich in mono-unsaturated fatty acids.

The Martha’s Vineyard Diet

The Martha’s Vineyard Diet not a typical weigh loss diet, but a detoxification program designed to help free you of built up toxins that are slowing your metabolism. On this program, you’ll be taking a wide variety of supplements and need treatments like lymph drainage massages and liver flushes.

The cabbage soup diet

The cabbage soup diet certainly sounds like something that would clean you out fast. This diet allows you to pig out on cabbage soup for seven days. For each day you get a specific allotment of whichever fruits, vegetables, or meats are planned for that day.

The Perricone Diet

No, it’s not a diet pill. “Perricone” is dermatologist Nicholas Perricone whose designer diet focuses more on living longer and looking younger than it does on weight loss. He encourages you to eat legumes, whole grains, nuts, and fish while avoiding many foods including tropical fruits and starchy veggies.

Grapefruit diet

The good ol’ grapefruit diet has been around so long it’s become a cliché. This diet is based on the theory that grapefruits contain some mysterious compound that, when combined with protein, speeds up fat metabolism. Unfortunately, there’s no scientific evidence of that compound or that grapefruit helps burn fat.

Cookie diet

This diet is something Dr. Sanford Siegal’s came up with around 1975. Knowing many dieters can’t stay on a low-cal diet because they feel constantly hungry, he based his diet on special cookies, shakes, soups, and supplements meant to keep hunger at bay.

The Lemon Detox Diet

Naturopath Stanley Burroughs created this fast based on a blend of lemon juice and special syrups. It’s another detox diet meant to flush out toxins and allow the body systems to function better.

Negative calorie diet
A “negative calorie” food is supposedly one that takes more energy to chew and digest that it gives you in calories. Favorites for this diet are fibrous foods like lettuce, cabbage, broccoli, carrots, apples, melons and berries. The problem is if you stick to only these foods long enough to lose weight, you’ll become malnourished.

3 Day Diet

The food plan for the 3 Day Diet is so specific it looks more like a religious ritual than a diet. Oddly, though, no one seems to have any idea what’s supposed to be so special about this food plan.

If you’re thinking of starting a diet you find among the top ten diet fads, give it some serious consideration first. Some of them aren’t too bad, but others offer little more than false hope and may even damage your health.


Post Mortem Plastic Surgery, Society Gone Vain!

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On the drive into work today a local, radio news report prompted a response of, “Are you kidding me?” The report discussed a new trend in funeral preparations. Apparently our society has become so vain that plastic surgery is being performed post mortem. What a monumental waste of money. At this point, you’re dead! Who are you trying to impress?

When a mortician uses make up to cover the pale grey skin of the deceased it is understandable. The reasons behind the use of some cosmetic surgery after a lethal automobile accident are also understandable. No one wants to see carnage at the casket, it would not be appropriate. It is the goal of the mortician to make the recently passed look as presentable as possible. The goal of a funeral viewing is to provide an opportunity to pay respects to the deceased and offer condolences to the living. A good mortician will help present a body in a manner that will help reach this goal.

After hearing the radio report, one might wonder when the goal of a viewing changed to presenting a beauty pageant contestant. The following are three common plastic surgery procedures being performed after ones death.

First is lip enhancement. Many are prepaying for lip enhancing injections. They say that fuller lips give a more youthful appearance. What good does it do to look more youthful if you’re dead? People who want to look younger are typically trying to defy the natural progression of age. Some want to deny the fact that life is passing by, and an end to mortality is just around the corner. At least those people enjoy the youthful appearance while still living.

The second post mortem plastic surgery procedure is wrinkle removal. As part of the pre-death arrangement with the mortician, some are requesting that wrinkles be removed or hidden. Again, these should be procedures done for the living, if at all. If wrinkles were okay when the person was alive why are they not okay after death?

The third procedure that was mentioned in the radio report was a little more shocking. Believe it or not there are post mortem breast augmentations being performed. Why on earth would anyone who wants a breast augmentation proceed to pay for it, but delay the surgery until they pass away? As stated in the opening paragraph, what a monumental waste of money. Adding to the waste is the fact that many cremators require the removal of silicone implants before cremation. The implants can cause small explosions during the cremation process. How shallow has our society become when one actually worries about being perceived as beautiful, even after death?

