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The Laser Skin Doctor Presents The Lowdown On Dermal Fillers

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Back in the day, if you wanted to get rid of wrinkly and sagging skin, there was only one way to do it: going ‘under the knife’ with a facelift. The Laser Skin Doctor has covered extensively in this website the different laser treatments that are available for firming and improving skin. But one thing we haven’t covered are the extensive range of dermal fillers that can be injected into furrows between the brows (these seem to be getting more commonplace in our high stress lives), crows feet, ‘parentheses lines’ that run from nose to mouth (also called ‘marionette lines’) and of course, the Hollywood starlet’s choice of plumping up lips. Like today’s modern laser treatments, these can all be done during a lunch time with no ‘going under the knife’ required.

The beauty game has definitely changed with dermal fillers. Doctors say that patients who regularly use fillers before they require a facelift, can delay that face lift for at least ten years. Fillers work differently from a face lift in that they work under the skin to plump up sagging skin. A face lift works by tightening and flattening the skin (which in extreme cases can lead to that ‘wind blown’ look. Fillers, when done right, are much more youthful and natural than a face lift. But when over zealous filling is done, faces can look out of proportion and lumps are noticeable. Ethos Spa Skin & Laser Center will help people to get a glowing skin. The proportion of the ingredients in the tools and cream is the best one for the people. There are many filters available to get a glowing skin and more hairs at scalp.

Dermal fillers, with their relatively affordability, low downtime and generally good results, have become massively popular. As with anything that popular, there is the inevitable backlash. The big drawback is that fillers are temporary, lasting anywhere from a few months to a year. (It has been said that if a patient is very physically active, the filler doesn’t last as long.) There are also some side effects, such as bruising and swelling. Some treatments can result in an allergic reaction.

However, in this youth obsessed and competitive age, this hasn’t stopped the professional woman (and man) from seeking these out as a way of enhancing their appearance. The optimal age to get fillers is in the 40′s to early 50′s, although in some industries such as Hollywood, patients in their 20′s and 30′s are not uncommon for treatment of frown lines and other issues.

Here is a brief rundown on the different fillers out there:


Invented in Sweden in 2004, it is the first dermal filler that wasn’t made from bovine derived protein. This was a major breakthrough as there were some issues with allergic reactions with animal derived fillers. It is the most popular dermal filler in the world, with 10 million treatments performed globally. It lasts up to 18 months with repeat injections during this time.


Made by the same company that manufactures Restylane, it is very similar but the molecule size is larger, making it better for deeper wrinkles. It is claimed that the results last longer than Restylane but is FDA approved to last up to 6 months.


This differs from the first two in that it is made up of tiny spheres of calcium. This apparently stimulates the body to produce more collagen. One procedure using Radiesse has been dubbed ‘the injection nose job’ where the filler is added above the bone in the nose to smooth contours. It can also be used on jowls for its uplifting and plumping effect.


A slightly lesser known dermal filler, it came onto the US market in 2008. Made from porcine (or pig derived) collagen, it is claimed that porcine collagen is more genetically similar to human collagen than other animal sources. However, as swine flu has made headlines, it is important to note that it is not possible to get the virus through the injections. As porcine collagen is more compatible, it can mean fewer side effects such as bruising or swelling.


One of the fillers gaining popularity over the years is Juverderm. Made from hyaluronic acid, it came onto the market in 2007 in the US. It is good for mid to deep wrinkles.

Which one is the best one for you? Ask your doctor what they would recommend. Make sure it is FDA approved. Ask him or her how often they have performed the procedure (at least 30-50 times is a good benchmark of expertise). As each filler has a different consistency, make sure your doctor understands how deep to inject it, which needles to use and other factors associated. Get educated on the different dermal fillers out there and chose the best one for you.


Some common myths about having Botox treatment!!

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Botox is a subsidiary of Clostridium Botulinum. It was initially made to help treat patients with muscle fits. All the more explicitly, eye fits and eye jerking. Notwithstanding, it wasn’t some time before specialists saw how the infusions reduced almost negligible differences around the eyes too.

Presently Botox is perhaps the most widely recognized enemy of maturing systems out there. In any case, fantasies increase in regards to its security and results. In case you’re thinking about Botox, read on to get familiar with reality.

