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Animated Video Is The Key To Your Brand’s Success

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Marketing and brand promotion requires a strategic method. They need to be a cost-effective approach. To make it possible, the marketing team needs to determine the geographic and the targeted audience. A lot depends on these factors. Understanding the genre of your audience gives you a clear idea of ways you can promote a product. Despite all, one tool in this department remains the same. Video content is powerful and reaches people faster. However, the animated video will a better approach.

How can animated video help to achieve success?

There are several reasons why the marketing team should prefer animated videos over live-action. Animated videos are engaging and can be of any form. And all these under a budget. Let us look at the few factors that make animated video a better approach:

  • Cost-effective and Engaging

Live-action videos can cost a lot. You need to hire actors, stylist and makeup artist, set up for the shoot and so on. But animated videos can save you a lot of money and time. They only need a scriptwriter and an animator. Moreover, you do not need to call the actors again and again for re-shooting a scene. With animation, you can do it however you like. Every brand and company has their aesthetic. At present, it plays a crucial role in gaining the attention of the youth. Through animation and the art style, you can tell the audience about your aesthetic. The audience loves a brand which is unique and produces their designs.

  • Simplified

Nowadays, brands like to promote on social media platforms. Social media is a relaxation break from reality. And when people are scrolling through their feed, they will not read any long text or article. However, they tend to watch videos. Animation videos can grab that attention. They are short and well-executed. With the correct use of the sound system, it can make the audience wait till it ends. Also, through animated videos, you can break down complex idea or subjects. Reading long paragraphs can often bore people that they give up halfway. Through animation, those long paragraphs can get a life. People remember something they see rather than something they read.

  • Well-connected

Besides, your customers will always have queries and questions. Instead of having a FAQ section, you can answer them through an animated video. Your customers will find them more engaging, and their attention will stay rooted. It will help you to develop a firm connection with your customers. If you put efforts into making videos about their queries, they will believe that you care about them. It will help you to gain their trust and loyalty. Customers’ loyalty is key to success. Every brand and company will lose their value if its customers stop trusting them. Your customers are the reason behind your success.

  • Bigger audience

You will hardly read the long forwarded messages. But if you receive a video, you will click on it and try watching it. Videos are easy to share, especially on social media. When you make engaging content as brand promotion, viewers will like and share those videos. It will help you to reach a large audience. You want people to talk about your brand. If ten people are talking about it, chances are six will purchase from your brand while others may think about it. All you need to do is create a buzz, and animated videos will do the job for you. If you present a unique animated storyline, people will share. At first, they may share your videos to tell their friends about the cool animation. Out of ten shares, at least five will click on it because humans are curious.

How to make a perfect animated video?

The reasons above are not enough. It would be best if you put effort into those animations. To produce an excellent output, the input needs to be ten times better. You will need to sit with the animation team and tell them about your ideas and visions. Proper understanding between you and the team is essential. The head animator or the designer needs to get your point of view. Otherwise, the animation will not be a success. Also, the scriptwriter needs to understand the moto of your brand and your ideas. It is indeed a team effort. But you need to keep in mind one thing. Your need to hire an animator that will suggest ways to do the video and not pressure you. After all, it is your brand, and you know it better.

In today’s time, when social media plays such a role in marketing and promotion, you need to up your game. People no more like watching actors promoting a product. To stay ahead of the competition, you need the best team, and can provide you with that.

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Enjoying a Wonderful Marco Island Vacation on a Budget

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Many people say Marco Island have gone too expensive these past years. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the fascinating attraction on a budget. Truth is, there are still many things to do in Marco Island Florida without spending ridiculous sum of cash. It’s still not that cheap, though, hence be sure to prepare properly before your getaway.


How to have a Great Time in Marco Island without spending Big

Transportation, accommodation, food and attractions are the biggest factors to consider when budgeting for any travel. And for a Marco Island vacation, here are few tips to help you save:

1. Transportation

The easiest way to reach Marco Island is to land on the Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW) in Fort Myers. Then, you must take about an hour of road travel to the island itself.

Fortunately, many discounts and promotions are available from some airlines today. Upon arriving at the airport, you have the option between riding a shuttle, booking Grab or Uber, as well as hopping on a prearranged car for rent. In other words, choose the most comfortable option affordable for you.

2. Accommodation

This is where things become quite tricky. According to a survey, the best rooms in Marco Island today have the average cost of above $300 a night. These are luxury rooms with complete amenities, and are packaged with high class deals such as access to a restaurant or private pool. Moreover, they’re often waterfront properties which provide optimal view to the shore.

But if you don’t want to spend big, holiday houses and apartments for rents are available around. Some are waterfront properties too. Key is, be sure to do your homework at least a month before traveling, then compare price rates. Of course, book earlier for some discounts too.

