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Do You Have to Have a License to Practice Plumbing in Texas?

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The answer is yes but classified ads may suggest otherwise. “Part-Time Plumber Needed No License Necessary” may run abundant at times. The ads may be appealing and you could earn some good money but is working without a plumbing license possible?

There are at least two answers on how working without a plumbing license is possible. Both answers could give you experience and allow you to one day be able to get your own plumbing license if you desire one.

If you are working for a licensed plumber and if you provide emergency plumbing repair, you probably won’t need a license because the licensed plumber is the one that will oversee your work and be held responsible if anything goes wrong. Basically, it requires more supervisory and conceptual skills rather than the technical skils. It would be similar to working at a locally owned restaurant and you forget to put out a wet floor sign after you’d mopped and someone slips and falls. The owner would have to take responsibility for the fall. People that are working for a licensed plumber may be doing so to obtain work experience so they can one day get a plumbing license. They may fall under the title of a “Plumbers Assistant.”

If you aren’t working for a licensed plumber you may be able to obtain work experience on your own through doing plumbing jobs for friends and family or by being a “Jack of all Trades” or a handyman. In this case you may be able to still receive pay but you are also setting yourself up for potential problems such as lawsuits and fines. You’ll be the one held responsible if something goes wrong with the plumbing after you tried to fix it. If the law catches you practicing plumbing without a license you could get slapped with huge fines or worse.

If you aren’t seeking to get a plumbing license you can in all likelihood still work for a licensed plumber but you wouldn’t be making as much as if you had your own license. The next time you see an ad in the classifieds needing a “Part-Time Plumber with No Experience Necessary” you’ll have a better idea of what it means. You can always call the number listed, e-mail or go to the address mentioned in the ad to find out about the position. It never hurts to check it out. You may find that plumbing is something you enjoy setting you on a course that will lead to a plumbers license.


Blow The Rent: When Your Wallet Is Worth More Than You

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Each month, I fork out the tuition to learn what will make me so cool on stage and what will get me a members-only pass with the “in-crowd” at the after-hours party. I know that emulating the fashion magazines are purely a numbers game, and after so many trips to Bloomingdale’s, I am bound to buy the one coveted item that is this season’s jackpot of everyone’s envy. It doesn’t matter if I don’t have the cash, I can always charge it or better yet, call up Joey’s loan company and “float” a check until my next payday. If my shoes don’t get noticed, at least I am up to date on who is dorking who and why so-and-so was voted off or fired during prime-time television.

Flipping through the magazines cover to cover is never less than a mixture of scandal and seduction. This is the moment to live vicariously through idolized celebrities while at the same time enjoying a whirlwind courtship with the magazine’s senior editor. The inside headlines strung across the pages are always captivating me like a deer caught in headlights: He can’t buy you this bustier – sleep with your boss for a bonus!Everyone is wearing this diamond tennis necklace – sell your kidney!If you can’t afford this dress – blow your Manhattan rent!

As do most young glamorous people, I break down, literally at times since I would rather pay for a new Rolex watch than get a flu shot, and rush to the stores to pilfer through the racks of designer shoes, coats, dresses and accessories. Last year, I found on sale and couldn’t resist splurging on myself since I do deserve it – a $1,000 Gucci wallet that was made in Italy from genuine leather. The deep darkness of the raw umber made my mouth water each time I looked at it, recalling the delicious taste of rich chocolate. Oh, the waft of burnt cowhide against my nose was breathtaking and took me on a quantum trip to a brand-new car with leather interior. The stitches that held the wallet together felt like the softest baby skin underneath my fingertips. This was worth every penny of the five hundred percent interest loan that I needed to take out to buy this wallet fresh from the haute-couture slaughterhouse.

The glitz soon wore off and I found myself spending eight long months staring at that wallet while my eyes were popping out from my head. I should have spent the money on an eye exam and new lenses but if you really want something extraordinary, you must sacrifice. Day and night I ogled it hoping to understand the meaning of having a wallet that had more value than my personal net worth. Here in my hand, I am holding the world’s most beautifully constructed wallet made from the finest Italian ingredients. The fashion’s attention to detail was meticulous yet it puzzled me as to what its purpose is.