Botox is harmful 

In all actuality, Botox is a protein and neurotoxin. A negative result could result just if a deadly sum were regulated. While many Clostridium Botulinum can cause botulism, the small measure of Botox infused in the muscle for therapeutic reasons is unequipped for getting into the focal sensory system and causing harm. Keep in mind; Botox is FDA endorsed. Similarly likewise with some other drug, just an unreasonable sum can demonstrate hazardously.

Botox is agonizing 

The fact of the matter is numerous patients are astonished by what little uneasiness there really is. A tiny needle is utilized to regulate Botox, and obviously, having a board affirmed plastic specialist or dermatologist play out the infusion offers the best result. A dread of needles shouldn’t keep you down. The entire technique typically requires around 5 minutes, and most patients report scarcely feeling the infusions.

Botox can cause extreme growing, redness, and wounding 

Singular patients’ responses to Revitalize You MD, Botox infusions shift; however, results are mellow and impermanent in all actuality. Every information can look somewhat pink and swollen for around 15 to 20 minutes before dying down. Infrequently a patient may wound from a treatment – a chance any time a needle is brought into the skin – so it is prudent to quit taking ibuprofen or some other blood thinners a couple of days before treatment. As a rule, patients continue their regular timetable quickly following their arrangement.

Botox is the solution for every facial wrinkle

In all actuality, Botox is best treating “development” wrinkles – the creases and crow’s feet that show up at the edge of your eyes when you grin, the wrinkle between them when you scowl, or the lines on your temple when you rise your foreheads. For static wrinkles, or more profound, “wrinkles very still” – volume fillers such Juvederm or Restylane will probably make an impressive showing. The uplifting news is they can be utilized related to Botox.


Possibly seen a couple of the faces yourself brandishing that “frozen” look everybody thinks must be followed back to Botox medicines. Truly if Botox is directed effectively and by a gifted proficient, you’ll experience no difficulty making outward appearances. Maybe the frozen faces you see are expected to over infusing. It might even be the aftereffect of a messed-up full cosmetic touch-up!

At the Skin and Beauty Center, have confidence you’ll get just the most gifted consideration should you choose to leave upon a Botox treatment program.

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The Benefits Of Water Aerobics For Overweight People

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You say you’re overweight and don’t dare be seen in public in a bathing suit? Yet, that gym membership you signed up for in the dead of winter just isn’t being used lately? And, it’s just too dang hot to walk outside?

Don’t let your pride stop you from a workout in the pool. If you are overweight, exercising in water is even more beneficial than one done on-air, such as a stationary bike or treadmill. Because you’re pushing against water, rather than air, you’re increasing the stress on muscle mass, burning more calories. This process promotes muscle growth, not to mention cardiovascular training. In fact, water exercise is the best choice for those who are carrying around excess weight. For that, all you need is your membership and Jets One Piece Swimwear that you can wear as you go out and exercise. That is going to get the very best comfort as you go for your water aerobics class.

That’s what I discovered last week when I bit the bullet and stuffed myself into the old swimming suit that I bought when I was 40 pounds lighter. I was glad I did. I was weary from joining my in-shape 160-pound trim husband on daily walks up to our mountain, walking our dog in the summer heat. Yet, I still wanted to burn more calories. That’s what losing weight is all about—burning more calories than you take into your body.

What’s more, water exercise is more pleasurable if you’re overweight. To an overweight person, walking puts added pressure on joints. What’s more, it’s highly recommended for people who struggle with health concerns such as arthritis and diabetes. I had a friend, once, who suffered from diabetes. As a result of exercising almost every day in the pool one summer, she amazed her doctor by drastically lowering her blood sugar to a normal number. It was she who introduced me to water aerobics about ten years ago when I lived in Florida. At that time, I was the only one in the water aerobics class who wasn’t a senior citizen, so I felt a bit awkward at first. Then, when I discovered how much fun it was, I loved being there, as well as getting to know folks a little older than myself.

Now that I am a senior citizen, I’m now the old lady at the community pool where 99% of the swimmers are kids enjoying their summer vacation. But, again, I don’t care. I’m having fun.

