9 Best Personal Safety Devices


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With the concerns for safety rising at an alarming rate you can never be perfectly safe these days. You might have secured your house with CCTV camera, anti pince-doigts, or anti-theft alarms but you always need something that you can carry around when you are not home. In this article, we are going through some of the best personal safety devices that you can buy. 

  • Self-defense keychain is a really handy and useful device that you can use in confronting situations. You get a lightweight object along with a focused point that you can use in order to break the windshield of your car or to attack a predator. This way you get can get out of such a situation easily. This keychain is a really useful device for people that are physically not that strong. You can get this device so that you can keep yourself prepared for any attack. 
  • As most thieves and predators avoid a loud situation you can consider personal alarms that are really loud and will help you in getting attention in case you face any unwanted situation. There are small and portable alarms that are available in the market that are capable of producing sounds that are equivalent to a loud jet engine. This is a perfect device for kids and elderly people that can not avoid any attack situation. 
  • An emergency flashlight is a versatile device that you can use in order to break your window, cut your seat belt, or to charge your mobile phone. You should always keep an emergency light in your car just in case something goes wrong. With the help of the in-built phone charger that is there in this flashlight, you can charge your mobile phone and call for help. 
  • A portable personal safe is a really great device for people that travel around with loads of documents. You get a portable safe that you can use in order to keep all your personal belonging safe as you travel around. With this device, you also get a tether that allows you to attach this device to a piece of furniture. 

  • A purse hook is a simple yet useful gadget that you can use as you visit crowded places and restaurants. It is really easy for thieves to steal your handbags as you keep them behind your chair. In order to avoid this, you have purse hooks that you can use to hang your handbags to almost every surface so that your bag is visible all the time. 
  • Pickpocket is a problem that everyone faces as they move around in crowded places. This is why you should get a scarf with hidden pockets where you can keep all your personal documents and cash. You can order these scarfs in different colors and sizes depending upon your own taste. 
  • Since personal defense items are not that suitable for everyone you can opt for a stun gun that is the best alternative to a firearm. A stun gun is device that you can use for self-defense as the gun deliver a strong but non-lethal current on your attacker rendering him immobile. This allows you to get help or escape from that situation. 
  • Smart jewelry is another great and useful invention in terms of security. You get fashionable and trendy pieces of wearables that you can use as panic buttons. These wearables are connected with your smartphone via Bluetooth and allow you to call 911 instantly. 

  • A personal health monitoring device is something that is really helpful for people that have medical conditions. You get a really useful gadget that will monitor your heart rate and other vitals and would immediately inform medical services if anything is not right. 

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