3. Food

As mentioned earlier, the best accommodations also allow access to classy restaurants in the island. Needless to say, these are luxury restaurants which offer fabulous fine dining experience for guests. But then again, you don’t want to spend big, so feel free to roam around and find the best affordable diners around.

There are great restaurants all over Marco Island which don’t have big price tags. They offer mouthwatering dishes too, and they have a wide range of options. It’s likely for anyone to find meals or snacks which suit their preference. Other option is to buy raw ingredients from the locals, then cook it in the shore or in your room accommodation when applicable.

Think of enjoying your freshly grilled fish by the shore.

4. Excursion Activities

From affordable to expensive, Marco Island has all attractions for you. Think of simply strolling around the area on your feet. You can choose to enjoy simple beach activities such as sunbathing, swimming or fishing. Snorkeling and scuba diving are available as well.

Of course, you can’t miss boating and sailing around the island. These often come in tour packages which covers some islands and areas near Marco Island. Think of visiting Florida’s Everglades through it.

And if your budget would allow, try parasailing above the waters of Marco Island for big excitement. This is something many tourists love to try in the area.

With these notes, you’re ready to plan an ideal budget for a Marco Island vacation. Just be sure to do your search for more info about prices in the place today.


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Zuri’s Starcast for May 2020

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Step into the intention of financial freedom and stability as the sun spends time in the sign of Taurus through May 21st. With May being a 5 month in numerology, it inspires everyone to embrace new opportunities and try new things. It’s an energy cycle of expansion and adventure, as we are all called to live our intentions with purpose, strength and clarity. Plant the seeds of change and watch them grow this month.

May asks you to explore what you value and make positive changes that activate material success and abundance. Challenge the thought patterns that focus on lack and create a shift in thinking and behavior that reflects the person you can be proud of. Re-define your money and relationship stories and execute a plan of action that transforms the problems into tangible solutions. This is one of the most popular forecasts that are there at this time. You get complete details and predictions as well. If you are a firm believer of this you have Mindfulness and justice that can guide you with all the necessary details.

The Taurus cycle supports healing any issues around our ability to create multiple streams of income, building self worth and finding beauty in the physical body. Ponder this:

How do you define security?

Where are you putting your energy?

Are you carving out time to indulge in comforts that bring you joy?

Or are you denying yourself what you really desire to serve others?

As the month unfolds, if you listen carefully, the answers will be felt within your body. Any imbalances or untruths will come through as a physical manifestation, from weight fluctuations to inflammation of some sort. Pay attention to how your body reacts to emotional triggers from the environment. These responses will ultimately provide valuable insights into what is really going on within and around you.

This month encourages moving that energy out of your body through healthy diet, exercise, and some type of therapeutic massage. Being on the tail end of spring, we have the power to clear out any junk from our lives so we have room for the things that we really want in our sacred space.

The goddesses of self-empowerment will help you face the fears that come up when you are on the cusp of major change and instill the courage needed to move with the flow of growth. The sign of Taurus is all about self-care and making sure you are well taken care of. And, when those primal needs are not met, the bull’s not playing games. Be prepared to experience a cosmic shake up that forces you to get your priorities straight.

The power of the Egyptian goddess Hathor is behind you this month when you evoke the beauty that lies within. Treat your body like a temple with loving rituals of self care, nurturing and wellness. When you truly feel beautiful, you will radiate a self confidence that is intoxicatingly attractive to everyone you come in contact with. Anchor Mother Earth energy through your feet and clear out any root chakra debris through physical healing therapies and spending time in nature. You have my permission to plan a spa day of reflexology, hot stone massage or a cleansing facial to rejuvenate the senses and allow that inner beauty to shine through!

We can finally see clearly out of the Mercury retrograde’s fog that dominated our mental landscape last month. With clearer skies, comes new opportunities to grow, honor our physical pleasures and create beauty from the world around us. During the late night hours of May 2nd, the new moon is in Taurus. Our thoughts and actions will be grounded in earth energy so we can manifest our goals and be ready for the new beginnings in the weeks and months to come.

With the blessings of the spiritual team of Lakshmi and Ganesh, now’s the time to write your abundance check and set the intention that prosperity in all of its forms is yours to create. By mid-month, Venus, Mercury and Mars join the sun in Taurus. We are asked to think about how aligned we are with our career as our life’s work. Are you working a job simply for the paycheck or is it something that you feel called to do, that answers a soul-based passion? Venus will teach you that when you are pursuing a vocation that you love, the money will follow. Call upon Archangel Chamuel to find the right job and watch the magic happen.

The Full Moon in Scorpio on the 17th will provide the perseverance to complete any tasks and karmically call in twists of fate having to do with changes in fortune or potential financial windfalls. Invoke the power of the Scorpio full moon to release any karma related to money and draw the luck you need to manifest abundance.