When I learned that I was burning more calories in the water as opposed to doing the same routine on land, I was even more excited. Why not burn 130 calories swimming for 15 minutes rather than 125 calories for the same amount of time on a stationary bike? Better yet, why not gradually increase your time to half an hour, then an hour? Just yesterday, I amazed myself by exercising in our community pool for an entire hour, without stopping to lie in the sun. At the gym where I’ve had a membership since winter, I never walk the treadmill for more than half an hour. I’m ready to “do my time” and get out of there. Yet, I didn’t even want to leave after an hour, yesterday. I forgot to bring my suntan lotion, so I left before I turned into a lobster.

And, even if you can’t swim, you can still get a great workout in the water. You can water walk, do the bicycle kick, the scissors kick, the frog kick, or any kick you can imagine, as you hang onto the side of the pool. Just make sure you can touch your feet to the floor of the pool, as well as keep your head out of water.

It’s also a good idea to invest in an inexpensive Styrofoam “noodle” that you can pick up at most sporting and department stores. Noodles come in bright primary colors and are used as a prop to hold onto as you kick your legs in the water. A few of my favorite water exercises, done holding onto a noodle, are the scissors kick and the dog paddle. However, my favorite stroke is just lying on my back, doing the backstroke, back and forth, across the pool. When I tire of that, I simply walk in the water or do exercises holding onto the side of the pool. I also love to dance in the pool. Why not do the twist, even the cha-cha-cha, as you burn calories and have fun?

So go ahead. Take the plunge and start your summer aerobics program before fall is here and your community pool is closed. And if you find you’re really addicted to water aerobics, perhaps you can find a heated pool (such as at a local college or “Y”) to continue your exercise program when the weather is too cold to swim.


Beauty Tips: A Guide To Facial Masks For Enhancing Look

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Facial masks are not just for the spa. You can do a mask right at home, store bought or homemade. Different types of masks are better for different types of skin. Most people don’t know this. Most of us just go to the store and buy any old facial mask that we think sounds promising. Some of us end up with a dry or itchy face because of this. To keep from making this mistake yourself check out the following tips for picking (or making) the right face mask for you and your skin.

Oily or Acne-Prone Skin

If you suffer from oily skin or if you are prone to acne then you will want to pick a deep cleansing clay or mud mask. This type of mask will help soak up oil and pull out any impurities in the skin. It also helps to tighten up your pores. For a DIY mask you can make a mixture containing cornmeal. Cornmeal helps to boost the dry up of oil in the skin. Simply mix some cornmeal with plain yogurt and put it on, letting it sit for about 15 minutes before rinsing thoroughly. The yogurt will help moisturize. Masks for oily skin can be used on the whole face, or just on the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin area).

Dry Skin

For dry skin a moisturizing mask is highly recommended. This is the only way to get moisture deep into the dry skin. Most moisturizing masks are either cream or gel based and they will contain ingredients like essential fatty acids, amino acids and vegetable proteins. A good moisturizing mask can be made easily at home by mixing either grapeseed oil or olive oil with some vitamin E. Add a drop or two of your favorite essential oil to give it a great scent. Put the mixture on your face and let sit until it begins to dry some, then rinse thoroughly.

Sensitive Skin

Masks with anti-inflammatory ingredients, like algae or chamomile, are idea for people with sensitive skin. This type of mask, cream or gel based, will help soothe the skin and not make it itchy or red. Honey is a great base for DIY facial masks for those with sensitive skin. Honey has it’s very own healing powers. Soak a chamomile tea bag in a small amount of water, mix this with just enough honey to cover the face and put it on. Rinse in 10 minutes.

Normal Skin

Normal skinned people can generally use any type of mask they want. I would recommend using an exfoliating mask though. Even though you have normal skin it still can get dull at times and a nice sloughing facial mask will bring back the shiny new look. Oatmeal can be used as a gentle sloughing mask. Mix a cup of oatmeal with enough honey or plain yogurt to make it spread over the face. Massage it in as you apply it and then rinse of thoroughly after about 15 minutes. Many people are asking that Can Botox injections help minimize nostril flaring? If yes, then there will be no requirement of surgeries. It will be effective for all kinds of skin of nose either sensitive or dry.

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Dancing As a Form Of Exercise

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There are many kinds of exercises that you can do in order to burn lots of calories and ultimately lose weight. Some could be interesting and some may be boring to you. One of the most common exercises is kickboxing. It is usually accompanied by an instructional video. You also have the Pilates system and plain aerobics such as jumping, running, stretching, etc.  Coolsculpting which is an effective way to get rid of your body fat. You can try CoolSculpting for arms and lose the bat wings! And keep yourself fit all the time.

