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When Will We Catch Up With The Tools Provided To Us In Social Networks?

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Why is it that everyone feels that they are either part of the conversation, on the outside, or being slighted, by the activity on social networks? Let’s say you have 1,000 friends on Facebook and I have 20. Clearly, there is an understanding you have those friends that I will never have. Perhaps some of the 20 friends I have are part of the 1,000 you have. Perhaps some are not. If you have 50 times as many friends as I have, I will always feel left out regardless; whether or not I actually engage with your 1,000 friends because they aren’t my friends, they are just casual acquaintances, and our relationship with you is the glue that holds things together.

This is the reality of social networking. Some people are more charismatic than others. Some take time to get to know than others. I could make friends on social networks, but I am not honestly interested in doing so. I could care less if you follow me or not. I would rather have an interesting conversation with an acquaintance, or someone I do not care to know, than to have a boring conversation with someone I’ve known for 20 years. The boring conversations at the social account will be converted into interesting one with cheap instagram likes. The rates of the likes will be under the funds available with the person.

Facebook requires us to know about every single person that is following our activities. We have a list of friends with whom we are supposed to have this reciprocal relationship with. The only problem with Facebook, is that relationships are not always on a reciprocal basis. You could be my friend on Facebook and never say anything to me. You could be my friend and get upset when I talk to your friends (but don’t talk to you). You could be my friend and ignore all of my attempts to converse with you.

People can “like” things on Facebook and they can “poke” people. These are the dumbest tools in the world; I honestly do not care what you like and do not waste your time poking me if you do not have anything to say. Poking has to be the most passive aggressive means by which to interact with Facebook; you say nothing and the only appropriate thing that other person can do is poke you back because chances are you aren’t going to respond to anything else but a poke. It is utterly ridiculous. Sure I’m shy, but say something to me, and say what you mean.

Google Plus has circles, which is a cool feature. The only problem with the feature is that I cannot get people onto Google Plus! I have thousands of friends on Twitter and around 30 on Facebook, I could care less if any of them are on Google Plus because these people rarely talk to me as it is! To bring them onto Google Plus would mean that I am bringing the same people that do not talk to me from one network onto another. The only impetus to do so would be the functionality that circles provide, which is to post some updates to some people, others to other people and some to everyone. If I have something to say to you, and no one else, I will just email you or call you on the telephone. The entire point of social networking is to broadcast to the world.

In fact one of the problems with social networking, is that we want to replicate real world relationships online when we should be using social networking as the marketing tool it was intended to be. Social networks should be a place where you market your own personal brand, not a space on the Internet for you to have intimate conversation with someone you should be texting. Now Twitter is a great service for this, except that a lot of people that aren’t using Twitter in that way get upset with you. One of the problems with Twitter is that anyone can follow you, for any reason. If I have 6,000 friends, my experience is not any richer than it is for you with your 30 friends. I rarely talk to any of the people I follow on Twitter.

All of the social networks offer rich tools for engaging and interacting with other people in those networks that no one ever uses. Google Plus allows you to create a Hangout, which is a video conference in which you and several other people can actually talk to one another instead of typing away. Facebook Groups allows you to meet new people and have interesting discussions. Twitter always lists their top ten topics that are trending on the site, so when your friends are not talking about anything interesting you can click on a topic and see what the majority of the people on Twitter are talking about. People might actually respond to your tweets when your friends do not. Google Plus lists their top topics as well, although I have yet to see ten topics actually listed for discussion. Both Facebook and Google Plus allow you to share a calendar of events with your followers; Google takes it a step further with a “Party Mode” inside of Google Events that allows you to share pictures of the event outside of your regular time line. Yet no one ever uses any of these tools. People still rely upon services like Skype and Facetime when there are services integrated into their favorite social network. People still search engines, when Google Plus allows you to search the Internet from within. There is a lot available on social networks, if you are willing to look. If you are still upset about what happened on a social network years ago, it could be due to the fact that you are exploiting the network in a unique and creative way …

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Everything You Need To Know About Parc Esta Condo

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When looking for a property in Singapore to invest in, there are several factors that you need to consider. From location to amenities to price,  buying a property is quite challenging. This is more daunting in Singapore. In a fast paced and stressful city, living in a home where you can experience convenience and relaxation is indeed a necessity. One of the perfect examples of such property is the Parc Esta Condo. This property has been popular over time because of its value and great amenities. In this article, you will learn some of the best things about Parc Esta Condo.


