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How to Start Garden on Your Patio

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Living in an apartment comes with pros and cons. For example, you don’t have the hassle of cutting the lawn, but at the same time, you can’t have a garden. Or can you? I came across this problem several years ago, and through mistakes, and researching I found ways to turn my patio into a wonderful garden. If you have a patio, even a small one then you can have a garden of your own. It’s actually easier then you might think, and a patio garden requires very little maintenance. 

To start your own patio garden you will need containers large enough for the vegetable that you are planting. You will also need potting soil, which can be purchased for less than two dollars for a forty-pound bag, and your seeds or young plants. Moreover, you can get all these items at an affordable price on along with the best patio furniture that is available in the market. 

There are several vegetables that are ideal for container growing such as the following.

Snap beans:

Beans grow best in five-gallon containers. Place your container near a railing for an extra-large, and happy crop. The easiest beans to grow are Bush, Blue Lake, Bush “Romano,” and Tender Crop. You can plant these from seeds, and you can grow several plants in one five-gallon container. You can plant beans in both spring, and fall.


One plant in a five-gallon container. The easiest broccoli to grow in a container is DeCicco and Green Comet. Broccoli grows best in cold weather.


Carrots grow best in a five-gallon container which is at least twelve inches deep. Some of the easiest carrots to grow are Danvers Half Long, Short Sweet, and Tiny Sweets. Carrots can be planted in both spring and fall, but they do better with cooler weather.


Cucumbers can be planted in one-gallon containers. The easiest cucumbers to grow are Patio Pik, Pot Luck, and Spacemaster. Cucumbers can be planted in both spring and fall. Avoid watering them in the late afternoon to prevent diseases.


Plant your eggplant in a five-gallon container. Eggplants, like cucumbers, should not be watered in the late afternoon. The easiest varieties of eggplant to grow are Black Beauty, Ichiban, and Slim Jim.


Lettuce should be planted in five-gallon containers. Lettuce can be planted in spring or fall, but they grow better in cooler weather. The easiest lettuce to grow is Ruby and Salad Bowl. You can cut the outsides leaves for salads without damaging the plant.


Onions can be planted in five-gallon containers, and are easy to grow. The easiest onions to grow from containers are White Sweet Spanish and Yellow Sweet Spanish. Onions grow best when planted in the fall.


Plant on the plant in a two-gallon container or five plants in a five-gallon container. The easiest pepper to grow is Cayenne, Long Red, Sweet Banana, Wonder (Bell), Yolo. Pepper is best planted in spring, as they freeze easily. You can plant them indoors in December, and then move them to your patio after the last frost. Peppers are slow growers, but once they start to produce you will be amazed at your crop.


Plant one radish plant in a two-gallon container or five plants in a fifteen-gallon container. Radishes mature quickly and can be planted in both spring or fall. The easiest radishes to grow are Cherry Belle and Icicle.


You can plant tomatoes in a five-gallon container. One plant per container. Tomatoes can be planted in spring and fall. The easiest tomatoes to plant in containers are Early Girl, Patio, Small Fry, Sweet 100, and Tiny Tim.

As you can see there is plenty of room, even on a small patio to have a garden. Five-gallon buckets are inexpensive and make great containers for planting. Just remember that your container needs drainage. Make sure your container has several holes in the bottom of it. If you still need a helping hand to visit the Ferry-Morse website this is a great place to find more tips. There is nothing better than eating something that you grew yourself, which makes it all worthwhile.


The Convenience of Being Near the Madrid Airport – Not Very Convenient

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Unable to make the flight connections we wanted at the end of a trip to northern Spain in early May, we decided to stay near the Madrid air port for one night. I picked the Sol Meliá’s Tryp chain’s Diana hotel for two reasons: it advertised a free shuttle back and forth (1 km) to Barajas airport and a swimming pool. While neither is false advertising, both were very disappointing.