It looked good in the magazine with the Benjamin bills sticking out of it as I used my mind’s eye to imagine it being in my pocket. The horizontal slits of the wallet in the advertisement held gold, platinum and silver credit cards next to the model’s driver’s license mug shot that was nothing less than a museum piece. I was maxed out in debt from buying it so there wasn’t any actual money that I could put into the pouch. My ocean of multi-colored Capital One and Orchard Bank credit cards just didn’t do any justice to the wallet’s high-fashion class of luxury. For a moment, I started to feel as if for once a magazine had duped me until I realized there are creative ways for a broke person to use an expensive genuine leather wallet.


Use it like Granny’s coupon clutch.

Throw out that old, tired accordion coupon sorter with the rubber band around it and store them in the expensive leather wallet. Studies show that a lot of married people “bumped” into each other in the supermarket aisle. This is the place to show a potential mate that you’re not only a high roller but also a smart shopper.

Use the wallet as bait to waive down a taxi or leave it on the bar to get better service.

It helps if you have a one hundred dollar bill sticking out of the wallet so that the driver or bar tender will know you’re a big spender. If you’re tapped out, you can always borrow the money from your friends and family. It would be well worth the investment if you can get by on enough good looks where the drinks will keep coming all night from the single party at the next table.

Use it to store your bus pass.

Flashing the expensive leather wallet to the bus driver makes for a great conversation piece since everyone will ask how long your sports car has been in the shop. As the most to-die-for passenger during the dreaded trek through the city make sure you flash your wares to keep up the illusion of wealth. This is to show off how much of an impressive life you really have while you’re being squashed up against someone’s sweaty armpit. This will give them a lesson that success is all about going to work with deodorant. The slim wallet will have ample space for storing of the necessary things with safety. It eliminates the need of carrying a separate bag for storing of the bus pass or deodorants.

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Maintaining and Caring for Your Shoes, Handbags, and Jewelry

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Everyone is familiar with the famous Benjamin Franklin quote, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Mr. Franklin was right. It is easier to avoid a problem than it is to rectify one. Therefore, extend the use of your shoes, handbags, and jewelry by properly maintaining and caring for them. These preventative measures that are suggested by luxurytastic replicas reviews blog that will help you in keeping your shoes, handbags, and jewelry in top shape. 

Leather Shoes

  • The first step to take care of your leather shoes is to buy a leather care kit that includes shoe polish, leather protector, a brush and a polishing cloth. Before you wear your leather shoes, protect them with the leather protector to prevent scuff marks and water damage. Use shoe polish periodically to buff and condition them.
  • Another way to increase the longevity of your shoes is to place plastic taps or heel protectors on them. Since heel protectors prevent your heels from excessive wear and tear, it is less likely that you will have to replace your heels. It is far less expensive to protect your heels than it is to replace them.
  • Finally, the last tip to extend the life of your shoes is to use shoe trees in your shoes when you are not wearing them. Shoe trees prevent creases and folds, which cause your shoes to look worn. If you cannot find shoe trees, stuff your shoes with wads of newspaper.

Leather Handbags

  • Leather handbags are expensive, so protect your investment by taking care of them. Apply a leather protector to your handbag to prevent stains from setting in and permanently damaging your bag. After repeated use, remember to clean and buff the leather with a leather cleaner and polish.
  • Handbags typically carry heavy loads, causing the straps to break; however, don’t throw your bags away because of broken straps. Instead, take your handbags to a shoe repair shop that can replace the straps for you. Most times, it costs less to buy replacement straps than to invest in a new handbag.
  • The most important way to prolong the life of your handbag is to stuff it with archival quality tissue paper. Stuffing your bag with tissue paper will help maintain its shape. Place your bag in a dust bag to keep it clean and scratch-free during storage. If you don’t have a dust bag, use a white cotton pillowcase.