Certainly, when looking for the best property to invest in, one of the major factors that you need to consider is the location. Location is everything. Hence, Parc Esta Condo got the best location for you. It is perfectly located in a dynamic enclave within the city. The best thing about its location is that you can experience both the city itself of Parc Esta and the east cost. Thus, you can also get to experience the urban and modern life. It is located near the public station so you don’t have to worry about the hassle of traffic. Most of the MRT stations are just a few minutes walk. Par Esta condo is also strategically located and it is highly accessible through an integrated network of roads.


While Parc Esta condo’s rates may seem intimidating, you must always take into consideration that this property provides you with the best value that you can get. This property is considered as a 99 year leasehold condo which sits on the past HUDC Eunosville and has been acquired by Eunosville for 756 USD. Back then, it was the 2nd highest price for HUDC estate. Parc Esta has 9 towers pf 18 storeys and five retail shops with mezzanine basement car park. With the big community of this property has, we can fairly say that it is worth your money.


Another factor that most people consider when buying a property is its developer. Surely, as an investor or unit buyer, you want to buy from a developer with established reputation in the market. And that is something that Parc Esta Condo can give you. The elite developer of this property is MLC Land, a leading property group in Singapore. MCL Land is a member of Jardine Matheson Group and it has a long and established track record of building high quality residential homes and condominiums.

Resort Style Facilities

Another impressive thing about Parc Esta Condo is its resort style facilities. Commonly, a lot of condos are located in most cities, so when given that everything is equal, the facilities should serve as the tie breaker. Residents of this condominium are well satisfied and happy because of the property’s resorts worth of amenities and facilities. The towers’ exterior façade are designed with full-height glass. This provides aesthetic appeals of the overall appearance and ambience of the condo. Some of the boasted amenities of Parc Esta include live esteemed at Grand Parc and live fully at west parc.

Outlooks and Developments

The good thing about Parc Esta is that it doesn’t become stable over time. There ae a lot of planned innovation and developments in the property in the future. Some of the interesting information about the growth of the property include the URA master plan that includes paya lebar central, and relocation of paya lebar air base from year 2030. These developments and outlooks allow owners to upgrade their way of living and have a new ambience in the near and far future.

Highly Recommended

Parca Esta is ideal for those people who would like to upgrade their lifestyle and live in a modern and dynamic environment. When it comes to properties like condominium, Parc Esta is always one of the best properties that a lot of people would suggest or recommend. With its impressive and amazing features like its resort like facilities, convenience, location and value for money, Parc Esta is certainly worth investing for. So what are you waiting for now? Go now and consult with an helpful agent and make your dream happen.


Looking For a Good Portable Language Translator?

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Are you on the lookout of a reliable portable translator? It could be that you are about to go out on a trip abroad all alone and you need a translator here. It’s best to invest in a pocket portable translator so that it’s easier to carry wherever you will go. Now, there are different such portable translators around but if you want a top-notch solution, check out Muama Enence. It’s a very compact device which will easily fit your purse or pocket. Muama Enence works with an app which is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. You must be curious to know more about the smart translator. Well, the post below offers a brief on the major features of the device.

Supports 40+ languages

Muama Enence is a state-of-the-art translation whose translation capacity is not limited to a few languages. Rather the translator supports more than 40 languages, covering both the popular and exotic ones. So, whether you wish to travel to Indonesia or Germany or Italy, Muama Enence would be your handy travel buddy anywhere.

2-way translation

Most of the translation devices that you will find today offer one-way translation.  Such devices are helpful but not exactly suitable when you need to have a conversation with a foreign national whose language you don’t know and vice versa. But, Muama Enence is an advanced translator and it offers 2-way translation like a pro. This makes it a great tool when you have to communicate two-way with a foreign client or a friend.

Works from a distance

This is something that is not always viable with regular translation devices. But, Muama Enence does it like a charm.