It may be that we were at the new terminal (#4) and that pickups from the old three are more reliable, but we waited for more than an hour and then, searching for a phone (there are none anywhere near the pickup point, and our cell phones don’t work in Europe), met someone else who had been waiting who told us he had spoken to the hotel and that a van would be there shortly. It was–with a very surly driver, who did nothing to assist putting bags on, let alone putting any on himslef.

If the hotel is one kilometer from the airport, that is either as the crow flies or from the old three terminals. The drive when a van finally picked us up took about ten minutes.

Checking in was impersonally efficient (check-in and check-out time are both noon). Between our flight having been rescheduled two hours later and the frustration of waiting for the shuttle, we decided not to shuttle back to the airport to get the Metro into the city.

Instead, I thought I’d repair to the swimming pool. There was one, though a rather small one for a quite large hotel, but it was brackish and covered with algae. So in any practical sense 0 for two with 18 hours to go. (The temperature was 25C, which is not wintry IMO!)

We walked around the neighborhood, which had one not particularly promising restaurant. It opened as Spanish restaurants are wont to, at 21:00. The ritziest restaurant in the hotel opened at the same hour, but a “grill”/bar in the hotel opened at 20:00. The food was not terrible, but over-salted. (Based on a previous trip to Madrid, and two to Andalucía, and two to Barcelona, I thought that all food in Spain was over-salted but going along the northern border (the Pyrennes and the Bay of Biscaye), had not had any over-salted dishes on the trip before then.) And it served really bad French Fries! There is a reason they are not called “Spanish fries,” generally being not good in Spain, but these were particularly thick, undercooked at too low a temperature, thus greasy. I should have known better, and hope that such a mistake will not undercut my claim to travel expertise!

There was also a smoke-filled coffee shop. (As of the start of 2006, smoking was banned in restaurants and other public spaces in Spain, but bars may choose to allow smoking—alas!) And a karaoke-disco that opened at 23:00.

Being a 4-star hotel, there are many services, including shops that were not open during siesta hours or after them (on a weekday).

I am always tempted to have a cup of coffee and later go for a jig in the disco bar the moment it opens up but I feel it is wise that it won’t be convenient when I have an early morning flight to catch. Madrid Airport is quite spacious enough so I was not surprised at its ambience as I had already witnessed it when I was wonderstruck at how big is the Seattle Airport when I first saw it with my own eyes, which was the first time I came across an airport in my life.  

The lobby had a pair of computer terminals. One could buy Internet access at 3E an hour or 2E a half hour.

The room itself was fine. The bed lamps were stationary but provided adequate illumination and there was light over the desk (unlike in some other Spanish hotels in which we stayed). There was a minibar, a luggage rack, and a television with a dozen stations (including CNN in English, one French, and one Italian channel).

In addition to the desk and padded desk chair, there was one plush chair, 6 dresser drawers, a coffee table, and a balcony with no furniture (overlooking a city park with some backless concrete benches). There was not hotel stationery

Compared to London and Barcelona hotel rooms I’ve inhabited, this one was roomy. The bathroom was positively palatial, with rose-colored marble, a detail mirror, one container of shampoo-gel, one bar of face soap.

Although it was a national holiday, we probably should have bestirred ourselves to go into the city instead of vegetating in the sterile hotel, though at the end of two weeks and many cathedrals, our tourist energy was low.

I think that if we had called immediately upon arrival, the long wait for the shuttle could have been avoided (getting back to the airport in the morning was no problem), and perhaps the swimming pool is cleaned and opened by now. But even if our experiences were untypical, this is the only large hotel I can ever remember staying in within the European community that does not include breakfast. Breakfast was available for 9E and we decided to skip it and go to the airport to get something before our flight home.


Beauty Tips: A Guide To Facial Masks For Enhancing Look

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Facial masks are not just for the spa. You can do a mask right at home, store bought or homemade. Different types of masks are better for different types of skin. Most people don’t know this. Most of us just go to the store and buy any old facial mask that we think sounds promising. Some of us end up with a dry or itchy face because of this. To keep from making this mistake yourself check out the following tips for picking (or making) the right face mask for you and your skin.