From May 21st onward, the sun moves into Gemini, sparking new ideas and sharing information that make a difference. For the rest of the month, engage in activities that promote learning, teaching, communication and bringing people together to create new projects from the collective brainstorming sessions. This would be a great time to network and socialize with influential people.

Have a prosperous month!


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Sacred Path Tarot Card Reading for February 27th, 2020

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Numerology – first published in 1994 -Avery Publishing Group by Hans Decoz and Tom Monte. Numbers convey special and some time secret meanings. Numerology applies a number to every letter in the alphabet, and every number has a meaning. For more astrology, numerology, and tarot card reading from Hans Decoz and Tom Monte there is Mindfulness and justice that can refer to.

Special letters

If your name starts with – P

Cornerstone (obstacles and opportunities) – You are intelligent and are knowledgeable in many areas, you have a commanding first impression.

If your name ends with – P

Capstone – (ability and attitude) – You can be too attached to your possessions and not free or willing with your time.

If the first vowel in your name – I

Window (the deeper self) – You are a little emotional and you are very considerate and understanding.

Double letters in your name – I, R

Excessive (problems) – You feel you are misunderstood all the time or a victim of gossip, and you can be jealous and possessive.

The Sacred path cards – published in 1990 – Harper San Francisco – by Jamie Sams and is based on the medicine teachings of the North American Indians. We are all here on earth, to learn from each other and to live in harmony with the earth and each other. Acknowledge your talents and the talents of others, for that is what makes our world unique. This is a very nice collection of stories from many of the tribes the once roamed in peace the North American continent, and truly lived with the land, and could talk to all animals, so they might provide only what was truly needed. The kit contains 44 rather large cards and a cloth bound guide book. The book gives you 8 recommended layouts and all the teachings or stories of the Grandmothers and Elders. The cards application sections, take into consideration the noisy hectic world we live in and is easy to apply to present world.

Past – 30/Fire Medicine – Passion/Spontaneity – Support you passion for living through acknowledging all that is present in your life. Create adventure and excitement, you are worthy. Be respectful and clear away fears of intimacy; be ready for a more rewarding relationship that is coming your way.

Present – 28/Medicine Bundle – Allies/Support – You are not alone, it may be difficult at times, but you are supported by your family and friends. Be grateful of your allies and their experiences. Try to return the favor when ever you can.

Future – 14/Kokopelli – Fertility – Seeds of the future take a lot of effort; now is time to use your skills and resources to make magic. The timing couldn’t be better. Start any project you like. Plan a trip, upgrades to the house, a day at the spa.

Personal – 34/Burden Basket – Self-Reliance – Problems cease to be burdens when solutions are found. Don’t waste the precious time of others, keep your woes, and accept the advice and wisdom already given to you. Be self-reliant and let others solve their own problems, while you solve your own problems. One at a time.

Family – 8/East Shield – Illumination/Clarity – Restore order to your space, make lists, clean your living space, finish old projects, mend friendships, be creative and daring, have some courage when confronting old friends; they may be sorry too or greatly changed.

Friends – 3/Vision Quest – Seeking/Finding – New directions and strengthening the present path is based on your personal truth. Trust your feelings and follow them, there by releasing confusion and doubt. Be willing to accept the answers you are given.

Business – 43/Give-Away Ceremony – Release – Do not hold on to anything that no longer serves you. Associates, ideas, habit, and belongings; don’t throw them out, give them away. Generosity is a talent and a virtue. Recycle it.


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5 Bachelorette Party Ideas for Small Budgets

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Time flies off and you don’t even realize that, your best friend is getting married but it feels like only yesterday when he was ranting about how he hates his ex. But those are a thing of past, you need to look at the future! His wedding is coming and you have to plan an epic bachelorette as you’re the best man. Now if your budget is not very big, then this article is just for you. Here are some seven bucks party ideas for your bestie’s bachelorette.

  1. An Amazing Sleepover with Friends

Sleepovers are excellent for bonding and for a teenager, it marks a point beyond which he or she gets more freedom and bachelorette parties are all about freedom. So, plan a sleepover and you don’t really have to sleep on a sleepover. You can discuss life, how getting married can be like and share some of the memories. It can get a little emotional but it is also so much more meaningful this way.

  1. Plug in the Karaoke!

Karaoke nights are amazing and super fun. You and your friends can rent a Karaoke and sing all night long. It will be a super fun activity and if you add alcohol to it then the fun just doubles up. Your friends will love the experience, although there is a chance that the groom will not be able to say his vows because of the sore throat but it’s all worth it.

  1. Make some sandwiches and go on a picnic

Picnics are an aesthetical experience. You and your friends, sitting under the plain sky with greenery all around and having chit chats and laughing at inside jokes, it can not get better than that. Your best friend will never forget this experience and will be glad to spend such a time with the people he loves and cares about.