Yes, the translation device can catch voice from a distance of up to 2 meters or 6.6 feet. This way, you can be sure of accurate translation even when you can’t always take your mouth closer to the translation device. Besides, it can transmit the translated result wirelessly for up till 10 meters or 32.9 feet. Thus, even if you are in a noisy bar where there is too much high-pitch sound around, Muama Enence will still give you accurate translation.

Super fast and accurate translation

This is another point that you must know about Muama Enence.

The translation device assures super speedy translation so that you don’t have to wait for long to find the meaning of a foreign line. The reaction span of the device is as quick as 1.5 seconds. So, you can be assured of a prompt response every time you use Muama Enence. Not only that, Muama Enence assures the most accurate translation possible. You will get the same super accurate results even if you use the translator in a loud pub or club.

Excellent battery

Nothing is worse than ending up with a dead battery on your translator in the midst of sight-seeing in a foreign land. When you go out for sight-seeing, you hardly get a place or scope to charge up your translator. But, don’t worry, you won’t have such issues with Muama Enence. the credit goes to its excellent battery which can work at a stretch for say 4 to 5 days. It means, just one-time charge and you are free to go half the week without repeated charge.


Despite all its cutting-edge features, Muama Enence is a breeze to use. All you would have to do is to download the app in your smartphone and switch on the device. Then, you would simply press on “A” tab and speak into it. You will get the most accurate translation of your phrase in the blink of an eye.

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New Kindle 3G + Wi-Fi Already Old

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The Kindle was all the rage but the important word here is was. After the Kindle came out literally hundreds of other ebook readers have come out. In fact even before the ebook readers cheap Chinese mp3 and mp4 players had ebook readers that were limited to one simple old ebook format so the Kindle only popularized the ebook reader. Now the newest version of the Kindle is out the Free 3G + Wi-Fi version and the consumer that knew to wait for a little while to buy a Kindle is probably asking if now is the time to make that Kindle purchase. If you are wondering whether or not you should buy the newest Kindle then you will want to read on.

The Kindle was pretty cool but it had some issues and the latest generation has come around to fix some of the problems with the older versions of the Kindle. The newest Kindle does a great job of fixing some problems with the older versions. A new experimental web browser has been included but it is likely that if Kindle makes it one more update this browser will be updated and be better. You an now use a dictionary, highlight, and even make notes. The pages turn faster. You have free 3G plus there is also built in Wi-Fi which if anything is overkill. You get double the storage and longer lasting battery even though it is even lighter then before. It has the best contrast of any ebook reader with improved back lighting to eliminate glare.

All in all these new features make the newest Kindle better then ever. Because of the competition from other ebook readers the price has been dropped to only $189. Now would seem like a great time to get the latest version of the Kindle but is it really the best time to get a new Kindle?

I am not sure the Kindle is going to last. Everything is getting put onto one machine now, our cameras, GPS, and phones are all on one device. All it takes is a simple app to read ebooks and the Kindle is obsolete. Not only are smart phones competition but a bigger threat comes from the iPad and other similar devices that are coming out because of their larger size which is similar to the Kindle, and they offer much more then a Kindle offers. Also, some people think that smartphones will overcome kindle in the future especially now that best wifi booster is being more developed.

While in the past I thought you should wait for the price to come down I now think you should wait to get something that will do more. If you cant wait and you want an ebook reader then you might want to go ahead and buy the new Kindle 3G + Wi-Fi. If you are willing to wait and want something more then just a ebook reader then get something else because the Kindle may become obsolete soon.


Marrying Someone You Love

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My friend Josh told me he wanted to marry his girlfriend of over a year. Naturally, I asked why he thought that was such a great idea. “Because she’s by far the hottest girl I’ll ever get,” he said, laughing. I chuckled, too, then wasn’t the least bit surprised to learn she dumped him a month later.

Josh is not an idiot, of course, he’s actually pretty normal. Many people believe that if they’re gonna commit themselves to one person for the rest of their lives – that person better looks good. Which would be fine, except for the fact that being a great-looking couple and having a successful marriage have very little correlation with each other. In fact, they’re often in direct opposition.