  • To maintain your jewelry avoid contact with harsh chemicals. Hairspray, perfume, and lotion will damage your pearls, opals and precious gemstones. Although gold and silver are more resilient, it is important to protect them as well; therefore, the easiest way to avoid chemicals causing damage to your jewelry is to put your jewelry on after handling harmful products.
  • In addition to avoiding chemicals, you should remove your rings before doing housework or any activity that may damage your jewelry. Although diamonds are tough, most ring settings are not. Most people ruin their rings due to damaging the settings, not the diamonds.
  • When your jewelry requires cleaning, make sure you know how to clean each piece. Silver is easy to clean with a silver polishing cloth or solution; however, use caution when using silver cleaning products because most are harmful to pearls, opals, turquoise and lapis lazuli. Therefore, it is critical to read the instructions before you use any cleaner to avoid damaging your jewelry. Visit for more jewelry cleaning tips. Also, keep in mind that some of your jewelry may require professional cleaning.

The best way to maintain and care for your shoes, handbags, and jewelry is by preventing damage in the first place. It is far easier to avoid damaging your investments than it is to repair the damage. These preventative measures are well worth the time and effort and will result in you enjoying your prized possessions for many years to come.

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A Guide To Renting An Apartment For The Ulcerative Colitis Patient

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Choosing an apartment can be stressful in and of itself. You have to find one that is in the right location, is the right price, and has all the amenities that are important to you. Finding the right blend of criteria is difficult, but trying to take into consideration your ulcerative colitis as well can be a downright daunting task. Here are some simple things to keep in mind when apartment hunting as a UC patient.

Bathroom Quantity and Location

If you are living with other people, how comfortable are you going to be with the bathroom situation? Consider finding an apartment with more than one bathroom, so that you can have privacy during a flare-up. If multiple bathrooms aren’t an option, at least take into consideration the location of the one bathroom within the apartment. Is it in a very central part of the flat, where you might be involuntarily sharing your flare-up symptoms with the other people in the house? Also, does the bathroom have a built in ventilation system (a fan can help with both noise and odor)?

Kitchen Layout

The other central location in the home for the ulcerative colitis sufferer is the kitchen. You need to be sure that the kitchen space is going to be adequate to prepare the food sometimes required by our specialized diets. This can include requisites like extra storage space if your diet is significantly different than that of those you live with. It can also mean that you might need more work space within the kitchen if multiple meals need to be prepared at the same time. For instance, your family or roommates want spicy Mexican food, and you are needing to prepare your food at the same time… Is there enough space for this to happen without you wanting to kill your friends or family?

Overall Comfort and Flow

While having an apartment layout that fosters overall harmony is always important, it is especially important for those of us who suffer from ulcerative colitis. If you have had UC for any length of time, you have probably noticed that you flare up more often when stressed out than at any other time. You want to be sure that the place you are coming home to is relaxing and calming, not awkwardly laid out full of clutter. Pick an apartment that will be a soothing place to be, and you will help to minimize the frequency and intensity of your flare-ups.

Picking an apartment is exceedingly important. You aren’t just choosing a place that you are going to put your stuff, you are choosing a home. Be sure that your home is going to be conducive to every part of your life. Even your ulcerative colitis.

It is a known fact that finding out rental apartments for patients grappling severe ailments is a tough job but you must make the best of the situation if the situation calls for it because you just cannot sit back and let them fend for themselves for this is the moment when they would require help the most and if you have most of the facilities mentioned above then half your job is finished and you need not worry about the Parc Central Residences price of any Porsche locality to look into because no matter how small an apartment may be, it is still excellent if all the amenities are provided.

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The Benefits Of Water Aerobics For Overweight People

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You say you’re overweight and don’t dare be seen in public in a bathing suit? Yet, that gym membership you signed up for in the dead of winter just isn’t being used lately? And, it’s just too dang hot to walk outside?