Oily or Acne-Prone Skin

If you suffer from oily skin or if you are prone to acne then you will want to pick a deep cleansing clay or mud mask. This type of mask will help soak up oil and pull out any impurities in the skin. It also helps to tighten up your pores. For a DIY mask you can make a mixture containing cornmeal. Cornmeal helps to boost the dry up of oil in the skin. Simply mix some cornmeal with plain yogurt and put it on, letting it sit for about 15 minutes before rinsing thoroughly. The yogurt will help moisturize. Masks for oily skin can be used on the whole face, or just on the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin area).

Dry Skin

For dry skin a moisturizing mask is highly recommended. This is the only way to get moisture deep into the dry skin. Most moisturizing masks are either cream or gel based and they will contain ingredients like essential fatty acids, amino acids and vegetable proteins. A good moisturizing mask can be made easily at home by mixing either grapeseed oil or olive oil with some vitamin E. Add a drop or two of your favorite essential oil to give it a great scent. Put the mixture on your face and let sit until it begins to dry some, then rinse thoroughly.

Sensitive Skin

Masks with anti-inflammatory ingredients, like algae or chamomile, are idea for people with sensitive skin. This type of mask, cream or gel based, will help soothe the skin and not make it itchy or red. Honey is a great base for DIY facial masks for those with sensitive skin. Honey has it’s very own healing powers. Soak a chamomile tea bag in a small amount of water, mix this with just enough honey to cover the face and put it on. Rinse in 10 minutes.

Normal Skin

Normal skinned people can generally use any type of mask they want. I would recommend using an exfoliating mask though. Even though you have normal skin it still can get dull at times and a nice sloughing facial mask will bring back the shiny new look. Oatmeal can be used as a gentle sloughing mask. Mix a cup of oatmeal with enough honey or plain yogurt to make it spread over the face. Massage it in as you apply it and then rinse of thoroughly after about 15 minutes. Many people are asking that Can Botox injections help minimize nostril flaring? If yes, then there will be no requirement of surgeries. It will be effective for all kinds of skin of nose either sensitive or dry.


Cricket is No Game for Sissies! Why? Read to find out

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Before I came to Zimbabwe in November 2009, I thought of European games like cricket and soccer as not real sports; sort of the things that the English did to pass the time. This was especially so for cricket. The few times I’d watched a few minutes on TV, it looked like an intensely boring game being played by guys who couldn’t play real sports.

Then, I met a young man named Ozias Bvute, the Executive Secretary of the Zimbabwe Cricket Association, and he arm twisted me until I finally relented and went to a match. The first time, I stayed for two hours or so, and was impressed by one batter who put the ball on the roof of the two-story building from which I was watching. Then, I met the Zimbabwe national cricket team, and was further impressed by the fitness and strength that was apparent in these young men.

I still wasn’t ready, though, to accord full-fledged sports status to cricket. That is, until Australia came to town. Because of the political unrest in Zimbabwe, many of the foreign cricket teams have been for several years avoiding the country, but after eight years, the Australian team came to play, and I was invited to come to see day two of a scheduled four-day match. Now, as if playing the game for four days is not grueling enough, they must play for six hours each day. You can’t do that if you’re not fit. And this, by the way, is not a full test match, which lasts for five days. That’s thirty hours of running, catching, and batting. Okay, now I’m ready to admit; cricket is not a game for couch potatoes. In the first place, a cricket bat is heavy ‘” about the weight of four or five baseball bats. Try swinging that for a few hours a day for nearly a week. Next, the ball is hard. I mean, it makes a baseball feel like a baked marshmallow. Get beaned by a cricket ball and you’ll be lucky to only spend a few days in intensive care.