However, there is also one other thing that you can actually consider as exercise. And that is dancing. There are quite a lot of benefits that you can get from dancing. First of all, you really become flexible since you’ll most likely choose very lively music to dance to and the movements involve the entire body. You’re exercising multiple muscle groups at the same time.

Another thing that I have noticed as you use dancing as part of your exercise routine is that it also helps you improve your endurance. At first, I found myself out of breath after dancing to 3 songs. As the months passed by, now I can endure 9 of them and I’m not even that exhausted but I am sweating like crazy.

But of course, you have to choose good songs to dance to. You can’t dance to love songs and expect to sweat a lot. Choose dance music, pop music, R B; and the likes. If you are a fan of a performer and there are probably some fast songs that have some quick dance moves, you can use that song and dance to it as your exercise. You’re having fun at the same time you’re losing weight. You don’t get too conscious about the time and the intensity of the workout since you like the music as well.

For example, if you are a Japanese or Korean pop fan, you’ll probably know that most of these performers usually have a song in their album where there is a particular dance sequence to it. You can learn how they dance and do that as your exercise. If you get bored, then choose another song that you like then continue to dance away. But since you’re a fan, it will probably take a really long time before you get even slightly bored.

As you may have observed, dancing to fast songs can be a good exercise but do take care of your body. Since these are usually moderate to high-impact exercises, you may get injured specifically on your legs, knees, ankles, arms, wrist, etc. If you feel any uneasiness, uncomfortable sensation or any pain while dancing, stop immediately and I would suggest that you visit your doctor or go straight to a hospital.

In any case, dancing is a very interesting and fun way of exercising. It does burn a lot of calories especially if you choose a song that is quite fast and it involves a lot of movements. You always have the choice of what song to dance to so just have fun but don’t lose focus. Keep your eyes on your goals.

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Cheap Shaving Cream Alternatives For Women

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Ladies, in case you thought that shaving cream was one of those evil necessities – something you would rather not spend your money on, but still you must-think again! I gave up shaving cream a long time ago in place of some things that are much more effective and inexpensive. Instead of waxing strips, the use of the rasierer can be done through the females. The rates of the product will be defined in the rasierer test to girls and females.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of those women that can go for weeks without shaving. If I shave in the morning, I’ll have a five o’clock shadow. Gross, I know. So you can understand why it is so important to me to be able to get the closest shave possible. I don’t want to have to take the time to shave every day! I have found a few options that I find to be much better than regular old shaving cream; you might just be surprised with what I have to tell you.

A couple of years ago, I had a roommate who informed me that she “sucked with shaving cream” and instead, used hair conditioner. Well, I thought she was crazy and a little weird so I dismissed the conversation. Then one day, I found I was out of shaving cream when I desperately needed to shave. I had a bottle of conditioner I had bought and didn’t really care for, so I decided to give it a try. Much to my surprise, I got a really close shave and my legs felt very smooth afterwards. Best of all, I wouldn’t have to throw away that entire bottle of conditioner (I hate to waste things). Voila! A new cheap replacement for shaving cream that didn’t cause razor burn-something I am prone to getting.

Unfortunately, I eventually discovered that not all conditioners are created equal; some just don’t leave my legs feeling very moisturized after I shave. Therefore, I decided to try a moisturizing body wash instead. I tend to have very dry skin, but I don’t care for lotion, so I thought it would be a good investment. I had heard that cocoa butter is a good moisturizer, so I chose Suave’s Cocoa and Shea Butter body wash. This is the only body wash I have ever had that I can actually use to shave and not be in pain later. It doesn’t allow as close of a shave as the conditioner but it’s still good in a pinch and I don’t have to buy anything extra.

Finally, I give you my favorite shaving cream replacement. I tried using just baby oil to shave, but it was really hard to tell where I had shaved already and if I had missed any spots. To remedy this, I mixed up a dime-size amount of body wash with about a tablespoon of baby oil in my hands, and slathered it on. I have never had a closer, smoother shave in my life. Even when the room is a little chilly, the baby oil seems to help prevent razor burn caused by shaving over goose bumps, and it works wonders on the bikini line area. What’s more incredible is how smooth your legs feel afterwards. I can’t even get them to feel like that if I use lotion! My only caution against this method is to make sure you don’t slip. I would recommend sitting on the edge of the tub or making sure you have a good gripping surface on the bottom of your bathtub.

