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Ab Exercises For Optimal Results

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Sculpting a strong core is easily one of the most sought-after goals in the fitness community. Ripped abs may impress the ladies, but the benefits of a six-pack go beyond aesthetics. If you’re committed to lifting heavy and building serious muscle, a strong core and a pre workout that you can get from is essential for providing stability and reducing the risk of injury.

A combination of proper diet, dedication, and best training techniques will reward you with the best abs of your life. Get ready to intensify your workout regimen with these proven ab exercises for top-notch results.

Ab Sculptor #1: Bicycle Crunch

Old school but super effective, the bicycle crunch is a traditional ab exercise that works the upper and lower abs along with the obliques. The bicycle crunch is typically more challenging than the traditional crunch, as both feet are kept off the ground as you work. You can make the bicycle crunch more challenging by adding extra weight.

Starting with a gym mat, lie down on the floor face up with your knees bent, and your hands behind your head to support your neck. Lift your legs at a 90-degree angle and pull your belly button into the ground. Bringing one knee toward your chest, slowly twist your torso toward your opposite shoulder. Extend the opposite leg straight out so it’s parallel to the ground. Perform the same motion on the opposite side of your body to complete the exercise.

Ab Sculptor #2: Reverse Crunch

Another oldie but goody, the results of the reverse crunch can’t be argued. You’ll feel the reverse crunch primarily in your lower abs. A plus side of the reverse crunch is that it is less strain on your neck, as your back stays flat on the ground during the entire duration of the exercise.

Lying face up on a gym mat, extend your body so it is completely flat on the ground. Next, lift your hips off the ground and bring your knees in toward your chest. Do not swing your hips and do not bend your back. Keep the motion slow and controlled. Once you hold this position for 5 seconds, slowly return to your starting position.

Ab Sculptor #3: Mountain Climbers

A little bit of cardio, a few abs, a lot of results. Mountain climbers are a great option for burning fat and upping your ab intensity with added cardio. This ab exercise will increase your core power thanks to its explosive movements. Blast fat and amp up your ab training by adding this technique to your routine.

While on your forefeet, place both hands on the floor directly underneath your shoulders. Position one bent knee under your body and extend the opposite leg out behind you. Hold your upper body in place at the shoulders and quickly alternate each leg. Pull your rear leg in toward your chest and kick out your opposite leg behind you, simultaneously landing on your forefeet. Do at least three sets with 15 to 20 reps per set.


Diet Plan That You Should Consider For Killing Away Leaking Gut Syndrome

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The issue of the digestive system can cause various other issues in the body of a human being. An issue like leaky gut, which is harmful to the organs of the body can be caused because of the bad diet. There are many symptoms that can show you whether your body is having a leaky gut issue or not. If you are going through it, then there is nothing to be panic about. The issue is dangerous, but it can be healed naturally by improving your daily diet. Relief factor was made to help your weight loss and for the treatment of the issue of leaky gut. You should stop consuming bad fat food because they are the topmost thing responsible for ruining the digestive system of a person. You should consume more water so that your body can get rid of the bad bacteria and toxic waste. The water not only helps to wash away the toxic material, but also it will help in keeping your body hydrated. It also helps in maintaining the lining inside the intestine.

The lining helps in keeping the waste and the bloodline separate. Leaky gut removes the line, and thus toxic material gets mixed with the blood. It is very harmful to the health of the body, and that is why you should not ignore the symptoms. There are lots of symptoms you can get to know like severe headache, digestive problems, swollen stomach, etc.

What are the types of food you should consume?

There are lots of varieties of food that you can consume, and they all are natural products. The diet that you will get to know will be completely natural, which means that there is no medication included. Here is the essential food you should consume-

  1. Vegetables- It is the common food that is consumed in every house. You should focus on the green vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, eggplant, etc. Rather than greenery, you can go for the carrots as they can help in healing the issue much quicker than you expect. You can contact a nutritionist who can let you know about the values of nutrition to be intake by your body. Spinach smoothie should be on the top of your list as you should consume it every morning.
  2. Food with roots- You can go for the potatoes or the sweet potatoes as they contain roots. It is very beneficial to consumers because these two vegetables have some special abilities that can help in fading away from the pain. Your stomach will start feeling relaxed, and thus you can easily get to live a comfortable life.
  3. Vegetables that are fermented-These kinds of foods are rich in good bacteria, which will help in balancing the ratio of good and the bad bacteria. There are foods like miso, which you should consume every day that can help in proving good bacteria to your body. Those will help you in fighting with bad bacteria, and thus you will get to be fit again.
  4. Yogurt is the best for health-Your digestive system will be get improved by consuming yogurt in your daily life. You can go to the fermented yogurt, which is the best and most beneficial for your health. Leaky gut is harmful but can be improved by consuming the suitable food.
  5. Consume nuts- Almonds, cashews; peanuts will be going to improve the health of your intestine. You should consume these kinds of products so that your stomach can live a healthy life. Most of the people think that nuts are hard to digest as it is true, but they can easily get to heal the issue of leaking gut in your stomach.