No, folks, this is one American who is finally convinced. Cricket is not only a sport, but cricket players are athletes of the highest order. The mental and physical toughness it takes to play this game is nothing short of phenomenal. Even with the protective padding they wear, there are a lot of places on their bodies exposed to being pummeled. For example, a few minutes into play in the Australia-Zimbabwe game, one of the bowlers (that’s pitcher for you baseball fans) was batting, and just like in baseball, these guys aren’t considered your best hitters, so the field closed in. The infielder (or at least, that’s what I think they call him) positioned himself about ten feet away. The bowler let fly, and the batter fooled everyone; he got solid contact and the ball flew off his bat directly at the infielder who, caught off guard, caught the ball directly on the chest and the company that has issued the ipl 2020 schedule table has given all the medical claims and treatment charges for that person; he also got some amount of cash as an compensation for the injury but now he is all way fine and even come to watch. He went to his knees as if praying, and even two floors up and a hundred meters away, I could tell he was hurting. Thankfully, he was able to get up and walk off the field unaided, but I’ll bet his chest hurts for days. And, these guys still have two more days to play.

I didn’t stay for the whole game. I’m beginning to like cricket, but not yet enough to sit for six or more hours watching. But, I will be going back. Cricket will never replace football ‘” the American variety ‘” as my favorite sport, but it definitely goes on my list. This is not a game for the faint of heart.

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How a Brain Stem Specialist (or a Specific Chiropractor) Can Treat Spinal Damage

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If you’re suffering lingering pain from a physical trauma such as a fall or car accident, you may have come across the term “brain stem specialist” in your search for a solution. Many people claim chiropractic treatments eliminated their pain problems, but there are also a number of scary stories of incompetence floating around. Given the potential for both good and bad, it’s well worth it to investigate the treatment options a brain stem specialist can offer.

What is brain stem specialist?

A brain stem specialist, more properly called a “specific chiropractor” is a specialist in treating the upper cervical area, the C1 and C2 segments of the spine. These are the bones directly under the head. These two bones house the medulla oblongata, the lowest part of the brain stem, which is the master control center of the entire nervous system. A brain stem specialist is trained in examining and assessing this part of the nervous system and correcting any problems that may occur there. Because brain stem specialists work with the “control center” of the nervous system, they can provide treatments that affect the entire spine. This means a brain stem specialist can treat a wider range of spine-related conditions than a general chiropractor can.

Brain stem problems

Proven by Austin spine Dr. Dryer, one of the primary conditions a brain stem specialist treats is subluxation or misalignment of the top two bones in the neck (C1 and C2). Misalignment of these bones can be caused by physical trauma such as a car or sports accident, a fall or even childbirth. The reason it can occur relatively easily-compared to, say, a broken bone-is because these two spinal column bones are held in place only by muscles and ligaments. They don’t lock as other vertebrae do.

The upper part of the spinal column is meant to protect the brain stem and related nerves. When this part of the spinal column is moved out of place, it not only can’t properly protect the brain stem, it can actually damage it. By placing pressure on the brain stem, the misaligned spinal column hampers normal nervous system function and causes problems like pain and movement difficulty throughout the body.

How a brain stem specialist can help

Unfortunately, you can’t tell if you have a subluxation (misalignment) just by feeling your spine. There’s no pain associated with the condition, either, because the brain stem itself can’t feel pain. You won’t even have a stiff neck. To determine whether or not you have a subluxation, the brain stem specialist will use x-rays and a Thermoscribe, both of which are non-invasive and painless. There are over 200 ways in which the upper cervical area can be misaligned, so precise use of these diagnostic techniques is essential in determining how to correct the misalignment.

The good news is if you do have a subluxation, it can be corrected by manual manipulation of the spine (something similar to a massage). In fact, the word “chiropractic” is derived from the Greek word chiropraktikos and means “done by hand.” By their very definition, chiropractors treat medical conditions not with surgery or drugs, but by hand adjusting whichever part of the musculoskeletal system is causing the problem.

Naturally, adjusting the spine around the brain stem area is not something to be done casually. If you’re considering visiting a brain stem specialist, it’s critical to find one who truly is a specialist in this area, not just a general chiropractor. Look for a specialist who’s certified as a “specific chiropractor.”

If you’ve been having lingering health problems that you suspect are connected with physical trauma, consider consulting with a brain stem specialist. Spinal column misalignment can be corrected, but the longer you wait, the higher your risk for problems like pain, vertigo, and restricted range of movement.