  1. Do some gaming.

Gaming with friends is an awesome experience, but are you sure your friend’s bride-to-be will like it? Now is your chance to relive those epic Victory Royale moments with your friends. Play whatever game you like, PUBG, Minecraft or even Fortnite. You will have a great time playing these games.

  1. Hit the road like a boss.

Go out on the road in your car or bikes and play your music loud! The wind hitting you face and the world falling behind you. The thrill, the fun and the love that you guys share will make the road trip very memorable. Turn off your social media and spend a day on the roads with your mates.

These were five things you can do for almost free on your best friend’s bachelorette party. It doesn’t matter if you go and spend $100,000 in Vegas or spend the night just drinking and talking, if you are with people you love and care about and they return the feeling then everything is equally fun. You will rock the party!

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Benefits Of Film Therapy

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Watching movies is everyone’s favorite past time. You can watch movies both offline and online nowadays. For online, all you have to do is browse this site wherein you can download or stream movies for free.

Moreover, did you know that watching movies can be considered therapy? The concept is called Film Therapy. Film therapy is not just the act of watching movies but the incorporation of positive psychology and breaking down what the film stands for from different viewpoints.

These are the benefits of Film therapy.

Helps you be less stressed

The first benefit of engaging in film therapy is that it helps greatly with relaxation and getting rid of all the stress acquired during the day. This happens because the person’s attention is redirected towards the film instead of what he or she is feeling at the moment. Moreover, it is also a way to help decrease anxiety and worry.

Distract a person from negative thinking

Watching movie through film therapy will definitely help with misdirection. Directing negative thoughts somewhere else and replacing them with a new perspective gained from the film. This will help someone who wants to change their outlook and attitude towards life.

Get the creative juices flowing

One of the effects of film therapy is that it sparks the creativity in all the respondents. Watching different movies opens your mind to various stories, people, opinions, beliefs and so much more. If you are a writer or a film creator yourself, this is definitely a great way to be inspired and get those creative juices flowing. When your mind has been open, it forces you out of your comfort zone and become more critical, creative and innovative.

Allows you to experience cathartic situations

Film therapy aims to change people’s lives for the better. Watching films allow you to experience cathartic situations without experience negative consequences. You get to learn valuable life lessons and face your fears through the eyes of the characters on screen and the plot of the movie. Think of this as a reflection of your own decisions and life choices so that it would make you a better person.

Helps better personal relationships with friends and relatives

Film therapy helps improve the relationship between the people involved. It can be used to address problems within the family or even in a marriage. Allowing a group of people to watch a movie and have them comment on it afterward will definitely do a great deal for them. Discussing the story and characters of the movie will result in an emotional and social turn of events especially if they were able to relate to what happened in the film.

Helps deal with losing a loved one

Lastly, allowing someone to undergo film therapy on the verge of the denial stage after losing a loved will be of great help. Watching an emotional movie or something that they can relate to will help soften their hearts. In time, you will find them being able to release all the emotions that were bottled up inside.

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Starting A New Relationship After A Divorce

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Being in a relationship is like the best thing that could ever happen in your life. Being with your partner and eventually getting married are always the dreams of every person in the world. You revolved your world around him, give him everything, and love him with all your heart. Everyone thought that when couples get married, it is the happy ending for them. That they will be together forever until they draw their last breath. However, being married and living in one house together is just a beginning of another chapter. If it is already difficult to stay and fight your relationship for years, it is harder to keep the burning love you have for each other as more problems will enter within your lives. And this sometimes results for married couples to go into a divorce and break the vow they made in their wedding.

After the divorce, it is difficult to find another person to be your partner in your life as fear and doubt covered your heart to prevent you from hurting again. But, if it is destiny for you to find a person who will truly love you with all his might, then it will happened no matter what. If you are worried that the guy will leave you after telling him about the truth, worry no more because here are some things you should keep in mind to help you continue your relationship with him according to YourTango:

  1. Make him aware about your past

Being honest with him will make your relationship stronger as he will be able to trust you by telling him the truth. In this way, you can also see if he is someone who respects you and like you for whoever you are. Also, it will make him feel that you also trust him by telling him about what happen to you.

  1. Do not bad – mouth your former lover

It is not a good thing to make this as your coping mechanism for your break-up. This will only make you to turn a blind eye for your own faults and unable you to reflect on your flaws and mistakes. You will also fail to acknowledge and admit the true reason for the divorce which will may result for you to unable to grow and discover lessons from the circumstance.

  1. Be sure that you are ready to have relationship with others

It is not good to start off a new and fresh relationship when you are not fully healed yet. If you are still angry and hurt with your broken marriage, the new relationship you’re making will not going to work. You are just going to vent out your anger to your new partner and will affect your relationship big time as it shows that you are not still over your past lover.

If you have another love problem and you need some kind of advice, you can visit shallonOnline and check several articles that might help you in your problem.