One major reason marriages fizzle is that physical attraction between the spouses diminishes over the years. The novelty of being with a Beautiful Person wears thin and also, of course, your spouse’s beauty fades with age. Now, this doesn’t mean I’m saying you should seek out an ugly person to be your marriage partner. What I’m saying is, the key might be to end up with someone whom you do not find attractive upon first sighting.

Most of us have met at least one person who fits into this category: someone who’s not conventionally good-looking but over time, you find that there’s “something about them” that just flips your mind. It could be their charisma, their unique brand of humor, whatever It Factor – it draws to this person in a way that is much more resonant than with others who’ve struck your interest.

While your friends will likely tease you for it (privately or to your face, depending on the friendship), I believe this person presents the best marriage material because you’re drawn to them for the right reasons. For the basis of your attraction, you’ve foregrounded their inner qualities, the ones that won’t wrinkle, sag, or fatten with passing years. And all of this will serve you well since, whereas dating might be a sprint, marriage is certainly a marathon.

Furthermore, someone not good-looking whom you find attractive – this is a much greater rarity than being attracted to a good-looking person. And since everyone purports they want to find “someone special” to marry, it only makes sense to prefer the former person over the latter. You could argue further that since we all want someone who “doesn’t come along every day” – we’re talking about marrying, not dating, remember – then we should be inclined to favor less the handful of good-looking people we encounter in our day-to-day, rather than gravitate towards them. Reading Love quotes for her girlfriend and sharing a lot of time together made me realize that all this is not about physical attraction at all. You need to be compatible with that person in order to make your marriage work. 

Recently, I called Josh to explain my theory to him. He responded by saying that for him to date someone, she had to be attractive and that since dating was the first step towards marriage, attractiveness and marriage were inexorably linked, therefore my theory was flawed. I tried explaining that you have to wait for that rare someone to come along, but Josh was having none of it, having already moved onto the topic of how much he missed his hot ex-girlfriend.

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Understanding The Cost Of Owning An Ipad Today

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How much is too much for a secondary or even tertiary piece of technology? For many, that is the question that comes to mind when considering the Apple iPad. The iPad, stuck awkwardly between a Netbook and an iPod touch, is very tempting, but for some, the cost of purchasing and owning an iPad just isn’t worth it.

I doubt that an Apple iPad will be an owner’s sole or even primary computing device. Its even hard to find it in online stores such as the today. Since it won’t be a workhorse, what will it be used for? According to a recent NPD survey, most early adopters see the device as a music player or an Internet tablet. That is also what people see their iPod touch or Microsoft Zune HD as. If the iPad is a redundant device, what is it worth?

The Purchase Cost of the Apple iPad

The WiFi Apple iPad will cost you $499 for 16GB, $599 for 32GB, or $699 64GB, and the 3G version will cost you $629, $729, and $829 respectively. Even the 16Gb WiFi only version weighs in at over $100 more than a Netbook computer from HP, and the $699 version is more expensive than many full-sized laptops. Granted, it is a unique form factor, and I am speculating at how people will truly use the device. It is possible that the iPad and the iPad-targeted media will be so revolutionary that the device will more than warrant the price of purchase. Still, one has to question if $700 is the appropriate cost of a computing device that is not immediately and obviously capable of productivity.

The 3G vs Wifi Cost

Without knowing how people will actually use an iPad, the question of 3G vs WiFi is very important. Not only does a 3G iPad carry an $130 premium, the monthly cost will vary between $15 and $30 depending on bandwidth cap. That means that over one year of ownership, the 3G iPad can cost a full $490 more than a WiFi device. Yes, you read that correctly, a 3G iPad can cost nearly twice as much as a WiFi 16GB version of the device. With WiFi becoming more and more ubiquitous, I seriously doubt that the 3G premium is worth it, especially since an iPad owner probably already owns a 3G cell phone – possibly even an iPhone.

