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Maintaining and Caring for Your Shoes, Handbags, and Jewelry

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Everyone is familiar with the famous Benjamin Franklin quote, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Mr. Franklin was right. It is easier to avoid a problem than it is to rectify one. Therefore, extend the use of your shoes, handbags, and jewelry by properly maintaining and caring for them. These preventative measures that are suggested by luxurytastic replicas reviews blog that will help you in keeping your shoes, handbags, and jewelry in top shape. 

Leather Shoes

  • The first step to take care of your leather shoes is to buy a leather care kit that includes shoe polish, leather protector, a brush and a polishing cloth. Before you wear your leather shoes, protect them with the leather protector to prevent scuff marks and water damage. Use shoe polish periodically to buff and condition them.
  • Another way to increase the longevity of your shoes is to place plastic taps or heel protectors on them. Since heel protectors prevent your heels from excessive wear and tear, it is less likely that you will have to replace your heels. It is far less expensive to protect your heels than it is to replace them.
  • Finally, the last tip to extend the life of your shoes is to use shoe trees in your shoes when you are not wearing them. Shoe trees prevent creases and folds, which cause your shoes to look worn. If you cannot find shoe trees, stuff your shoes with wads of newspaper.

Leather Handbags

  • Leather handbags are expensive, so protect your investment by taking care of them. Apply a leather protector to your handbag to prevent stains from setting in and permanently damaging your bag. After repeated use, remember to clean and buff the leather with a leather cleaner and polish.
  • Handbags typically carry heavy loads, causing the straps to break; however, don’t throw your bags away because of broken straps. Instead, take your handbags to a shoe repair shop that can replace the straps for you. Most times, it costs less to buy replacement straps than to invest in a new handbag.
  • The most important way to prolong the life of your handbag is to stuff it with archival quality tissue paper. Stuffing your bag with tissue paper will help maintain its shape. Place your bag in a dust bag to keep it clean and scratch-free during storage. If you don’t have a dust bag, use a white cotton pillowcase.


  • To maintain your jewelry avoid contact with harsh chemicals. Hairspray, perfume, and lotion will damage your pearls, opals and precious gemstones. Although gold and silver are more resilient, it is important to protect them as well; therefore, the easiest way to avoid chemicals causing damage to your jewelry is to put your jewelry on after handling harmful products.
  • In addition to avoiding chemicals, you should remove your rings before doing housework or any activity that may damage your jewelry. Although diamonds are tough, most ring settings are not. Most people ruin their rings due to damaging the settings, not the diamonds.
  • When your jewelry requires cleaning, make sure you know how to clean each piece. Silver is easy to clean with a silver polishing cloth or solution; however, use caution when using silver cleaning products because most are harmful to pearls, opals, turquoise and lapis lazuli. Therefore, it is critical to read the instructions before you use any cleaner to avoid damaging your jewelry. Visit for more jewelry cleaning tips. Also, keep in mind that some of your jewelry may require professional cleaning.

The best way to maintain and care for your shoes, handbags, and jewelry is by preventing damage in the first place. It is far easier to avoid damaging your investments than it is to repair the damage. These preventative measures are well worth the time and effort and will result in you enjoying your prized possessions for many years to come.

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How To Style Your Biracial Infants And Toddler’s Hair

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Hair care for the infant and toddler stage of a child’s life is fairly simple for the most part due to the fact that the child’s hair length and growth will be minimal. 

The most important part of hair care and styling at this point would be proper shampooing and keeping the hair moisturized. A gentle baby shampoo or shampoo specially formulated for African American children’s hair should be used due to the delicate p.h level of a child’s hair. An adult shampoo could strip all moisture from the hair and that’s what we want to avoid with all textures of biracial hair. Hair should only be shampooed every 3-5 days to prevent stripping too much of the natural oils needed with biracial hair. One shampooing of the child’s hair should be sufficient but for infants and toddlers who crawl, walk or are very active may need a second shampooing to remove excess residue. With every hair texture and type a cream rinse or light conditioner should be used after every shampooing to properly moisturize and help with manageability of the hair. 