Don’t let your pride stop you from a workout in the pool. If you are overweight, exercising in water is even more beneficial than one done on-air, such as a stationary bike or treadmill. Because you’re pushing against water, rather than air, you’re increasing the stress on muscle mass, burning more calories. This process promotes muscle growth, not to mention cardiovascular training. In fact, water exercise is the best choice for those who are carrying around excess weight. For that, all you need is your membership and Jets One Piece Swimwear that you can wear as you go out and exercise. That is going to get the very best comfort as you go for your water aerobics class.

That’s what I discovered last week when I bit the bullet and stuffed myself into the old swimming suit that I bought when I was 40 pounds lighter. I was glad I did. I was weary from joining my in-shape 160-pound trim husband on daily walks up to our mountain, walking our dog in the summer heat. Yet, I still wanted to burn more calories. That’s what losing weight is all about—burning more calories than you take into your body.

What’s more, water exercise is more pleasurable if you’re overweight. To an overweight person, walking puts added pressure on joints. What’s more, it’s highly recommended for people who struggle with health concerns such as arthritis and diabetes. I had a friend, once, who suffered from diabetes. As a result of exercising almost every day in the pool one summer, she amazed her doctor by drastically lowering her blood sugar to a normal number. It was she who introduced me to water aerobics about ten years ago when I lived in Florida. At that time, I was the only one in the water aerobics class who wasn’t a senior citizen, so I felt a bit awkward at first. Then, when I discovered how much fun it was, I loved being there, as well as getting to know folks a little older than myself.

Now that I am a senior citizen, I’m now the old lady at the community pool where 99% of the swimmers are kids enjoying their summer vacation. But, again, I don’t care. I’m having fun.

When I learned that I was burning more calories in the water as opposed to doing the same routine on land, I was even more excited. Why not burn 130 calories swimming for 15 minutes rather than 125 calories for the same amount of time on a stationary bike? Better yet, why not gradually increase your time to half an hour, then an hour? Just yesterday, I amazed myself by exercising in our community pool for an entire hour, without stopping to lie in the sun. At the gym where I’ve had a membership since winter, I never walk the treadmill for more than half an hour. I’m ready to “do my time” and get out of there. Yet, I didn’t even want to leave after an hour, yesterday. I forgot to bring my suntan lotion, so I left before I turned into a lobster.

And, even if you can’t swim, you can still get a great workout in the water. You can water walk, do the bicycle kick, the scissors kick, the frog kick, or any kick you can imagine, as you hang onto the side of the pool. Just make sure you can touch your feet to the floor of the pool, as well as keep your head out of water.

It’s also a good idea to invest in an inexpensive Styrofoam “noodle” that you can pick up at most sporting and department stores. Noodles come in bright primary colors and are used as a prop to hold onto as you kick your legs in the water. A few of my favorite water exercises, done holding onto a noodle, are the scissors kick and the dog paddle. However, my favorite stroke is just lying on my back, doing the backstroke, back and forth, across the pool. When I tire of that, I simply walk in the water or do exercises holding onto the side of the pool. I also love to dance in the pool. Why not do the twist, even the cha-cha-cha, as you burn calories and have fun?

So go ahead. Take the plunge and start your summer aerobics program before fall is here and your community pool is closed. And if you find you’re really addicted to water aerobics, perhaps you can find a heated pool (such as at a local college or “Y”) to continue your exercise program when the weather is too cold to swim.


Cannabidiol Oil- Brief Summary Of An Underappreciated Substance

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There is a new wave among the youth brigade of today and that is adapting to western countries in a big measure. Indeed, the latest trends indicate that people from all over the world are taking to western culture like house on fire which is nothing short of a compliment to them.

There is an underlining fact that the west is on its way to a way of life that has become difficult to match for other countries. World economy wise, USA is the strongest and most powerful nation in the world as of now where other nations look up to it for emulation and bow in reverence before it.

