Balloon Relay Birthday Party Game


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Now that you have all the kids in the backyard for your child’s birthday party you’ll have to be fast-thinking to keep them all busy yet safe. They’ll definitely be busy if you set them up for a race. Kids of all ages will crack up as they play a hysterical balloon race game at the party.

You’ll be purchasing balloons for the birthday party anyway so just pick up a few more so you can play the backyard game. Choose round balloons and be sure you have one for each child and a few left over in case any of them pop. Although it’s not absolutely necessary it’s fun to select two different colors of balloons so each team will have their own color.

Keep in mind the size of the kids when choosing the balloons. Buy smaller balloons for little kids and larger ones for older children. If you’re unsure you can measure your own child since most of the kids will likely be about the same size. Have the child stand with legs far apart and measure between the two thighs. Purchase balloons which are near that size in diameter.

Create a finish line by laying yard sticks end-to-end, aligning branches or even using chalk if the finish line is on pavement. Make a starting line in the same manner. Line kids up so that each child has a place on the line. The kids should be spaced about arm’s length apart from each other.

Give each child a balloon and have them position it between their legs, just above the knees. Blow a whistle or say “go” and the kids take off, with their crazy walk, trying to be the first one to the finish line. If anyone should lose his balloon he must put it back between his legs before continuing to the finish line. Upon getting there, the first child who crosses the line then holds the balloon over his head is the winner.

There are variations you can do with the game. For older kids, pin a safety pin on each child’s shirt, and when they cross they finish line, they must unfasten the pin and pop the balloon. Or, put obstacles between the starting line and the finish line. These can include a peg they have to run around, a marked area where they have to jump three times, a bowl where they must stop and pick up a coin or marble, or some of your own ideas.

If you have a lot of children at the birthday party you can do a relay race with two separate teams. The first member of each team runs to the finish line, with balloon between legs, then back again, and hands the balloon over to the next player. The team that finishes first wins.

Kids of any age will have a lot of fun playing the silly balloon game while spectators laugh hysterically just watching. They can play for prizes or just for fun.

Balloons are the life and soul of birthday parties, especially if it involves young kids and they derive no greater pleasure than feasting their eyes on balloons of different hues and colors and continuously play with it until it bursts. It is difficult to find too many balloons these days and what you get is a caricature of them that do not last for long and burst forth the moment you blow air into them.

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