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Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars for the iPhone is Here!

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After much anticipation, Rockstar Games has finally released the newest installment of Grand Theft Auto on the iPhone, ‘Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.’ Available from the App Store for $9.99 (which seems to have become the de-facto price point for premium games), it features a rich and immerses storyline in the immaculately rendered world of Liberty City. Despite a set of controls that seem initially quite awkward, this is a fantastic game, perhaps the best of the ‘console adaptations’ to arrive on the iPhone (and iPod Touch) to date.

In ‘Chinatown Wars,’ you play the role of Huang Lee, born into a Triad family and delivering the ‘heirloom sword’ to his uncle in Liberty City. In the midst of this mission, he’s caught in a battle between gangs, kidnapped, and eventually left for dead. Cue the redemptive plotline, along which Huang must save his own life and set off to redeem himself and his family.

As in all the other entries into the GTA empire, this one is replete with lawlessness and obscenity. Your character runs around, stealing things, shooting people, running over people, running through things, and just generally causing havoc. Surprisingly, given the App Store’s stifling approach towards anything bordering on lewd, the dialog in the game contains a healthy amount of swearing, so perhaps it may not be good for younger children (assuming you, in the absence of that, would have been happy to have them play the role of a renegade gangster). So since it is available also in GTA 5 mods Xbox one, it is advisable that parents give extra attention to their children when playing this type of game. This is to promote the safety of children.

Thus far, after a number of hours playing, I seem to be less than halfway through, so I can attest that this will be a worthwhile expenditure, in terms of gameplay for your money. That said, the controls suffer from the iPhone’s constraints, which is largely the problem of the small screen. The joystick and buttons need to be controlled as you go, but it’s hard to pay attention to what your fingers are pressing when they’re also focused on what’s going on in the action. I often found myself thinking I was driving when really my fingers had migrated off the buttons. It takes a little bit of getting used to it. If the screen was bigger (the upcoming Apple tablet, perhaps?), it would make everything easier, as there could be bigger buttons that don’t encroach on the play area.

The graphics are brilliant; the best I’ve seen on the iPhone. Especially at moments when you’d expect the game to falter (for instance, when you’re moving quickly), the animation is seamless and Liberty City is rendered beautifully. The engineers at Rockstar have really squeezed as much as possible out of this machine.

The gameplay is solid and occasionally broken up by little mini-games, for specific tasks (like the initial one to break out of the car you’re drowning in). These are fine, though basic and not really so complex. I guess it helps people retain focus, and perhaps build fine-motor skills.

Overall, this was a great game. I look forward to more publishers bringing their marquee titles to the iPhone platforms. It’s particularly refreshing to see among the nostalgia-tinged porting of classic PC games. The iPhone gaming market should not just cater to hipster 30-somethings (though those games are nice, too). I’d recommend ‘Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars’ to anyone who wants to see what the current iPhone and iPod Touch is capable of.


Intelligence Escaping Toy- A Favorite for Kids

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There are three phases of life- Childhood, youth and old age. Death is the final outcome. Childhood is considered to be the best phase of life. The time period when we have everything going for us with no worries, no tension and no stress.

This is the phase when you have older and experienced counterparts in the form of parents who have to bear the brunt of jobs, money, expenses, your upbringing. These are the problems that you do not get to bear during childhood and only if you are lucky.

For there are many people who right from a very young age, have to shoulder responsibilities and duties far beyond their capacity due to destiny playing its cruel part. However, the plus point here is that in the process of doing so, they find that they wear the mantle very well and are well prepared for the future.

this acts as a severe penance for people as right from childhood they are brought in adverse circumstances and become learn and matured earlier than usual, becoming responsible and independent as it becomes easy for them to hold their own under difficult phases in life and learn to tackle them with ease and grace.

But the fortunate ones are those who have loving and caring parents to look after their needs and demands and gladly fulfill all their wishes. These children virtually get to rule the house with as the parents do their bidding and cater to all their whims and caprices.

