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Are you the proud owner of a cool in-house swimming pool? Hey, then, you must have plans to enjoy lovely evenings by the pool. And that calls for right pool furniture. Swimming is a great way to explore your pool no doubt. But, that’s not always the only activity to enjoy the pool area. You can also host a private candlelight dinner by the pool or an in-house barbeque party with friends there. Then, at times, you may simply wish to relax by the side of water without getting into it. The bottom-line is your pool area is incomplete without right pool furniture.

The post below offers a brief on the tips you need to know for poolside furniture.

Know the materials

The furniture materials you can easily use indoors can’t be used outdoors always, especially near your swimming pool. For example, wooden furniture is excellent for indoors but won’t be that great for a space that experience constant splashes. The ideal materials for poolside furniture are the ones that can tolerate splashes and weather extremities. So, when you are considering materials for poolside furniture, bank on plastic, PVC and aluminum. All these are lightweight, rustproof, demand low weather treating and are affordable. Other similarly great options are wicker and rattan. Wrought iron furniture no doubt look classy but these have to be weatherproofed periodically.

Types of furniture

What kind of furniture do you need for your poolside area? The basic ones are some chairs and table. If you often have your friends coming over, you may contemplate about getting a large table for 6 or 2 tables for 4- depending on your space. For seating arrangements, rattan cube garden furniture will be great. These are compact and ideally for small spaces. Do you dream of basking under the sun by the pool on warm sunny winter mornings? Then, you must invest in a sun lounger.

You should also contemplate about getting umbrellas over your tables and chairs to ensure a shady retreat by the water on scorching summer days. You may obviously fold down the umbrellas during winters.

Mind the cushions

Your best bet will be a cushion crafted from all-weather fabric. These kinds of textiles can repel water quickly as well as helps in fast evaporation of moisture despite constant splashes. Also, your choice of fabric must be UV-protected. Your cushions should come with air vents as well as assure fast drying. Cotton duck, treated canvas, polyester and acrylics are durable, comfortable and excellent for poolside furniture.

Safety tips to remember

  • Make sure chair & table legs are sturdy and able to carry sold weight. You must sit on chairs to inspect them before the final payment. If the chairs flex even by a bit, don’t hesitate to look for other options.
  • Go for spring-based cushions for large furniture as spring helps to keep the shape of cushions intact for a prolonged time.
  • All your poolside furniture must have plastic or rubber feet. You certainly don’t want ugly scratches on your beautiful poolside pavement.

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