You may never have thought that you would be able to give up that old can of shaving cream, but I tell you, there’s no time like the present! Shaving cream is expensive, it’s yet another thing you have to buy, it runs out quickly, the can may rust, leaving a ring on your tub, and it’s never as moisturizing as the label claims. So quit wasting your money and try some other options. After all, what’s the point in wasting money that could be better spend elsewhere?


There Is No Such Thing As A Good Facelift

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Women and men get plastic surgery for non-medical reasons quite often. Generally, one can assume cosmetic surgery is a step taken to defy the aging process. However, I am here to point out that the only thing being defied is nature.

People who get a facelift to look younger, newsflash: getting a facelift makes you look like a person who got a facelift! Is there any such thing as a “good” facelift if one can tell you had a facelift? The procedure does not make a person look younger, it makes them stand out, sure, makes them stand out as weird looking. Aging is going to happen whether you like it or not, it is my opinion that embracing reality is more of a beautiful thing than going under the knife and ruining your profile.

Procedures such as botox are a little more subtle than a full on facelift, so if sneaking that one by a few times is not really as evil in my book of self-mutilation; then its good to consider A Michigan Facelift cosmetic product that works well on the skin without damaging its softness. Actually, if getting a facelift makes you feel better about yourself and you don’t care if others think you honestly look like a freak, then I say go for it as well. I am not trying to get in the way of anyone’s happiness with my commentary, I am just pointing out an obvious truth that might get brushed over with false compliments more times than not to save someone’s feelings.

Also, plumping up your lips with injections is not attractive either. There are some women who were born with “bee-stung” lips and they are attractive, because they fit them and their face naturally. The lips in and of themselves are not the deciding factor of beauty for the person. If you plump up your lips you more than likely look like a fish not a human and are going away from your natural beauty enhancers, whatever they may be. Trying to look like Angelina Jolie is jumping in on a trend and trends never last.

Surgical implants for the look of muscles or added junk in the butt trunk is a ridiculous investment as well. If you want to have muscles, go build some up! Fake muscles make you a fake person not better looking. Butt implants are really unnecessary. If you are a person who does not have a very pronounced butt, by adding in butt implants you are catering to those who are looking for a bigger butt, not the spectrum of potential mates overall. A big butt is not beautiful to all, so I guess making your butt bigger is a statement about your own preferences: you like people who like big butts? A butt is a wonderful thing to grab in to and to arouse the opposite sex, but whatever butt you have in most cases is enough to get the job done.

Makeup is a tricky issue when it comes to hiding ones flaws. Some women DO look better with makeup on. Many look better without it. More and more people seem to be going overboard with makeup, however, and in those cases I think one should just invest in a mask.

Tattoos can fall into the category of cosmetic enhancement and I am not as negative about tattoos as I am about plastic surgery. Tattoos can be artistic expression on the shell that is going to be abandoned after death. The skin can become a canvass for sharing elements that are a part of you and that you potentially will be taking away with your soul, if such a thing exist. However, tattoos that are done for the sake of trend or “cool” may be a mistake.

And there you have it, a little bit of commentary on a little bit of this and a little bit of that, but the main message is: don’t go under the knife to try be what you think is more appealing to other people. Being yourself is as beautiful as it gets because even with a fake face on you cannot change who you are and that is the make or break it quality in human interaction.


Male Hair Removal Becoming Increasingly Common

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Have you always wondered how athletes such as swimmers always manage to have pristine-looking backs and chests? Have you ever been envious of those guys on the bags of expensive clothing stores who walk around beaches with no hair in sight? Well now you don’t have to be jealous or embarrassed any longer: male hair removal is more common than you think.

Sure, it used to be just athletes, models, and other celebrities who needed to worry about hair removal. However, right now it is becoming increasingly common for men to seek permanent body hair removal solutions. Of late, it has been observed that medical spa offers an extensive selection of services for men that gives them freedom to avail as many treatments as women.