However, it must be kept in mind that by the parents that while it is important to nurture them with love and affection, they should not be spoilt rotten so and imbibe negative qualities such as stubbornness, arrogance, disobedience, impatience etc. etc.

Children need to be pampered but not spoilt as it will have bad implications and seriously impact his future in a negative manner. The mistake that most parents make is that they forget that under the influence of their blind love, most children, from a young age, become cocky, conceited and impudent.

They develop a false sense of security that they can get away with anything, even murder, because they have influential parents backing them up or more powerful skin to protect their skin in case of trouble or altercation.

This aspect is a matter of serious concern and needs to be taken care of right from the very beginning. As the old saying goes-child is the father of man, therefore, your childhood is what decides what kind of a person you grow up to be.

It will act as a catalyst as what kind of choices you make and what you choose to make of the life you are destined in this birth. There comes a time when you are at crossroads and have two paths to choose- the right path and wrong path.

The right path is full of thorns such as difficulties, challenges and obstacles at every step. But if you have the passion and willpower to succeed, to keep going, you will surely reach your destination in the end.

In sharp contrast, the wrong path is quite easy to tread in the beginning, full of flowers and soft as silk, but it makes you quite lazy and irresponsible as you are not able to realize the dangers that lie ahead of you and are embroiled in the difficulties and challenges and fail in reaching your destination.

Therefore, parents need to keep the aforementioned points in mind while nurturing their children to become good human beings, achieving their goals and destinations in life and make them proud in the end.

During childhood, the two most important and paramount things in the minds of children are generally toys and sweets, along with regular doses of entertainment from television and video games.

When we talk about toys, it is the very first thing that catches the eye of all small children, right from infancy, once they start getting to know and become aware of their surroundings.

Toys such as assorted dolls, action figures, miniature house, toy race cars and various others. These things are what sums up the childhood of any person and it is only this that you are bound to remember and recall the most about your childhood.

But what are the toys that are the most popular ones for children? There is no clear cut answer to this question as it entirely depends on the minds of children, what is it that catches their fancy at the moment.

The right question is what kind of toys are the most useful for children? Again, the usefulness is something not much talked about as toys are mainly for entertainment purposes and keeping children engaged and their usefulness is just as simple as keeping children happy and satisfied.

We do have the Intelligent Escaping Toy to talk about. It is basically for exercise purposes as they keep the children up and about rather than simply sitting in a stationary position.

A technology based toy, it has the ability to sense and detect objects that are close in vicinity and programmed in such a way that they automatically change direction and run off fast when anyone comes closer.

Its features are as follows:

  1. It is battery operated and have a sealing ring attached to t for preventing any kind of leakage.
  1. It keeps not only children but also the pets engaged and entertained in a funny manner.
  1. It will glow and make a ringing sound when it comes into contact with anything.


MMOs and Their Impact on Productivity

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With the immense success of the video game World of Warcraft, game companies are spitting out a bunch of online games in an effort to get their own piece of the pie. World of Warcraft was notorious for it’s addictive gameplay. People would devote as many hours to that as they did to full time jobs and some even went so far as to neglect their families. While the individual games may not have the same massive success as WoW, productivity is sure to take a swan dive.

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We’ve got a Star Wars MMO coming out in the near future. It ties into the popular, and also addictive, Knights of the Old Republic games released for the Xbox. I’m on the fence about this. The trailer did look pretty good, however I am also highly excited for the DC Universe MMO set to come out in the next year or so.

The DC game is still in early phases of production. I have, however, seen video clips and game demos, each of which filled me with excitement. Luckily, I’m able to keep my mind off the topic ninety percent of the time, but when I do stumble across mention of the game, I want it to come out that much more. While I’m somewhat disappointed you don’t play as, but play alongside the major DC characters I suppose it makes sense. There can’t be 20,000 Batmen running around, though I would love to see all the Hal Jordans gather together and declare war on the Kyle Rayners just to see the fanboy war manifest itself in digital combat.