Diet Plan That You Should Consider For Killing Away Leaking Gut Syndrome

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The issue of the digestive system can cause various other issues in the body of a human being. An issue like leaky gut, which is harmful to the organs of the body can be caused because of the bad diet. There are many symptoms that can show you whether your body is having a leaky gut issue or not. If you are going through it, then there is nothing to be panic about. The issue is dangerous, but it can be healed naturally by improving your daily diet. Relief factor was made to help your weight loss and for the treatment of the issue of leaky gut. You should stop consuming bad fat food because they are the topmost thing responsible for ruining the digestive system of a person. You should consume more water so that your body can get rid of the bad bacteria and toxic waste. The water not only helps to wash away the toxic material, but also it will help in keeping your body hydrated. It also helps in maintaining the lining inside the intestine.

The lining helps in keeping the waste and the bloodline separate. Leaky gut removes the line, and thus toxic material gets mixed with the blood. It is very harmful to the health of the body, and that is why you should not ignore the symptoms. There are lots of symptoms you can get to know like severe headache, digestive problems, swollen stomach, etc.

What are the types of food you should consume?

There are lots of varieties of food that you can consume, and they all are natural products. The diet that you will get to know will be completely natural, which means that there is no medication included. Here is the essential food you should consume-

  1. Vegetables- It is the common food that is consumed in every house. You should focus on the green vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, eggplant, etc. Rather than greenery, you can go for the carrots as they can help in healing the issue much quicker than you expect. You can contact a nutritionist who can let you know about the values of nutrition to be intake by your body. Spinach smoothie should be on the top of your list as you should consume it every morning.
  2. Food with roots- You can go for the potatoes or the sweet potatoes as they contain roots. It is very beneficial to consumers because these two vegetables have some special abilities that can help in fading away from the pain. Your stomach will start feeling relaxed, and thus you can easily get to live a comfortable life.
  3. Vegetables that are fermented-These kinds of foods are rich in good bacteria, which will help in balancing the ratio of good and the bad bacteria. There are foods like miso, which you should consume every day that can help in proving good bacteria to your body. Those will help you in fighting with bad bacteria, and thus you will get to be fit again.
  4. Yogurt is the best for health-Your digestive system will be get improved by consuming yogurt in your daily life. You can go to the fermented yogurt, which is the best and most beneficial for your health. Leaky gut is harmful but can be improved by consuming the suitable food.
  5. Consume nuts- Almonds, cashews; peanuts will be going to improve the health of your intestine. You should consume these kinds of products so that your stomach can live a healthy life. Most of the people think that nuts are hard to digest as it is true, but they can easily get to heal the issue of leaking gut in your stomach.

Thus these are the food that you should consume in your daily life so that you can easily get to rid of the issue like leaky gut. Your stomach will start feeling lighter in weight, and also issue like bloating will also get fade away.

Here are some of the foods that you should not consume

If you are going through the issue of gut leaking then here are some of the food that you should not consume-

  1. Some fruits- Not all fruits are harmful in the situation, but there are some like apple, cherries, peaches, dates, etc. You should not consume these kinds of fruits as they can harm your intestine.
  2. Say no to onions-You should stay away from the onions because they can increase the issue of leaky gut, which is not good for the health. There is much other food like green veggies that you should consume for the betterment of your stomach.
  3. Kidney beans should be avoided-Kidney beans are not easy to be digested, which is why you should not consume these. In the beginning, you should go for the light food that can be consumed easily by your stomach.
  4. No wheat or flour-In some homes, wheat is primary in the daily consumption of food. You need to say no the wheat so that your stomach can easily get to be healed quickly. You can see the results in a shorter span of time, and in this way, you can get rid of the issue.

These are the foods that you should not consume no matter what. It will not be going to heal the issue in the intestine, but instead, it will cause a lot of pain in your stomach.

In a nutshell, it is concluded that you should pay attention to the diet, and your health will not be going to affect at all.