What thoughts do the people who are preordering these procedures hope to illicit from those who attend their viewing? Are they trying to prompt feelings of how beautiful or youthful they were? Instead, why not prompt memories about the long full life they led. Aging is expected. It’s part of the natural way of things. Death will come to all. Why not face it with honesty. Except in some cases of repairing trauma or illness, post mortem plastic surgery leaves one with a deceitful parting. In the opinion of the author it is a sad reality that society has created such a strong need to have the right image; extremely sad when the need is carried even into death.

Just look up on the internet and consult various experts on how to choose a plastic surgeon when in doubt as this can help generate new ideas.


How to Earn: Make Money Online easily and experience new way of business!

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If you are looking for the truth about how to earn money online, then you have probably discovered that there are a multitude of programs available online that promise huge rewards for very little work, considering your marketing techniques to get your medical practice started online which is really profitable business can be a great example for your concerns. In reality, the internet is a massive source of financial wealth, but as with any venture, you are required to do a certain amount of work in order to achieve results.

In order to success at earning and making money online, there are only three rules that need to be adhered to. Following just one of these rules will not ensure that you make any money, in fact, if you do not adhere to all three of these rules, you are bound to spend more money than you make and will still not succeed.

These rules are:-

  1. In order to make money, you need to generate traffic to your site. The best form of free traffic is through search engines and the only way to get organic traffic from search engines is to find good keywords for your product. A good keyword can be defined as a keyword with a decent amount of clicks or searches, but with a limited amount of competition. This is rule no 1, but without rule no2 amp; 3, this is still no guarantee that you will make money. Most online marketers are informed about rule no1, but very few ever find out about the other two.
  2. Rule No 2 requires that once you have a collection of keywords that you feel have a good quantity of searches, but have a low amount of competition, you then need to assess if that product is something that people are going to want to buy. There is no point in working your sales page to death if all the sites around yours are offering the same information for free or for less money. A market of people just browsing for information, but not taking out there wallets is not a market you want to be spending time in.
  3. Finally, Rule no 3. If you don’t know who your competition is and how to beat them in order to get the best ranking, you may find yourself working extremely hard to crack a keyword that is beyond the boundaries of what you are capable of doing. Knowing your limitations and working at markets that you know you can dominate is the only way to make your mark on your particular niches.

One of the most valuable lessons to learn online is knowing what tasks to perform that will generate results and which are a waste of time and energy. Often when you are dealing with free marketing strategies it is easy to find yourself working for hours without achieving the results you had hoped for. Knowing what you should be investing your time in and what you can eliminate from your daily task sheets will make the difference between having enough hours in the day to produce the results you want or finding yourself tied to your desk with little reward.


Preventing Thanksgiving Weight Gain

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The holidays naturally bring plenty of opportunities to indulge, sample, and taste the menu of friends and neighbors. As party season comes full-force, many dieters and healthy eaters may have a hard time saying ‘no’ to that pumpkin pie with whipped cream. It’s near impossible to get through a party without the appetizer plate beckoning you from the buffet table, or turning down that once-a-year treat of chocolate cheesecake. Whatever your Thanksgiving feast sabotage food item may be, there’s always the chance to enjoy just a sample. If you’re not prepared to work off those pounds before New Years rolls around, take just a few moments and navigate your way through the weeks with ease. You’ll stress less, have more fun, and enjoy a guilt-free holiday season without compromising the experience. Try these tips to prevent Thanksgiving weight gain, and learn to enjoy the spirit of Thanksgiving (without the food coma):

1. Eat that healthy breakfast: makes sure you still eat a medium-sized breakfast, ideally filled with whole grains and protein. This will prevent super-hunger mode throughout the day. Some great choices are oatmeal with fruit or scrambled eggs with veggies.

2. Don’t start the diet today. Saying ‘no’ to dieting during Thanksgiving is essential for your overall outlook during the celebration season! If you’re a frequent dieter, make the decision not to impose restrictions, but enjoy with moderation instead.

3. Eat plenty of salads and vegetables at dinner. There are usually at least one or two healthy options at the buffet table, and even taking your favorite salad to a potluck or dinner event gives you some leverage for a healthy-eating opportunity.