Even Asian countries like India, Japan, Bangladesh, Bhutan have started idolizing it with economic superpower China being the latest, and most surprising, entrant in the list, which is a shock to other nations, another testimony of USA supremacy.

Even US border countries like Canada and Mexico command huge following among the masses and their opinion matters above all and have been known to settle matters of serious contention, especially for Asian and Middle eastern countries.

Drug Reference

While the above points are the ultimate truth in the current scenario, another, less savory habit where other nations are emulating the west is their addiction to drugs. Today, almost every third person in the age group of 20-25 years is a drug addict and cannot hope to survive without it.

This is alarming news indeed and has to be dealt with sooner than later before it is too late as the youth are known to be representatives of the future of their nation as it lies on their shoulders.

In the light of the circumstances, while drugs are a serious problem, there are certain examples where they have proven to do more good to mankind than harm and the most prominent example in this regard is marijuana.

They have been found to provide relief from life threatening diseases like cancer and smoking a pot or two eases the aftereffects of chemotherapy in cancer patients, which is quite good in a way.

When it comes to cannabis, it is important to mention best cbd oil for pain that has provided improvement in the lives of numerous youngsters and have redeemed their use.


cbd oil for back pain does not have a high affinity for cannabinoid receptors present in the brain and provide relief from problems like anxiety, depression, stress, joint pain, drug addiction, epilepsy, muscle spasms, high blood pressure, rheumatism, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, etc.

Side Effects:

It does have its share of shortcomings like inducing nausea, drowsiness, laziness, giddiness, dry mouth and throat, frequent thirst, loss of appetite, constant urination, mood swings, diarrhea, vomiting, etc.


Finally, we come to interactions that have medications, which is possible due to the presence of an enzyme called cytochrome which are very good for metabolism in the body. Some well known drug interactions include Anticonvulsants, antifungal drugs, antipsychotic drugs, etc.

You just need to have a nuleaf coupon on the bottle of the prescribed drugs to know about its authenticity.


Weight Watchers for Men

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For years Weight Watchers has focused its weight loss campaign directly on women. With ads, magazines, and meetings mainly featuring women, the weight loss corporation has finally decided to give some focus to men as well. This is what you’ll expect to find from Weight Watchers now. Moreover, this problem is not limited to men only, women also face this problem, this is why there is a Liposuction for women in Michigan that provide you a safe way to get rid of your fat and take a step towards a healthy lifestyle with Weight Watchers. 

New materials

If you have been familiar with Weight Watchers materials for their highly popular weight loss plans, you would have been hard-pressed to find men in any of their ads. The small material booklets used to be laden with skinny women since there are generally more women participating in this program. Now if you take a glance through their food companion and Turn Around program materials you will find that almost all the pictures include at least one male; one ad even features a very substantial Italian looking man with a bowl of popcorn. Those men that think dieting is not manly will see a different perspective reflected in these new photos.

Tools designed specifically for men

Take a glance at their site ( and you’ll find a few new features that are targeted to men who would like to lose weight. The eTools feature on the Weight Watchers site includes a sign up that is catered to ‘real men.’ Here you will find a ‘beer and pizza’ cheat sheet that gives you the points values for these commonly consumed foods. You will also find a set of articles that help men develop a workout schedule specifically beneficial for men’s bodies; included in this section are video demos of each exercise. Men can also learn from ‘real men’ that have lost weight on this program and get tips on the different challenges that men face as opposed to women on a diet. You can sign up for eTools without the meetings for a monthly fee or you can go to the meetings and gain an access code to use them alongside regular meetings.

For those that don’t want to go through the hassle or embarrassment of the meetings, men can use Weight Watchers entirely online. The standard monthly start-up fee is almost $50.00, with $16.95 as the monthly fee thereafter. With this subscription, you gain access to those demo videos and other personalized features. There are daily articles that address the needs of men on a diet and give you that motivational boost to go forward with improving your health. You can use these online tools to analyze your eating habits and customize your weight loss plan.