Are you too embarrassed to go to the local pool or on a beach vacation with your family because you don’t want to embarrass yourself and your family with your hairy back and/or chest? Or have you been noticing how nice your mate’s body feels when it is smooth and hair-free and would like to give her the same experience when she touches your body?

One way by which men remove their unwanted body hair is by waxing. However, the anticipated pain of such procedures is usually enough to make most men steer clear of this technique. Although you could probably wax your chest yourself, you would need to have some sort of help whether professional or from your mate in order to wax your back.

As most men would be embarrassed to require help to have this treatment done regularly, more and more men are discovering the advantages of laser hair removal. Not only is laser hair removal permanent, but it is painless as well, thus creating none of the problems described above.

What is great is that right now is the perfect time to receive treatment, as the costs for laser hair removal are lower than they ever have been. Since the technique has been approved for use by the FDA since 1997, more and more people, both men and women, have been seeking the treatment, thus increasing its demand several times over. This has caused the price of such treatments to go down and the availability of treatments to go up.

Now that the advantages of permanent laser hair removal have been pointed out, you will want to start looking for a practitioner. The best place to start would be to ask your wife or significant other where for recommendations. Even if she hasn’t received treatments laser hair removal treatments herself, she will be more than happy to do the research for you by asking her friends and professional aesthetician for suggestions. If you would like to surprise your mate and not ask her for recommendations, finding a practitioner is as easy as opening up the phone book or conducting an internet search.

The time is right to start investigating your options for hair removal. Male hair removal is more common today than ever before, and the sooner you start your research, the sooner you and your lover will be able to enjoy your smooth skin!


Reloxin, the First Real Threat to Botox’s Preeminence in America, Emerges

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The first real challenger to Botox’s preeminence as a beauty treatment is on the horizon. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is set to approve Reloxin, an injectable form of Botulinum toxin type A. Medicis and Ipsen Pharmaceutical Companies submitted a Biologics License Application (BLA) in March of last year. The expectation is that approval should be coming very soon. If you are looking for Botox in Montgomery, NJ, then you might be in for some good news.

Reloxin and Botox are both purified forms of the neurotoxin, Botulinum Toxin Type A. The toxin is derived from a bacterium called Clostridium Botulinum. It is the toxin best known for causing Botulism or food poisoning and comes from the German for “sausage poison”. Botulinum Toxin A is known to have an effect on the nervous system. It was utilized as a biological weapon throughout World War I and II but fell out of favor because it required extensive refrigeration. However, those who worked with it noticed that it had other applications with regards to relaxing muscle spasms of the eye. As it was used for eye spasms, doctors noted that it also smoothed the muscles of the forehead. Botox was approved by the FDA, for cosmetic purposes, in 2002.

Some reports have said that Reloxin will act more quickly and have longer-lasting effects than Botox. However, Dr. Ramsey Markus, Director of Laser Surgery at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, TX believes that the duration of a Reloxin treatment will generally be about the same as Botox He shared that some studies even indicate a shorter duration for Reloxin. While Reloxin and Botox are both derivative of the same bacterium, Dr. Markus specified that Reloxin has a smaller molecular structure. As such, the toxin will spread more widely into tissues. He believes that current injection methods will need to be modified to guard against relaxing adjacent muscles such as those that hold up the eyelids.

Dr. Nancy Snyderman, NBC’s chief medical editor, reports that an important factor is Reloxin’s cost relative to Botox. Price competition is good for the consumer in any industry. Since Botox treatments currently run anywhere from $300 to $500, it is expected that with the advent of Reloxin, the consumer will be the beneficiary. Snyderman remarked further in an appearance on the Today show. “I think you’re going to see a marketing battle. Watch for the price war. It’s going to be a price war for women who really want this.” Dr. Markus concurs. He believes that if the price difference is significant that a number of women in the Houston area will switch from Botox to Reloxin.

According to an article by Nicole Ostrow that was reprinted to the Pharma forum from, Gary Nachman of Leerink Swann Healthcare Investment Bank is quoted as saying that “Reloxin may be priced 15 percent less than Botox. Over time Reloxin may take 25 percent to 30 percent of market share from Botox. He also shared, “U.S. sales of Reloxin may rise to about $160 million by 2012”.