4. Choose the white meat. You’ll likely have the option of both dark and white meat after the turkey-carving session is over, and opting for the white meat without skin is your safest and healthiest bet. Remember that most of the fat is stored in the skin, so removing it will instantly cut calories.

5. Walk after dinner. Even though it’s tempting to just take a nap or wind down on the couch after a heavy meal, taking just a short 5-10 minute walk can do wonders for your metabolism, digestion, and overall exercise for the day.

6. Exercise early in the morning. Before the parties, before the food preparation, and before the visitors arrive, you can be well-prepared. Make some time for yourself and take a ‘time out’ with exercise first thing in the morning. If you’re not a morning person, this is a great time to take part in an activity and reap the benefits of exercise all day long!

7. Eat from a smaller plate. Don’t single yourself out as the dieter, but instead take advantage of the smaller plates or bowls available at the salad buffet and appetizer tables. You’ll likely eat less, and still have a chance to sample a few different dishes.

8. Drink lots of water. Besides staying hydrated, water can naturally curb your appetite (and help set off any alcohol overindulgence). Calories from alcohol add up just as quickly as pure sugar, so do be mindful of how much you’re drinking.

9. Enjoy dessert! There’s nothing better than dessert at Thanksgiving, and you don’t want to miss out on the grand finale. Eat lightly during dinner, and save some room for a little sweet indulgence; sampling is still the best way to enjoy from all the options.

10. If the OverindulgentBug catches you, don’t get too anxious. Anxiety about food can ruin any holiday event or get-together instantly; instead, brush it off as your once-per-year extravagance, and rest easy the rest of the day. Be sure to stay on a balanced exercise and eating plan as you count down the days to Christmas!

If weight issues persist even after the aforementioned diet plan and you are unable to exercise control, then its best to have an fda-approved treatment, with the doctor’s permission of course.

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More Online Cooking Games – Free Cooking Games Online for the Whole Family

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Online cooking games let the food freaks show their competitive side. Whether you like to beat the timer in a cooking game, do cooking term word searches, or learn new recipes, there is a cooking game online to suit your taste.

You can click here for cheap plans on server game hosting. This way you get a seamless gaming experience as well. You can play and host online multiplayer games there at affordable prices.

In part one of Cooking Games Online, you found Food Photo Hunt, a great chocolate game from Cadbury, a Pizzeria game, and more. Here, in Part 2, you will find the best directories for online cooking games that will lead you to a cornucopia of food fun!

here you will find pages and pages of free online cooking games you can play right from your PC. Games such as Crazy Cafeteria, Food Memory, Sandwich, Sea Foods, and my favorite, Ratatouille. There is sure to be at least one cooking game to enjoy at this site.


CDKitchen is home of Food Photo Hunt. Other cooking games available are Cooking Jigsaw, Virtual Fortune Cookie, and Food Scramble.

Another HUGE resource of online cooking games! Be sure to check out Dr Dreadful and Food Trivia.

The secret jackpot of online cooking games. Looking for a wedding cake cooking game? They’ve got it. How about a Hamburger cooking game? Got that, too! Dinner party cooking games, shower cake games, and so much more. This site will keep you full of cooking games to play online for free!

Games2Girls offers a huge helping of online cooking games geared towards girls. They have a three-page assortment of games like Disney Restaurant, Remia BBQ-Academy, Sue Sushi Restaurant, and many more. Young girls should have a blast at this cooking game site.

FUN cooking game site for kids! Fun music, too! Cooking games for kids such as Fruit Memory, Cheese Hunt, and Fruit Drop. Bright and entertaining graphics that are sure to keep the kids hungry for more! has a massive assortment of online cooking games (and other fun online games, too). At this cooking game site you will find games such as Abbatti Pizza, Barmaid, Better BBQ Challenge, Birthday Cake, Carb Invaders, Chip Grabber, and Dinner at Romeos. I had a ton of fun at this cooking game website!

