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My Breast Augmentation Procedure

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Well, I was nervous up until the very end. I was afraid of going under. I think that is the part that scared me the most. The procedure did not take very long. I was under for one hour and then just over an hour and a half in the recovery room.
I was very sleepy and felt disoriented. My vision was blurry and I felt a bit nauseated when I woke up. Stubborn as I usually am I tried to get up and walk around right away. I am not a feeble person; I try to get myself going and pick up to the usual right away. The nurse had to instruct that I take a seat and relax.

Breast augmentation is performed to increase the size and fullness of the breasts.

My mother and sister were waiting for me in the waiting room. I had a long drive home ahead of me. When I began to become more aware of my surroundings, the nurse sat me in a wheel chair and pushed me out to my car where my mother was waiting to take me home.

On my way home I unbuttoned my night gown to see my results. I must admit I was a bit disappointed. They were not as big as I had wanted them to be. I know they can be stretched bigger as I had breast fed and they were a large D size before for several months. What my result turned out to be was a C cup. Frustrated and disappointed and tried to relax on the way home.

These past five days of recovery have not been that bad. The pain medication made me feel better and I was able to cope for a few days. I was quick to notice when the pain medication wore off throughout the day. My breasts felt as they did when I was engorged with milk and when I worked out my chest muscles. The incision area at the bottom of my breasts hurt to the touch. I had nipple sensation, but areas of my breasts were numb. I frequently placed ice packs on my breasts to keep the swelling down and ease the pain. As my feeling came back I could start to feel the cold from the ice packs.

I am out of pain medicine now and wish that I had maybe enough for two days more as the pain is hard to deal with. I have tried the Tylenol and Motrin but they do not seem to work. I just tough the pain out the best I can. Most of the swelling has gone. I am left now with the results. I am contemplating on what I should do. Whether I am happy with the size or not. I am confused as to why even after the pictures I had given my doctor he still gave me a smaller size than we discussed. I am sure as I will have to pay for another surgery if I want it fixed.

Lesson learned, be sure you make sure your doctor understands the size you want to be. You may be disappointed in the end after spending thousands of dollars, missing work and pain from recovery.


Post Mortem Plastic Surgery, Society Gone Vain!

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On the drive into work today a local, radio news report prompted a response of, “Are you kidding me?” The report discussed a new trend in funeral preparations. Apparently our society has become so vain that plastic surgery is being performed post mortem. What a monumental waste of money. At this point, you’re dead! Who are you trying to impress?

When a mortician uses make up to cover the pale grey skin of the deceased it is understandable. The reasons behind the use of some cosmetic surgery after a lethal automobile accident are also understandable. No one wants to see carnage at the casket, it would not be appropriate. It is the goal of the mortician to make the recently passed look as presentable as possible. The goal of a funeral viewing is to provide an opportunity to pay respects to the deceased and offer condolences to the living. A good mortician will help present a body in a manner that will help reach this goal.

After hearing the radio report, one might wonder when the goal of a viewing changed to presenting a beauty pageant contestant. The following are three common plastic surgery procedures being performed after ones death.

First is lip enhancement. Many are prepaying for lip enhancing injections. They say that fuller lips give a more youthful appearance. What good does it do to look more youthful if you’re dead? People who want to look younger are typically trying to defy the natural progression of age. Some want to deny the fact that life is passing by, and an end to mortality is just around the corner. At least those people enjoy the youthful appearance while still living.

The second post mortem plastic surgery procedure is wrinkle removal. As part of the pre-death arrangement with the mortician, some are requesting that wrinkles be removed or hidden. Again, these should be procedures done for the living, if at all. If wrinkles were okay when the person was alive why are they not okay after death?

The third procedure that was mentioned in the radio report was a little more shocking. Believe it or not there are post mortem breast augmentations being performed. Why on earth would anyone who wants a breast augmentation proceed to pay for it, but delay the surgery until they pass away? As stated in the opening paragraph, what a monumental waste of money. Adding to the waste is the fact that many cremators require the removal of silicone implants before cremation. The implants can cause small explosions during the cremation process. How shallow has our society become when one actually worries about being perceived as beautiful, even after death?

What thoughts do the people who are preordering these procedures hope to illicit from those who attend their viewing? Are they trying to prompt feelings of how beautiful or youthful they were? Instead, why not prompt memories about the long full life they led. Aging is expected. It’s part of the natural way of things. Death will come to all. Why not face it with honesty. Except in some cases of repairing trauma or illness, post mortem plastic surgery leaves one with a deceitful parting. In the opinion of the author it is a sad reality that society has created such a strong need to have the right image; extremely sad when the need is carried even into death.

Just look up on the internet and consult various experts on how to choose a plastic surgeon when in doubt as this can help generate new ideas.