Insurance Companies Deal With Theft Claims and Fraud — Are You the Victim or the Perpetrator?

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Theft claims are the hardest type of claims for insurance companies to deal with and the one type of claim where there is a lot of insurance fraud happening. As an insurance agent, it was very frustrating to watch my clients being dealt with as criminals from the company that they had paid to help them when they became victims. There are several online blogs written by Professional Finance Blogger & Copywriters that can help you in this matter. We have compiled most of the relevant content from their most popular blogs so that you can save your time by reading all that in this article. 

I also did some research and found that sometimes insurance companies were correct to act this way towards their own clients. There is a lot of fraud going on.

I think there is a huge separation though between the clients who never deal with an in-person agent. Versus clients that only buy online and don’t have a personal relationship with an agent, it is hard to look someone in the eye when signing for a policy if you are planning deception.

I’ve seen a few insurance clients intent on being involved with fraud, but never had I wrote a policy that I believed would result in a fraudulent act. The few clients that talked about fraud issues didn’t get policies from me. I did vehicle titles as well in the office that I worked for and saw quite a few fake forms of identification. These things always surprised me because I was in such a small town.

My advice for people who are dealing with a theft claim is to think of the insurance company as a criminal too, because if the lack of trust goes both ways. You will be more careful with your paperwork and lists. You should take your time and fill out the paperwork and answer questions in a slow, but confident manner.

Keeping a log of your home contents and belongings at your insurance agents’ office and in your file never hurts either. You should always cooperate with insurance companies, but don’t jump to cooperate being too eager is as bad of a thing as not being at all cooperative.

There are some deceptive moves being taken by the insurance company in an attempt to catch you doing something wrong when there is a theft claim. You should be as precise with your answers as they were with selecting the questions. They have an entire team of attorneys and paralegals selecting what to ask of you regarding the claim.

When the insurance company suspects more deeply on your case or their representative gets angry and quits in the middle of your case. They may drop it onto the Attorney General’s desk to investigate so that they don’t have to spend more money on it. This is a technology company will use to save money. Insurance companies hire the very best in regards to lawyers. They are very smart with regard to the law and will take advantage of loopholes within whenever possible. I’ve watched the Attorney General office bankrupt a good friend all because he was robbed. It is in your best interest to be careful and do everything you can to prevent such theft from occurring.


Super Mario Advance 4: The Unfortunate Circumstances of the Special E-Level System

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When it was released in 2003, Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3 marked the end of Nintendo’s act of bringing updated versions of classic Mario platform games to the Game Boy Advance. It was a grand send-off, however, as the final game in the Mario Advance series was a port of a game that many consider being one of, if not the best, Mario game ever made on account of its level variety, excellent power-up items, and thrilling challenge level. The send-off would have been even better if one of the port’s special features, the E-Levels, were completely utilized outside of Japan. These new stages would require the e-Reader accessory and special e-Reader cards just to access them. Unfortunately, due to various circumstances, many people would never be able to legally access a lot of these brand new levels. This was the reason why Super Mario did not do very well. However, this was not the case with Minecraft. With constant updates, shaders minecraft, and easy access the game did really well in terms of sales. Moreover, there are still millions of players that are playing Minecraft regularly. To know more about the game you can read this article till end.

First, a little background information about the Nintendo e-Reader. Released in 2002, the device was designed for people to attach to the Game Boy Advance and swipe cards to access a variety of features. Some cards would allow people to play various classic NES games. Others would activate mini-games not featured anywhere else or add features to other games, including trainers for some Pokemon games. Apparently, Nintendo wanted to make a lot of money and try to utilize the e-Reader’s functions so that people could access the new stages included in Super Mario Advance 4. As neat as the idea sounded on paper, the execution would end up backfiring.

