Bit Torrent File Sharing Guide


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This is a bit torrent file sharing guide that will teach you about bit torrent file sharing. In this guide to bit torrent file sharing I will explain what bit torrent file sharing is, how bit torrent file sharing can be used, and also show you some popular bit torrent file sharing sites.

Bit torrent file sharing is a fast way of downloading files. The first thing you must know in this bit torrent file sharing guide is what you will need to get started with bit torrent file sharing.

When it comes to file sharing, there is always a dataroom that keeps certain files with sensitive information with the utmost security.

You will need a bit torrent file sharing client. Of the many bit torrent file sharing clients I recommend U torrent. U Torrent is a free and easy to install bit torrent file sharing client that you can download at Once you have down loaded and installed the U torrent bit torrent file sharing client you will need to find bit torrent files to share. The two most popular sites to get started in bit torrent file sharing are “” and “”. When participating in bit torrent file sharing it is your responsibility to make sure you are sharing legal files. Both “” and “” have had legal issues with media companies about bit torrent file sharing users who have shared copy-written files.

“” has recently stopped distributing copy-written files so you shouldn’t have to worry about anything. Since there is no copy-written material on “” you will not find any of the mainstream media music, TV shows, movies and computer programs at “” but you will find some legal files from upcoming bands and film makers that are trying to get their work seen and heard.

“” continues to offer all the big mainstream media, music, TV shows and movies but remember when dealing with these files you are bit torrent file sharing at your own risk. Once you are at either of the bit torrent file sharing sites you can search for what you are looking for in the search field at the top of the site. Once you find what you want you will notice the file name followed by numbers in two columns called seeders and leechers. These numbers will give you your bit torrent file sharing ratio that will determine the speed of your download. The more seeders you have compared to leechers the better your ratio. So when you search for the file you want and you get multiple files to choose from you should determine what file has the best share ratio and choose it. After finding the best share ratio for bit torrent file sharing you will want to check the file out a little more so click the file and you will be taken to a page with more details on the file.

Amongst the details to consider are; Language, subtitles, file size and quality. When getting involved with bit torrent file sharing it is important to consider the quality of the file. For the quality you should check for comments. By reading bit torrent file sharing comments you will get information from others who have downloaded the file. They can tell you if the file is what it says it is or if it is improperly named. You can also learn if the file works properly. If everything checks out go ahead and click the download button and a box will pop up showing you the files you are downloading. Click ok and u torrent will do the rest. That’s all there is to bit torrent file sharing.

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