Restaurant Empire

Restaurant Empire is a more advanced cooking game. This online game starts you with some money and your goal is to build a restaurant. You will be in charge of hiring staff, cooking, and decorating all within a competitive market. This games can get to the level where you are in charge of 30 chefs! Restaurant Empire offers a free download version of this game to play online. There is also a paid full version available for true culinary competitors. Warning – this game is highly addicting. You may get so involved that you forget to eat!


How To Maintain A Long-Distance Relationship Properly?

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Everyone needs a relationship in their life as it acts as a support system to them, but most of them fail to maintain their relationship as they fail to handle the issues properly, which leads to a break-up. Relationship demands a lot of efforts and sacrifices to run it smoothly, and when it is a long-distance relationship, things get even more difficult and complicated to handle. A long-distance relationship is a relationship in which the partners are geographically far away from each other. In such a situation, fights, misunderstandings, and arguments get more common, and it requires sheer will and significant efforts to make a long-distance relationship work.

Most of the people believe that long-distance relationships never work out as there is a communication gap and adding to it, people around you de-motivate you regarding the long-distance relationships and tell you to avoid getting serious about the relationship, and it is one of the primary reasons why long-distance relationship don’t work. If you are into a long-distance relationship, then you must visit the lifehacks website as it can give you some of the most amazing tips about maintain a long-distance relationship and make your bond stronger.

Tips for building a long-distance relationship efficiently

Don’t talk in excess

Getting highly possessive in a relationship can sometimes kickback, especially when the relationship is a long-distance relationship. When two people are in different places, they both have different routines and schedules. Talking for the whole day is not necessary as there some other essential things too for both of you. Most people believe that they must talk more in a long-distance relationship, but in the long term, it will affect your relationship adversely as soon you will be out of talks, and there will be no excitement of talking to each other. It will lead to arguments, differences, and various issues.

Pushing each other to talk more will make things worse and will weaken your relationship. You must make a schedule with mutual consent and talk on a specific time when both of you are entirely free. It will keep the excitement and spark alive in the relationship and will make your bond stronger. Pushing each other unnecessary will make the relationship a burden.

Form some rules

In a long-distance relationship, misunderstandings are common, so to avoid them, you must form some rules with mutual consent so that no one’s expectations and feelings get hurt. You must be clear about each and everything and express all your expectations and what you want from the relationship. For example, you can set some rules for the relationship like what is the commitment you expect, can you go on dates with other people, etc.

Keep regular communication

Communication is the most crucial thing in a long-distance as you cannot meet the person, so communication is the base of your relationship. You must communicate with each other regularly, share different things with each other such as how your day went, what are you planning to do on the weekend, etc. It helps you to stay involves in each other’s lives, and no one out of you feels that another person is no more interested in the relationship. You must keep each other updated about different things happening in your life. You can make communication better and more intimate by sending pictures, videos to each other. It makes the other person unique and keeps the relationship fresh and full of excitement.

Have some intimate talks

Everyone has some physical and sexual needs, and a relationship helps them to fulfill them. In a long-distance relationship, one is unable to get physical with their partner, which is the primary reason for differences occurring in the relationship. Physical needs are strongly connected to the emotions, and it directly affects your bond and interest in each other. You can lower the amount of sexual tension between you and your partner by sending some sexually teasing messages, having some dirty talks. You can use some sexy puns in the conversation to spice it up more. You can keep the sexual fire lit in your relationship by regularly doping some sexual talks and heating things up.

Try to grow

A long-distance relationship is a fantastic opportunity for those who are serious about their relationship as if they can survive in a long distance relationship, then no issue or argument can split them up. You must take it as an opportunity to take your relationship to the next level and turn it into a never-ending bond of love. You must fill your mind with positive thoughts, and instead of thinking that this relationship will lead to a break up, you must think that it is a chance to strengthen your bond and will make you both understand each other in a better way. Distance never matters if there are enough love and understanding between you and your partner.

Meet each other

Meeting each other becomes rare in a long distance relationship, but you must visit each other after some time to make the other person feel special and make him believe that you care about them and love them. Meets in a long distance relationship is quite unusual as you get to do all the things that you have been thinking of form months. You must do cute little things, such as kissing on the cheek, hugging, and holding hands as it becomes a lot more special when you are apart for months. You will see rare happiness on your partner’s face, and it will make your partner go heels over head with you.