The new stages, which were located in a place called World, accessible from the main menu, were rather like a combination of elements from the entire Mario Advance series. In addition to features from Super Mario Bros. 3, there were vegetables to pick like in Super Mario Bros. 2 and ghost houses to explore like in Super Mario World. Also, players could collect special coins (like the Ace coins in Mario 2 or the Dragon coins in Mario World) in order to unlock new mini-games and other features. Nintendo also decided to implement the e-Reader by creating two other types of cards which could also be used in the original levels. One type would give players a certain power-up the item at any time, while the other type would unlock demo movies which were rather like the hint movies from New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

When the game was released, it initially came packaged with a pair of e-Reader cards, and some copies even came with another five cards. To get these cards, you would have to pick up the game at Wal-Mart, which carried the cards exclusively. Two packs of cards, divided into Series 1 and Series 2, were released at about the same time as the game. These cards would be used to access the levels, demos, and power-up items, and the initial set of new levels was covered in the Prima strategy guide. Nintendo promised and even advertised, more cards so that players would be able to enter even more new levels. However, fate had other plans.

Soon after the game and cards were released, additional card sets beyond Series 2 were taken off the release schedule, as were any other planned e-Reader projects outside of Japan. As it turned out, Nintendo had decided to quietly cancel any further support for the e-Reader. Consequently, the remaining cards were not released worldwide. Americans would not get the chance to use any other cards, and neither would Australians. In Europe, the e-Reader was never released, and thus they did not even get the opportunity to access even the initial set of new stages. Thus, Nintendo’s big plan turned out to be a huge bust.

Perhaps it is no wonder that their plan failed, because people may not be willing to spend a lot of money just to access some new levels. Having to purchase the game, the cards, and the e-Reader would be a hassle. The levels could just as well have been unlocked by clearing special conditions in the main game, such as beating all of the stages in a world or defeating Bowser. Nintendo would make the same mistake with The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures, in which multiple players needed Game Boy Advance systems and game links in order to simply play the game. The unwillingness for players to spend too much money just to play a game caused the company to cancel any further Gamecube-Game Boy Advance connectivity projects. Companies should learn that people should not have to shell out too much cash just so they could play a game or access a certain feature.

What really makes the entire tragedy worse is that the new stages themselves appeared to be quite fun and challenging. Mixing elements from past Mario games would make for some fresh new challenges…something that New Super Mario Bros. Wii pulled off beautifully. About the closest that one can get to experience many of the new levels legally is to watch videos on YouTube that feature these stages. However, I wish that Nintendo could release all of the E-Level stages so that players could experience them without having to buy several things. Surely it would not be out of the question for Nintendo to release the stages as DSiWare under a title such as Super Mario Advance 4: The Lost Levels. That way, we would finally get the opportunity to experience the levels for ourselves.

The concept of accessing optional stages is always a strong one, and other Mario games have pulled it off rather well. Super Mario Advance 4, on the other hand, did not, and all because people needed the e-Reader and a lot of cards just to enter them. In the end, everyone lost: Nintendo because they ended up canceling e-Reader support, and the players because they would not be able to explore any other new stages. Had the e-Reader not been required to reach the levels, they would have been accessed by and enjoyed by, a lot more players. The next time that Nintendo wishes to have people spend a lot of cash just to access a portion of a game, or the entire game, they would be wise to learn from their past mistakes, or else history will repeat itself, and the company would become a laughing stock.

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Home Blood Pressure Monitoring

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The commonly accepted guideline for determining hypertension used to be 120/80. Now, the American Heart Association says studies indicate that anything over 115/75 means that your risk of “cardiovascular complications” is increased.

High blood pressure, or hypertension, is known as the “silent killer” because so many people suffer from high blood pressure without even realizing it. Many never have symptoms and do not find out that their pressure is high until they are already at risk of serious health problems.

If you have bouts of lightheadedness or have frequent headaches or nosebleeds, you may have high blood pressure. Consult your physician and have your pressure checked right away. Hypertension can be dangerous, so the sooner you are aware of it, the more you can do to lower your pressure.

If you do suffer from hypertension, you should begin self-monitoring at home. There are different types of devices available to help you keep track of your pressure between doctor’s visits.