With such a new device, and a new device category, it is impossible to know whether an active 3G connection is worth it. I already receive email and texts through my phone. The iPad is being marketed as a media device, eBook reader, and portable gaming rig; 3G will not be necessary for most, if not all, of the causual iPad uses.

iPad Application Premium

On my iPhone, I have a few dozen apps. All together, my app investment has been about $40. I have a feeling that all of that will change on the iPad. A recent Forbes piece by Jay Yarrow, documents that several iPad version of applications cost at least twice as much as their iPod/iPhone counterparts. For example, one of my favorite games “Flick Fishing” cost me $.99 for my iPhone; the iPad version comes in at $2.99, and “Flight Control” jumps from $.99 to $4.99. For me to get the iPad equivalents for all of my Apps, it is looking like I would spend another $40 instead of simply copying my apps over. If these applications are being installed on a 3G iPad, the iPad premium is astronomical.

New Bells and Whistles

As the iPad develops, there will be new ideas of how to use it, and many of those will require new accessories. A new case, keyboard dock, and the SD adapter will cost you nearly $130. Who knows what new gadgets and gizmos will be developed in the coming months for the iPad. Each one will require a new investment raising the total cost of ownership even higher. Without these premium accessories, the iPad will never reach its full potential.

Just to recap, in the first year a 64GB 3G iPad, a few apps, a keyboard, case and SD adapter will cost $1480; a MacBook costs $999, and a MacBook Pro runs $1199. Ouch.

In the End

Does it matter? I am an early adopter, and despite all of this logic, I am an iPad owner. I am a fanboy; I own that. While I don’t know exactly how I will use the Apple iPad, I am sure that I will find something useful for it. I did only get the WiFi version, and I opted for the 16GB so my expense isn’t so great, but my early adopter fee is quite steep. I am sure I am not alone.

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Foot Trouble? Why You Should Love Your Feet

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Until a few generations ago, Chinese society practiced the custom of binding the feet of young girls to prevent their feet from growing and developing normally. Small feet were considered more feminine and fashionable. This was their rationale for this pernicious practice. Today, we ridicule this custom as barbaric and cruel, yet we commit equal outrages against our own two feet in the same name of fashion.

We have become slaves to the god of fashion irrespective of the pain and suffering, foot deformities, and poor posture that being in style may cause. Nature did not design our bodies to be thrown off balance by high heels. Nor did nature design human feet to be tightly imprisoned in leather jackets which shut out all life-giving air and sunlight, preventing them from functioning and moving normally. Judging from the shapes of most so-called stylish shoes, one would think our feet were constructed primarily to fit the peculiarities of the shoe rather than the shoe being designed primarily to accommodate the physiological requirements of the human foot. It is small wonder that more than 75 percent of all civilized people suffer from some foot disorder. Our feet are comprised of functioning, living tissue, and muscles requiring movement and fresh air in order to remain in vigorous health. If you happen to come across some of the most common mindinsole reviews on the internet, you will find that it is a very effective remedy for acupressure. 

From almost the moment of birth, when many parents can’t hardly wait to put on those cute baby shoes, we start mutilating and deforming our feet, and throwing our body and spine into a state of imbalance. Those among us who have enough courage to flaunt fashion and wear sensibly-designed shoes or sandals, and see that their children do the same, should be commended for preventing much of the foot deformity and mutilation produced by high heels, pointed toes, and tight and ill-fitting shoes, corns, calluses, “hammer toes,” and bunions are always due to poorly fitting shoes.

The constant wearing of high heels, in addition to causing poor posture, cramped toes, abdominal protrusion, and backache, also tends to produce a shortening of the calf muscles which decreases the range of dorsiflexion of the foot.

Arch supports that claim to strengthen the weak muscles of the foot accomplish nothing insofar as that is concerned – and weak muscles are the primary cause of fallen arches or flat feet.

The common malady referred to as athlete’s foot or ringworm is caused by a fungus. Fungus thrives best in a warm, dark, moist environment, almost exactly as provided by the inside of most shoes. (Although the basic purpose of shoes is but as a special covering for the feet).

Sunning the feet, wearing well-ventilated shoes or sandals, and drying them carefully after bathing or showering, especially between the toes, will prevent this skin disease from ever occurring. Keep in mind that fungus will not attack healthy tissue. It is only when the body cells have been debilitated through the lack of air, sunlight, and exercise that their resistance is lowered to leave them vulnerable to fungus.

