8 Unusual Uses for Duct Tape


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Originally designed for the United States Army to use with green cotton duck backing, the tape was an instant hit and brought home by returning soldiers who used it for minor home repairs. One of the most prominent home repairs the tape was used for was connecting heating ducts. The manufacturer made a wise choice to change the tape color to silver like ductwork and the name to duct tape. A shiny silver roll is a must-have in every tool box and the list of uses for duct tape continues to grow.

Hold Down Patio Furniture

When a storm is brewing that threatens to have high winds or a possible hurricane is on the horizon, tape down the patio furniture. Not everyone has room to bring outdoor furniture indoors when inclement weather is predicted, so a roll of duct tape will hold down patio furniture and keep it from blowing away.

Sound Muffler

If you have a budding young drummer in your home, you either need a very large home or a sound muffler. Use duct tape to tape tissues to the undersides of the cymbals to secretly muffle the sound without stifling the young musician.

Recycle Old Furniture

Give new life to old furniture with colorful duct tape. New colors and patterns of tape can be used to cover scratched wood furniture, re-upholster a chair, revive a dull mirror frame or create a new lamp shade.

Instant Laminate

Use waterproof clear duct tape on both sides of any paper item you need to protect, like a yearly parking pass, summer beach pass or fishing license.

Play Ball

Good old duct tape can be used to create an instant three point line basketball, bases for baseball or goals for street hockey or soccer.


Duct tape accessories are popping up on outfits everywhere, and in some cases the entire outfit in made from duct tape. Check out websites like pinterest.com for ideas.

High Ceiling Cobwebs

To reach those cobwebs that gather on high ceilings, use duct tape to attach the handle ends of a broom and dust mop. That will create a tool long enough to reach those high ceilings without using a ladder.

Organize Spaces

Add small strips of duct tape to the outside of dry goods containers in the pantry. Then write the contents and purchase date on the tape with a Sharpie or an erasable whiteboard marker.

If shelf space is shared with someone who encroaches on your space, draw the separating line with a strip of duct tape.


Remove a splinter by placing a strip of duct tape over it and yanking off in the direction the splinter entered.

Use a strip of tape to repair a fallen hem or wrap a boxed present with duct tape.

The Arizona refrigerator repair service have also issued strict instructions regarding the use of duct tape on refrigerators and are against using it in excessive quantity for refrigerator doors.

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