Thus these are the food that you should consume in your daily life so that you can easily get to rid of the issue like leaky gut. Your stomach will start feeling lighter in weight, and also issue like bloating will also get fade away.

Here are some of the foods that you should not consume

If you are going through the issue of gut leaking then here are some of the food that you should not consume-

  1. Some fruits- Not all fruits are harmful in the situation, but there are some like apple, cherries, peaches, dates, etc. You should not consume these kinds of fruits as they can harm your intestine.
  2. Say no to onions-You should stay away from the onions because they can increase the issue of leaky gut, which is not good for the health. There is much other food like green veggies that you should consume for the betterment of your stomach.
  3. Kidney beans should be avoided-Kidney beans are not easy to be digested, which is why you should not consume these. In the beginning, you should go for the light food that can be consumed easily by your stomach.
  4. No wheat or flour-In some homes, wheat is primary in the daily consumption of food. You need to say no the wheat so that your stomach can easily get to be healed quickly. You can see the results in a shorter span of time, and in this way, you can get rid of the issue.

These are the foods that you should not consume no matter what. It will not be going to heal the issue in the intestine, but instead, it will cause a lot of pain in your stomach.

In a nutshell, it is concluded that you should pay attention to the diet, and your health will not be going to affect at all.


How can I Lower My Cholesterol through healthy diet?

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My orientation to nursing school took place somewhere around August 6, 2006. The exact date might be wrong, but it was around this time that I received the all-important “heads up” regarding what to expect in the next two years. I got the chance to meet the professors that would be teaching my curriculum core classes, and some of them jokingly warned that the stress of nursing school would see to it that I would either start smoking or gain 50 pounds. I found myself doing the latter. As studying spilled over into the late hours of the night, and as free time became more and more of a luxury item, Skittles and Dr. Pepper became well-balanced meals.

What I had never taken into consideration, however, was that such a bad habit was becoming just that…a habit. Over a two-year course of studies, I eventually grew proficient in the use of my knees to drive as I scarfed down double cheeseburgers and fries as I drove between hospitals and clinical rotations. When all was said and done, I had graduated from nursing school and earned that almighty license; but my reward came at a price. If a person wants to lose the excessive fat, then they should consume healthy diet. The fat of the inner and outer thighs with a CoolSculpting will be reduced.

High blood pressure, also known as “the silent killer”, is a demon that haunts both my mother’s and my father’s sides of my family. I remember scheduling an appointment with my primary care doctor, because I could tell that my blood pressure was high and needed to be treated. Since this was my first appointment with a new primary care physician, however, he ordered lab work to be drawn. I received a phone call a few days later, advising me to make another appointment concerning a “serious medical matter”.

Years of fast food and candy had finally caught up to me, as my low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (also known as the “bad cholesterol”) was 179. Although I suppose the number could have been higher, it was nevertheless a concern when considering my family’s history of heart disease.

Conquering unhealthy practices is not as difficult as I thought it would be. While it’s true that sacrifices have to be made, remembering one simple principle will provide more than enough motivation to get your cholesterol under control: your life depends on it. It does not get any simpler than that. If your cholesterol is high, and if you do nothing to fix it, then your fate has already been decided for you.

There are those that would say that step one in my conquest of high cholesterol is unnecessary: medication. For reasons that I do not understand, some people are automatically opposed to the use of medications, opting for a more “natural” approach. But let’s face it. Heart attacks do not discriminate. If you have a weapon, use it. Although anything that you put into your body carries potential risks, the risks of not doing anything at all are by far worse.

The transition from an unhealthy lifestyle does not have to be done all at once. Bad habits are easily broken; people simply think that they have to give up a bad habit “cold turkey” if they are to give it up at all. This is simply not the case. The transition can take as much time as is needed.

Given that I had been more or less addicted to junk food, step two was to replace candy with fruits and sodas with fruit juices. Although the sugars in fruit are not the same as the sugar in a candy bar, fruit provided something to settle my sweet tooth if even by a little. I replaced one candy bar and one soda a day with an apple or a bunch of grapes until candy bars had been eliminated completely from my diet.

Step three, exercising, was both the easiest and the hardest of the steps in my method. The majority of my exercise came in the form of walking, and on-the-job nursing duties contributed to my cardio workouts.

Conquering a bad habit, as well as starting a good habit, is only as difficult as you make it. Perhaps one of the biggest factors in achieving a health-related goal, or any goal for that matter, is willpower.