Thus, Weight Watchers isn’t just for women. With the ease and discreet nature of using their online system, men are more empowered than ever to get their weight in a healthy range.

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Bitcoin Halving: It’s Impact On Bitcoin Mining

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Bitcoin mining is considered as one of the wealthiest industries across the market. But the question that a lot of people have in their mind is that what will happen of block rewards are cut in half? What would be its impact to the security of network and to the miners? It’s a given that Bitcoin mining is a very profitable activity. It has been long proven by hobbyist miners and those who have been doing this activity for a very long time. So when the upcoming halving in May 2020 cut the block reward in half, would that spell the end even for large and medium sized producers?

A lot of bitcoin enthusiasts perceive halving as a bullish idea as it is a catapult for the price of BTC. Hence, this halving will certainly and definitely affect the miners.

But before we proceed to that part, let us first understand what bitcoin halving is. The creator of Bitcoin who is believed to be Satoshi Nakamoto programmed the Bitcoin network that the miners’ block rewards would be halved every four years. The very first block reward started out at 50 BTC which was halved in the year 2020 and halved again in 2016. Therefore, the current block reward for miners is 12.5 BTC. Consequently, in My 2020, the block reward will go down to 6.25 BTC and another half after 4 years. Now, since over the years the block rewards are getting smaller and smaller, experts fear that once it becomes non-valuable already, then miners will no longer continue to do mining as they will no longer receive block rewards. As a result, if the halving will continue, and the value of the block rewards will be lesser and lesser over time, them it will definitely have a lot of negative effect on Bitcoin mining. First, miners who have low mining efficiency will be forced to stop their operations and may have to re-evaluate their business. Second, since giant international firms have cheaper sources of electricity and have more advanced technologies and machines, the digital mining will just become their racetrack. Third, the small operators will also be forced out of the market. This also includes those who are running S9s. So technically and generally speaking. If you will not be able o upgrade your equipment to the 70+ TH/s and your infrastructure to the 2500W miner you might just find yourself out of the market already.

Overall, the Bitcoin halving will certainly have a very huge impact on Bitcoin mining both in the long and short term. It is also expected that we will see the scenario where smaller operators will be driven out of the market while the larger mining farms with advanced technologies and infrastructures will stay in the market. Yes, Bitcoin might have been very profitable in the recent years. But as the industry matures and changes are coming in and out, we may not see this cryptocurrency as enticing as it is due to the Bitcoin revolution family.


Balloon Relay Birthday Party Game

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Now that you have all the kids in the backyard for your child’s birthday party you’ll have to be fast-thinking to keep them all busy yet safe. They’ll definitely be busy if you set them up for a race. Kids of all ages will crack up as they play a hysterical balloon race game at the party.

You’ll be purchasing balloons for the birthday party anyway so just pick up a few more so you can play the backyard game. Choose round balloons and be sure you have one for each child and a few left over in case any of them pop. Although it’s not absolutely necessary it’s fun to select two different colors of balloons so each team will have their own color.

Keep in mind the size of the kids when choosing the balloons. Buy smaller balloons for little kids and larger ones for older children. If you’re unsure you can measure your own child since most of the kids will likely be about the same size. Have the child stand with legs far apart and measure between the two thighs. Purchase balloons which are near that size in diameter.

Create a finish line by laying yard sticks end-to-end, aligning branches or even using chalk if the finish line is on pavement. Make a starting line in the same manner. Line kids up so that each child has a place on the line. The kids should be spaced about arm’s length apart from each other.

Give each child a balloon and have them position it between their legs, just above the knees. Blow a whistle or say “go” and the kids take off, with their crazy walk, trying to be the first one to the finish line. If anyone should lose his balloon he must put it back between his legs before continuing to the finish line. Upon getting there, the first child who crosses the line then holds the balloon over his head is the winner.

There are variations you can do with the game. For older kids, pin a safety pin on each child’s shirt, and when they cross they finish line, they must unfasten the pin and pop the balloon. Or, put obstacles between the starting line and the finish line. These can include a peg they have to run around, a marked area where they have to jump three times, a bowl where they must stop and pick up a coin or marble, or some of your own ideas.