For the child with curly hair texture the key to easy styling and care is proper moisturizing and the “comb out”. A proper comb out will start with the shampoo, and conditioning. Conditioning is very important to this hair texture because curly hair has a tendency to get more tangles than other types of hair. You might want to buy a spray on detangler in addition to conditioning the hair after shampooing. A spray on leave in conditioner will detangle hair and will also be a great help to styling dry hair between shampooing. A wide toothed comb should always be used prior to any type of brushing. Hair will need to be separated into sections, combed out and detangled prior to a finished styling. Use the wide toothed comb and start from the nape of the child’s neck always combing and brushing from the ends of the hair to the root. Starting to comb at the ends of the hair prevents breakage from knotted hair, and prevents pain from pulling the child’s hair. Once all tangles have been removed apply a light hairdressing or oil to the child’s hair and scalp. The child’s hair can be styled in ponytails, braids, or naturally by styling it curly. 

Wavy hair is styled very similarly to curly hair at this stage with the main difference being wavy hair does not usually need extra oil added to the hair. Wavy hair can be easily brushed through and styled. A spray on conditioner may be helpful with this texture of hair when styling the hair dry to prevent fly aways and will not leave an oily residue on the hair. The child’s hair may be styled in ponytails, braids depending on length, or by simply brushing it and styling it natural. 


Applying oil to kinky hair is the most important part of styling this texture of hair laser hair removal before and after photos to make it look more fine, which also enhances the overall personality. This hair type can be difficult to comb when it is very wet as the texture of the hair shrinks. When applying oil it’s important to massage the oil not only into the hair but also into the scalp for moisture. Using too much oil or the wrong type of oil could be bad for the hair. A light oil for infant’s hair should be used until the child’s hair is much longer and thicker then a heavier oil for more moisturizing should be used. Keep in mind, though too much oil in the hair and on the child’s scalp can clog pores and attract dirt, weighing the hair down and can slow the hair growth. Using a wide toothed comb or hair pick should be used on the hair type, as brushing will partially flatten the hair in sections but won’t allow you to thoroughly comb through the hair. The child’s hair may be styled in ponytails, braids, parted, styled naturally, in an afro or many other styles. 

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With the advancement of technology, we see how epilators are also evolving day by day. In this article, we are going to look at some of the features that the best epilators offer. After going through their specification you will have a fair knowledge of the best features that these epilators offer and what you can expect as you buy yourself an epilator. Let us start analyzing some of the bester epilierer that are there in the market.

1.     BRAUN SILK-ÉPIL 9-579

It is one of the most popular and useful epilators that you can get for yourself. There are various models in this series that you can get but all of them are equally good. You can select the one that is within your budget and suits your skin type. All the epilator in this series are quite powerful and have a 40% wider epilator than the previous generation. This allows you to cover more area of your skin as well. This way you can expect a faster and efficient hair removal. You get different tweezer speeds along with Microgrip technology that can pull out thinnest of the hairs.

You also get tons of accessories with the product as well which makes the whole package more lucrative. The package includes:

  • A facial cap that you can use while removing hair from delicate areas.
  • An efficiency cap that you can use to make sure that you get max contact of your skin while using the epilator.
  • A shaver head that turns the device into a razor.
  • Trimmer cap that you can use to trim in bikini areas.
  • You also get a facial cleansing brush that you can use to remove make-up and every other impurity.

This device is also cordless and is waterproof which is why you can use it in the shower as well.

In conclusion, you get a device that you can use to remove even the shortest hairs. It is equally efficient with thick and fine hair as well. Moreover, with 5 attachments you can use the device in multiple ways. You also get a wider epilator that most other brands. The only downside to this device is that it is quite expensive and you would not be able to use it while charging.


Similar to the above product we have Panasonic epilator ED90-P ‘Wet & Dry’ epilator that is equally powerful and useful. It is a full-body epilator that you can use to remove unwanted hairs from your body. With this device, you get 48 high precision tweezers that you can control with its 2-speed mode. This device works best with short to medium length hairs. You also get an additional LED light that you can use to see much finer hair.

In the package you get :

  • An epilator head that you can use to epilate larger areas of your body such as legs and arms.
  • The gentle epilation head can be used for sensitive areas while the gentle epilation cap can be used for underarms.
  • You get shaver head that can turn your epilator into a shaver.
  • Along with all these, you get a bikini comb and a pedicure buffer in the package.

Along with all this, you can use this device while in the shower as it is waterproof. Moreover, you can not use this epilator while charging as well.

In conclusion, this is a much cheaper device that you can buy, that comes with 6 attachments and is cordless and waterproof. This is also suitable for sensitive skin and is great for all those who are new to epilators. On the downside, this device doesn’t work really well with short hairs and some of its parts need to be replaced every year.