Flat foot is another common malady which may be caused by chronic strain and remedied by appropriate exercise. The long arch, stretching on the inside border of the foot from heel to toes, is the elastic spring upon which the entire body weight rests. The arch comprising numerous bones, is held together by muscles and ligaments. The value of the arch depends upon the integrity of the muscles supporting it.

Those persons whose occupations require them to stand for long periods of time, such as policemen, nurses, barbers, beauticians, storekeepers, clerks, factory workers, guards, and so on, should practice exercising their feet daily to strengthen their arches in order to counteract the extra strain which causes the pain in their feet.

Remember, don’t expect miracles overnight. But if you will only liberate your poor, aching feet from their dark prisons, treat them to a generous helping of fresh air, let the sunlight kiss them, walk them barefoot on the beach whenever the occasion is apropos, allow the morning dew-laden grass to lovingly caress them, grant them the freedom of movement and appropriate exercise they desperately desire and well deserve; I promise you with all sincerity, they will not only eternally appreciate your kindness and consideration, but they will bless you and be only too happy to faithfully serve you for the rest of your life.


How does Changing the Sand in a Swimming Pool Filter will happen

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Changing the sand in a swimming pool sand filter may sound like a daunting task. But, with a few steps it can be done and done safely, without paying a premium price to a pool company. This is certainly good news for those do-it-yourself people. With a few tools, some materials and a little time, this is one swimming pool chore that can be done.

The sand used in a sand filter for a swimming pool is the sand that is recommended by the manufacturer of the sand filter system that is being used. For example, the sand may be #20 silica sand that is 45 to 55 mm in diameter. The amount of sand is also determined by the manufacturer of the sand filter, this may be 175 pounds or so. A tarp to empty to sand on can be used and something to scoop the sand out will be useful.

Turn the pump off, then empty the existing sand in the filter system. To do this a tarp can be laid down under the filter drain and the filter drain assembly can be removed and laid on the tarp, now turn the pump back on. Turning the pump on will pump water through the filter out the drain hole, removing most of the sand in the filter. Another way to empty the existing sand is by removing the drain plug and allowing the sand and water to drain out of the filter. This method may take several hours.

After the sand has been removed, the multiport valve or the top dome will need to be removed, depending on which sand filter you have. If the sand filter being emptied is a dome style, the dome will need to be removed using a wrench. After taking the dome off, gently move the baffle/pipe and scoop the existing sand out of the filter.

If the sand filter is a top mount multiport valve system instead of a top dome, the pipes may need to be cut so that the multiport valve can be removed. After cutting the pipes, remove the clamp band that connects the multiport valve to the sand filter and pull the multiport valve straight up and off. So that sand is not accidentally spilled into the standpipe, be sure to cover it. Now get the sand out, this can be done with a shop vac or just with a cup. While doing this be careful with the laterals located at the bottom of the tank so you do not break or move them. Wash the remaining sand out of the tank, under the laterals, with a water hose..

Now that all the sand has been removed, replace the drain assembly. Put silicone sealant on the drain assembly threads. Use the water hose and add enough water to the tank so that the laterals are covered, this will help protect them from the new sand. Now make sure the standpipe is still covered if the filter system is a top mounted multiport. If the filter system is a side mounted system, then the intake baffle will need to be gently pushed out of the way or put a little plastic bag over the pipe to keep the new sand from getting in it.

Pour the new sand in the tank, being careful to keep the lateral assembly in place on a top mounted multiport valve sand filter system. Add a bag of sand then make sure the lateral assembly is centered in the tank. Only add the amount of sand that the manufacturer recommends. This is usually only about 2/3 of the tank, leaving a free board space. After adding the sand, lube the o-rings and replace the top of the filter. Double check the lid to make sure it is put on good.

Put the filter system on “Rinse” when restarting the system after replacing the sand, if the filter system is a multiport valve system. Now “Backwash” and “Rinse” one more time. Now the sand filter system is ready for the normal setting. In this way, Singapore swimming lessons will teach the adults to swim well in the pool. The movement of the hands and legs in the excellent.