Trekkies and trekkers will be able to come together under the banner of the upcoming Star Trek MMO. Each being given command of their own starship. It’s every Trek fan’s dream come true. If you aren’t a fan of the federation and want to teach them a lesson, you can also play as a Klingon. In keeping with the show’s theme of exploration, you will be able to beam down to various worlds as well.

Given my propensity for procrastination, I have no doubt that the addictive MMO will impact my work ethic. Even people who don’t have a problem will find themselves glued to their computers for hours with these games. How on earth are we supposed to get anything done?

What of the people who buy more than one? If one MMO is able to take up 40 to 60 hours a week, a person running two games will be utterly screwed. There aren’t enough hours in the week and while some of us try to fight it, we all need to sleep sometime.

There is an upside, with the economy the way it is. People who are out of a job will now have something to do, hooray? Better yet, let’s turn it to our advantage. Most video games have you collecting coins of some sort, let’s make it legal currency. The money can be deposited into your bank or paypal account online. I know the companies have to make a profit, but putting some money back into the players pockets will help in these hard times. If Halo players can make a living playing their video game of choice, I don’t see why we shouldn’t be given the same oppurtunity.

I think we should learn from WoW. Rather than giving into the highly addictive nature of the game, we should keep control and limit ourselves to only a couple of hours a day at most. I know video games are fun and can be hard to pull yourself away from, but MMO’s operate on a whole different level. We all need to channel our willpower for the sake of our work ethic and make sure these games don’t consume all of our waking hours.


How To Use A PS4 Controller With PS3?

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You will find the majority of the professional gamers are making the use of the PS4 controller on PS3 with ease.  A person can easily make the use of Dualshock 4 on a PS3 device without facing any issue. All you need to plug it in the USB port. If your PS3 is incorporated with perfect firmware, then you will be surely able to use the PS4 controller wirelessly.

There are a lot of features & high profile games that aren’t compatible with PS4. If you are one who wants to use the PS4 controller on the PS3, then you have to download proper firmware for it.  After that, you have to invest money on the perfect USB cable. If you don’t have genuine firmware, then a person can easily purchase from here. In order to use a PS4 controller on PS3, then a person must pay close attention to the following essential points.

  • Ways to connect the device properly

There are a lot of games that you will not able to play on the PS3 controller like Gran Turismo and others. If you want to connect PS4 controller on PS3, then you should pay close attention to the forthcoming essential steps-

  • You should plug the DS4 controller with a USB cable
  • After that, a person must customize the accessory setting and check the Bluetooth devices.
  • You must find out a perfect device and pair it, and then choose the wireless controller

Just in case these steps aren’t working properly, then it is your responsibility to make contact with a professional gamer and get to know more related to the perfect firmware.

  • Games

According to the professionals, if you are connecting a PS4 controller with PS3, then you will not be able to play your favorite games.  Old Dualshock 3 isn’t beneficial. If you want to play your favorite or high-level games, then it would be better to consider the PS4.  If you have proper accessories, then you will be surely able to connect the PS4 controller with PS3 or IOS device as well. If you don’t have much information related to the PS4 or PS3 controller, then you should pay close attention to the basic information.

  • Update PS3

Before making a connection with PS3, you should invest time in downloading the latest firmware of PS3. After that, a person should register for the Dualshock 4 as a Bluetooth device. After that, you will able to make the use of device wirelessly. You cannot use a lot of features in the wireless mode.

  • Wireless connection

A lot of companies are out there that are providing the Dualshock 4 controllers in the Playstation 4.  Therefore, if you want to connect the device with PS3, then it is your responsibility to invest a considerable amount of time in the firmware update to 1.72 versions that are quite important. You will be surely able to connect the device using Bluetooth and other features. All you need to pair the device effectively with a controller.

Moving Further, if you have PS4 PR OR Slim, then you will surely make a connection with PS3.  PS4 is considered as one of the great devices that are offering a lot of benefits to professional gamers. All you need to make a connection with a device using a PS4 Dualshock 4 feature.