Focus on other activities

It is common to feel lonely in a long distance relationship as you cannot keep on talking with your partner 24×7. So, you must focus on other things in your life too. Create some hobbies such as gymming, spend time with your friends and family, and keep yourselves occupied. You can do various things in your spare time other than talking to your partner.


How to Control Tartar Build-up in Dogs

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The Border Collie is a fairly common working dog that comes from Scotland, which has also given them the name, the Scott Sheep dog. These dogs are common workers for many Scottish farmers and even in some parts of eastern England. They are most known for their extreme athletic ability and have been seen in many dog competitions, even taken first prize.


Being a descent from other droving dog breeds, the Border Collie has a medium sized build that is much smaller than their ancestors. This dog gets its prowess from its distant ancient cousin, a dog that herded reindeer for Vikings in early AD centuries. This dog is known as a stronger worker with a powerful drive for helping out humans which it gets from its long era of functioning. With a long gaze from its eyes, most cattle can get fear from this dog and they follow their the path they are needed to go after a stare down with the Collie.


Just because they don’t have a hefty size to them, does not mean they lack the power of their duties. This dog weighs about forty to sometimes fifty pounds and have a beautiful coat of soft and shiny fur. They have large ears, usually with tufts of fur at the insides. Their muzzles are long and end in a big black nose, sometimes brown. Their eyes are quite expressive and are usually a light blue or a dark brown. They come in a wide variety of colorings, the most common is the black and whit spotted. They also come in all brown, all black, brown and white patched, and sometimes a speckled blue.


These dogs are vibrant and entertaining. They need their quality share of exercise to keep them active and happy. If they become lazy, they will be so stubborn and inclusive which can lead to house accidents. These dogs need to be in a household that can provide them a lot of play time or of course a good farmer’s home with the drive to herd cattle. These dogs love the attention of their families and seek it out often, they are a needy dog that needs a great attention meter.

Grooming and Health

Because of their long fur, they need to be groomed daily to keep up with shedding and stop it in its tracks. Border Collies need a bath every month to make sure their fur is crisp and clean and not flea ridden. Living up to twelve years, these dogs can gain cancer in their later years as well as cataracts. Though, on average, this breed is mighty healthy from its usual exercise. You should also be able to provide them with the right type of food like best food for French bulldogs with sensitive stomach. This will protect them from experiencing pain internally.

Border Collies are a beautiful breed of dog that need an owner who has enough energy and spunk as much as they do!

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Choosing a Secured Door Intercom System for your Home

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Door intercoms help in keeping your household safe from intruders and disturbances. But such security can be exploited if your intercom isn’t secured in the first place. We reviewed the Ring Pro video door intercom, and we’ve figured out you must find helpful features in choosing a system. This is to have a dependable door intercom round the clock.

How to Find a Secured Door Intercom System to Protect your Home?

Criminals tend to be crafty just to achieve their goals. So, expect them to tamper with your security systems to break inside your home. To stop their ill intentions, be sure of having dependable security systems protecting you.

Now, a door intercom system is a good security system to shield your entryway. But to make sure of having a dependable intercom, you must consider these points in mind:

  1. Provides Accurate and Real-Time Notification Efficiently

You want a door intercom because you want to know who’s at your door before opening it. That helps you avoid opening the door for somebody uninvited, such as an intruder or a neighbor disturbing you. And the system would serve such purpose efficiently by providing accurate and real-time notification when somebody is at your door.

For example, some door intercoms notify you with audio-visual clips when somebody rings the doorbell. But some criminals don’t bother to ring your door, right? That’s why other systems have motion or heat sensing features. It notifies the homeowner the moment an object or somebody goes near the door.

Real-time notification is important as well. This would give you enough time to act quickly before an intruder forcefully breaks the door. For example, you receive a real-time notification, and you see it’s someone trying to hack the door locks. So, you’d have enough time to hide, prepare for defense or call the police.

  1. Security against Cyber Attacks

Now, many black hats or illegal cyber hackers tamper with home security systems today. When they manage to hack into your intercom, they can remotely control it such as shutting it down. And if you use your door intercom system to talk with somebody, hackers have a good chance of hearing your conversation.