If you have a lot of children at the birthday party you can do a relay race with two separate teams. The first member of each team runs to the finish line, with balloon between legs, then back again, and hands the balloon over to the next player. The team that finishes first wins.

Kids of any age will have a lot of fun playing the silly balloon game while spectators laugh hysterically just watching. They can play for prizes or just for fun.

Balloons are the life and soul of birthday parties, especially if it involves young kids and they derive no greater pleasure than feasting their eyes on balloons of different hues and colors and continuously play with it until it bursts. It is difficult to find too many balloons these days and what you get is a caricature of them that do not last for long and burst forth the moment you blow air into them.

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Reasons to Have Teens Do Household Chores

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Everyone has to learn the basics in order to survive in this world. The responsibility of teaching your children the necessary traits to become upstanding adults lies with you, the parent. Society has changed over the last 30 years in how they view raising the children of our world. In the 1950s and 1960s parents appeared to be more strict with their children. 

Teenagers were given chores to do around the home, dishes, laundry, yard work, and many other types. The least of the chores, of course, is to keep their own domain (room) clean and presentable. If the teen was remiss in their duties there was punishment. Yes, that was corporal punishment in some households. 

Then there was a change in how we looked at the raising of our children. People began to feel that corporal punishment was harmful Now that did not mean only corporal punishment given in outside the home settings. It meant the punishment given within the home also. Families began to use methods such as time out’s and grounding of these youngsters in order to get the point across. There was enough raw data to prove that corporal punishment did some harm to the youth of the world I will grant you that. However, it appears that by not using some form of punishment the youth of today has begun to run rampant in all our towns. There is graffiti on all the walls and no respect for other belongings appears to be the best way to put it. All this also important as you get a cleaner house with these types of punishments. Moreover, you will find that as teenagers help with these household chores you get a much cleaner house free from mold and other harmful bacterias. Besides that, you will see that services like Moldxperts can help you with this as well. 

Apparently many adults have taken the no-punishment to the extreme. Our youth do not know what it is to respect others, to keep their hands to themselves, and even some have lost their way when it comes to providing for themselves.

There are some things your teen needs to be taught. To give your teen chores allows them to learn how to survive on their own. Teaching them how to cook, clean, do laundry, dust, all the basics is not harmful to them and, in fact, will teach them things that we all need to know. The reasoning behind this is that if they were to move out of our homes their future may well be filled with squalor as they will not know how to care for themselves.

Having your teen do chores teaches them respect for others and themselves. They must be taught not to abuse other people’s property and belongings. Not to invade the privacy of another. They will learn great skills that, someday they will need. It is not an easy task to get them to do the chores you set forth, your teen will have many excuses not to do them. But be insistent and strong and you will get them on the road to a better understanding of the need for this. It is also a good way for the family with two working parents, to have teens share in the household chores, it helps the house to run more smoothly and keeps it on an even keel. Nothing will disrupt a family’s happiness faster than a messy and un-kept home with dirty laundry in the floor and dirty dishes on the countertops.

Now it might not be a bad idea to reward them for the chores they do. I remember when my children were teens I gave them $20.00 a week. This gave them the ability to feel worthy and to learn the importance of money. They learned to schedule their homework, chores and fun time so that there was little or no conflict. These are needed skills for all people if they are to survive in the world of today.

Some of them learn these skills at school, but for the most part, teens are not truly learning needed life skills at school. By teaching them how to care for themselves you will have prepared them to venture into the world and make something of themselves. You will feel more peaceful knowing that they are capable of caring for themselves and that they will be able to accomplish anything that they wish.

It is necessary for them to walk out into the world and make mistakes on their own. This will help them grow and mature at their own pace. It is, however, the parent’s duty as a parent to teach them the skills and give them the needed information to help them succeed in this world. They will be better-equipped grownups having learned the basic skills of living.