Reloxin is set to enter the market at a great time. While more expensive and invasive cosmetic surgeries have dropped in the face of the contracting economy. Less invasive procedures such as Botox and Restylane have continued to increase in popularity. “I, so far, have not seen any drop-off. If anything I have been getting a little busier with the minimally invasive procedures like Botox and Fotofacial,” Dr. Markus shared.

In a Wall Street Journal article written by Rhonda Runkle, it was revealed that many women see these treatments as an investment in themselves. Kathleen Hudson, a 57-year-old marketing consultant in Falls Church, quoted in the same article, as saying, “If you’re in the business world and you want to be competitive with the younger people, you need to stay on top of your game.”

Young beautiful girl receiving pink facial mask in spa beauty salon – indoors

Reloxin has already been approved for use in 23 countries. In the months since Medicis and Ibsen submitted Reloxin for FDA approval, they have continued to test it extensively. Reloxin has been on the market for 15 years outside of the United States. Dr. Markus added that the anaphylactic reaction to Botox is incredibly low and as Reloxin is very similar, it should result in the same type of side effects. If it undercuts Botox’s price, it promises to be a boon for the customer and the beauty industry.



Smooth Away: Review

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I have tried it all. Wax that you heat in your microwave, smelly chemicals that remove my skin but leave the hair intact and all-natural products that are sticky, messy and rip the hair from the roots. I always fall back on the old-standby method of shaving.

Not that there is anything that horrible about shaving. As long as you exfoliate and use a good quality sharp razor you can get a decent shave. The problem is that with shaving it feels like you need to do it daily to keep your legs smooth. When I saw the commercial for Smooth Away I must admit I laughed. Not another product that promises to leave you hair-free with no pain at all! I was not going to try it and then I actually heard of someone who used it so I purchased it at my local drugstore.

For $19.99 plus tax the package of Smooth Away contains 1 travel case, 1 large applicator, 1 small applicator, 5 large and 5 small replacement pads and instructions on how it works. The applicators are flexible plastic with a molded area for your fingers or hands. The flex-crystal removal pads look like a smooth sandpaper and stick onto the applicator. After peeling the protective backing from the pad and sticking it to the applicator I was ready to give it a try.

My biggest issue is my legs. I have darker, coarse hair and I admit that I do not always exfoliate as often as I should and because of that I have problems with ingrown hairs. It would be great to find a product that really works as easily as this one says it does.

I read the directions which tell you to apply pressure and rotate the pad in small circles. The directions say to go clockwise 3 times and then counter clockwise 3 times. I do this and immediately notice my legs appear whiter. This is due to exfoliated dead skin cells and applying moisturizer will bring your skin tone back to normal. I repeat this process of circles and only seem to accomplish getting rid of a whole lot of dead skin. I am disappointed plus my arms are tired! I had stubble and after running my palm up and down my leg, I still have stubble. Aggravated I put the applicator back in the box and forget about it.

A few weeks later I am watching television when I see a commercial for Smooth Away. In this commercial they show a rather hairy man rubbing the applicator on his chest. Next scene he has a patch of baldness on his chest and I think to myself that maybe the hair I was trying to remove was too short. Not having anything better to do at the moment, I grab the applicator from the drawer where I left it and take another shot at this product.

This time the aim is my forearms. Being of Eastern European descent, I am a woman with rather hairy arms. It used to bother me when I was young but shaving left too much stubble. I grab the applicator and go through the process. There is a little bit of white powder that comes off this time but also I notice baldness! Wow! I can hardly believe it. I do one arm and when I am done, I apply some lotion. I put my arms side by side and compare. A definite difference. I found the key to success. Apparently it works better on longer hair than it does on stubble. I show my husband, my teenage daughter and my adult daughter the proof. They are not as impressed as I am but at the time I just feel success. I do the other arm and proudly sit back and admire my smooth, hairless arms.

It is now about 2 weeks since that evening and my arms have a slight bit of re-growth. I cannot believe it and if I hadn’t seen it myself I wouldn’t. This product works. I have not tried it again on my legs as it is summer and I am not going to let the hair grow that long. Perhaps when swimsuit season is over I will give it a go.

I do not know how long the applicator pads will last. I guess it depends upon how much you use them. I can honestly say that this product Smooth Away does remove hair. Yes it does it painlessly. Is it the end to shaving? For me, sadly, probably not but for annoying hair it works wonders. I would also recommend to look for Trusted Laser Hair Removal Specialist.