So, be sure to purchase a door intercom with high reliability in terms of security. Don’t merely trust what the brand advertises. Read reviews and feedbacks from actual customers. Consider going for wired door intercoms too.

Moreover, avoid using the door intercom when talking about sensitive info, such as your bank account details. Also, check your system every now and then to make sure it’s up and working.

  1. Remote Control Capabilities

Remote-controlled operations is another great feature of a secured door intercom. It allows you to remotely operate the door unit of the system. Some brands even allow you to control the door and its locks seamlessly.

Let’s say, your answering unit receives a real-time notification. Then, you see on the video feeds that it’s a suspicious man nearing your door. You suddenly remembered your door wasn’t locked. With the use of remotely controllable door intercom, you can lock your door from a distance easily.

Some door intercoms merely integrate their remote control system on the answering units. However, there are systems that offer smartphone integration through apps.  You only need to connect the door intercom and your smartphone to a Wi-Fi network for it to work.

  1. Professional Installation

Buying a highly secured door intercom with helpful features isn’t enough. You must install it properly for the best results.  That’s why you should hire a professional to install it in your home, instead of doing it by yourself.

A professional installer makes sure every part and connection is working fine. For example, you want to install a wired door intercom. The expert makes sure the cables aren’t exposed to harmful elements, so you don’t have to worry about the system suddenly malfunctioning. And you don’t wish it to fail right when there’s a threat at your doorsteps.

A door intercom is a worthwhile investment for your home security. However, be sure to remember the points mentioned above for a secured system protecting your household. That would help in keeping intruders at bay—letting you enjoy good peace of mind indoors.


Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars for the iPhone is Here!

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After much anticipation, Rockstar Games has finally released the newest installment of Grand Theft Auto on the iPhone, ‘Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.’ Available from the App Store for $9.99 (which seems to have become the de-facto price point for premium games), it features a rich and immerses storyline in the immaculately rendered world of Liberty City. Despite a set of controls that seem initially quite awkward, this is a fantastic game, perhaps the best of the ‘console adaptations’ to arrive on the iPhone (and iPod Touch) to date.

In ‘Chinatown Wars,’ you play the role of Huang Lee, born into a Triad family and delivering the ‘heirloom sword’ to his uncle in Liberty City. In the midst of this mission, he’s caught in a battle between gangs, kidnapped, and eventually left for dead. Cue the redemptive plotline, along which Huang must save his own life and set off to redeem himself and his family.

As in all the other entries into the GTA empire, this one is replete with lawlessness and obscenity. Your character runs around, stealing things, shooting people, running over people, running through things, and just generally causing havoc. Surprisingly, given the App Store’s stifling approach towards anything bordering on lewd, the dialog in the game contains a healthy amount of swearing, so perhaps it may not be good for younger children (assuming you, in the absence of that, would have been happy to have them play the role of a renegade gangster). So since it is available also in GTA 5 mods Xbox one, it is advisable that parents give extra attention to their children when playing this type of game. This is to promote the safety of children.

Thus far, after a number of hours playing, I seem to be less than halfway through, so I can attest that this will be a worthwhile expenditure, in terms of gameplay for your money. That said, the controls suffer from the iPhone’s constraints, which is largely the problem of the small screen. The joystick and buttons need to be controlled as you go, but it’s hard to pay attention to what your fingers are pressing when they’re also focused on what’s going on in the action. I often found myself thinking I was driving when really my fingers had migrated off the buttons. It takes a little bit of getting used to it. If the screen was bigger (the upcoming Apple tablet, perhaps?), it would make everything easier, as there could be bigger buttons that don’t encroach on the play area.

The graphics are brilliant; the best I’ve seen on the iPhone. Especially at moments when you’d expect the game to falter (for instance, when you’re moving quickly), the animation is seamless and Liberty City is rendered beautifully. The engineers at Rockstar have really squeezed as much as possible out of this machine.

The gameplay is solid and occasionally broken up by little mini-games, for specific tasks (like the initial one to break out of the car you’re drowning in). These are fine, though basic and not really so complex. I guess it helps people retain focus, and perhaps build fine-motor skills.