Once you decide to purchase an at home blood pressure monitoring device, you will need to take it to your doctor’s office and have it tested for accuracy. It is also a good idea to ask your healthcare provider to teach you how to use it properly, and it is helpful to ask your provider which type of monitor he or she prefers, and why.

Some prefer a digital blood pressure monitor because this design offers the ability to inflate the cuff automatically, and because this type gives a digital reading, which is much easier for most people to read.  

If your blood pressure is high, you may need to develop a routine of measuring your blood pressure at certain times throughout the day as you go about your normal activities. These measurements should be given to your doctor to analyze, and certain at home monitoring devices even offer a paper printout of blood pressure measurements.  Some people who will undergo operations like what is non-surgical nose reshaping? Needs to have their blood pressure checked first.

Your doctor will be able to recognize the fluctuations in pressure and note if they occur at certain times of day or during certain activities. This can aid him or her in prescribing the correct amount and type of medication for you, determining whether or not the dosage should be raised or lowered, and he or she will be able to inform you of things you should or should not be doing.

When you test your blood pressure, it is wise to sit still for a few moments before testing. Move as little as possible while conducting the test, and do not speak while measuring your pressure. Remain seated and do not cross your arms or legs. 

It may seem a bit inconvenient if you are required to monitor your pressure frequently, but think about it. How much more inconvenient would it be to suffer a heart attack, heart failure, kidney failure, or a stroke? If you can protect your health and prevent serious health problems through a little time and inconvenience, isn’t it well worth the effort? 

If you suffer from hypertension, or you do not feel that your medicine is working as expected, talk to your doctor as soon as possible about starting an at home blood pressure monitoring routine.

Never stop taking your medicine or adjust the dosage without your healthcare provider’s knowledge and consent.


Redefining Success and Failure

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In any sales position there comes a time when you come face to face with the prospect of your own failure. It’s there, every morning, staring you in the face while you go about your routine. You become so entrapped in the definitions of those words (success and failure) and in the muck of other people’s expectations that it’s hard to have real, personal, attainable goals.

For instance:

A new agent had just joined our office. I believe he was in his third month when he came to me, frantic. He wanted some pointers concerning a large annuity case he had been working on, and his sales manager was not in the office. I asked him about the client, and after a few moments it became clear that an annuity did not fit the client’s need. This particular client was more interested in having their money be accessible at all times. I asked the agent if he had considered this.

“Not really,” he said, smiling. “But I want to get as far ahead of the required numbers as I can.”

You see? To this agent, failure was staying ahead of the quota. He was willing to risk his client’s trust in order to hit certain numbers. His perception of failure was skewed.

In order to have the clarity that one needs to become successful in any sales position, that person should have clear, personal goals. These goals will define what failure and success mean to that individual, and the first step to that clarity is a marketing plan. Any new agent, or any new salesperson, should have a clear vision of what their market is. My sales manager was most effective with seniors. He could talk easily with them, and could gain their trust by focusing on their specific areas of interest. He did this by asking four simple questions.

  1. With whom can I relate most easily?
  2. What are my own areas of interest?
  3. With whom do I find myself associating the most?
  4. Where do I personally fit in?

By having this self awareness, any agent can define their market successfully. Once the market has been defined, then the obstacle is getting in front of these people and branding yourself among them. If the majority of those in your market have a hard time trusting you, then your chance of success dwindles. Knowing your market should be top priority. Knowing where they hang out, knowing what their average income range is, etc. Once you know your market well enough to get in front of them, you must find a way to gain trust. Usually this entails a low pressure, comprehensive discussion of all their needs. They have to know you’re there for them, not your paycheck.

You need to keep a track on all the sales you have done till now, which will be your first step towards self awareness Sales tracking software helps you record all the intricate details of a sale which will help you to analyze your performance and do better in the future.

Once you have established rapport with a certain market, your view of success and failure will change rapidly. You will see enough people in your market to realize that failure is a matter of course. Everyone is not going to buy from you. Success will become a matter of your quality of service, and whether or not you came to meet the need as well as sell some products. Failure is inevitable in sales. The truly successful measure their success not on numbers but passion, determination, and the will to help people.