Overall, this was a great game. I look forward to more publishers bringing their marquee titles to the iPhone platforms. It’s particularly refreshing to see among the nostalgia-tinged porting of classic PC games. The iPhone gaming market should not just cater to hipster 30-somethings (though those games are nice, too). I’d recommend ‘Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars’ to anyone who wants to see what the current iPhone and iPod Touch is capable of.


Intelligence Escaping Toy- A Favorite for Kids

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There are three phases of life- Childhood, youth and old age. Death is the final outcome. Childhood is considered to be the best phase of life. The time period when we have everything going for us with no worries, no tension and no stress.

This is the phase when you have older and experienced counterparts in the form of parents who have to bear the brunt of jobs, money, expenses, your upbringing. These are the problems that you do not get to bear during childhood and only if you are lucky.

For there are many people who right from a very young age, have to shoulder responsibilities and duties far beyond their capacity due to destiny playing its cruel part. However, the plus point here is that in the process of doing so, they find that they wear the mantle very well and are well prepared for the future.

this acts as a severe penance for people as right from childhood they are brought in adverse circumstances and become learn and matured earlier than usual, becoming responsible and independent as it becomes easy for them to hold their own under difficult phases in life and learn to tackle them with ease and grace.

But the fortunate ones are those who have loving and caring parents to look after their needs and demands and gladly fulfill all their wishes. These children virtually get to rule the house with as the parents do their bidding and cater to all their whims and caprices.

However, it must be kept in mind that by the parents that while it is important to nurture them with love and affection, they should not be spoilt rotten so and imbibe negative qualities such as stubbornness, arrogance, disobedience, impatience etc. etc.

Children need to be pampered but not spoilt as it will have bad implications and seriously impact his future in a negative manner. The mistake that most parents make is that they forget that under the influence of their blind love, most children, from a young age, become cocky, conceited and impudent.

They develop a false sense of security that they can get away with anything, even murder, because they have influential parents backing them up or more powerful skin to protect their skin in case of trouble or altercation.

This aspect is a matter of serious concern and needs to be taken care of right from the very beginning. As the old saying goes-child is the father of man, therefore, your childhood is what decides what kind of a person you grow up to be.

It will act as a catalyst as what kind of choices you make and what you choose to make of the life you are destined in this birth. There comes a time when you are at crossroads and have two paths to choose- the right path and wrong path.

The right path is full of thorns such as difficulties, challenges and obstacles at every step. But if you have the passion and willpower to succeed, to keep going, you will surely reach your destination in the end.

In sharp contrast, the wrong path is quite easy to tread in the beginning, full of flowers and soft as silk, but it makes you quite lazy and irresponsible as you are not able to realize the dangers that lie ahead of you and are embroiled in the difficulties and challenges and fail in reaching your destination.

Therefore, parents need to keep the aforementioned points in mind while nurturing their children to become good human beings, achieving their goals and destinations in life and make them proud in the end.

During childhood, the two most important and paramount things in the minds of children are generally toys and sweets, along with regular doses of entertainment from television and video games.

When we talk about toys, it is the very first thing that catches the eye of all small children, right from infancy, once they start getting to know and become aware of their surroundings.

Toys such as assorted dolls, action figures, miniature house, toy race cars and various others. These things are what sums up the childhood of any person and it is only this that you are bound to remember and recall the most about your childhood.

But what are the toys that are the most popular ones for children? There is no clear cut answer to this question as it entirely depends on the minds of children, what is it that catches their fancy at the moment.

The right question is what kind of toys are the most useful for children? Again, the usefulness is something not much talked about as toys are mainly for entertainment purposes and keeping children engaged and their usefulness is just as simple as keeping children happy and satisfied.

We do have the Intelligent Escaping Toy to talk about. It is basically for exercise purposes as they keep the children up and about rather than simply sitting in a stationary position.

A technology based toy, it has the ability to sense and detect objects that are close in vicinity and programmed in such a way that they automatically change direction and run off fast when anyone comes closer.

Its features are as follows:

  1. It is battery operated and have a sealing ring attached to t for preventing any kind of leakage.
  1. It keeps not only children but also the pets engaged and entertained in a funny manner.
  1. It will glow and make a ringing sound when it comes into contact with anything.