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A Guide To Renting An Apartment For The Ulcerative Colitis Patient

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Choosing an apartment can be stressful in and of itself. You have to find one that is in the right location, is the right price, and has all the amenities that are important to you. Finding the right blend of criteria is difficult, but trying to take into consideration your ulcerative colitis as well can be a downright daunting task. Here are some simple things to keep in mind when apartment hunting as a UC patient.

Bathroom Quantity and Location

If you are living with other people, how comfortable are you going to be with the bathroom situation? Consider finding an apartment with more than one bathroom, so that you can have privacy during a flare-up. If multiple bathrooms aren’t an option, at least take into consideration the location of the one bathroom within the apartment. Is it in a very central part of the flat, where you might be involuntarily sharing your flare-up symptoms with the other people in the house? Also, does the bathroom have a built in ventilation system (a fan can help with both noise and odor)?

Kitchen Layout

The other central location in the home for the ulcerative colitis sufferer is the kitchen. You need to be sure that the kitchen space is going to be adequate to prepare the food sometimes required by our specialized diets. This can include requisites like extra storage space if your diet is significantly different than that of those you live with. It can also mean that you might need more work space within the kitchen if multiple meals need to be prepared at the same time. For instance, your family or roommates want spicy Mexican food, and you are needing to prepare your food at the same time… Is there enough space for this to happen without you wanting to kill your friends or family?

Overall Comfort and Flow

While having an apartment layout that fosters overall harmony is always important, it is especially important for those of us who suffer from ulcerative colitis. If you have had UC for any length of time, you have probably noticed that you flare up more often when stressed out than at any other time. You want to be sure that the place you are coming home to is relaxing and calming, not awkwardly laid out full of clutter. Pick an apartment that will be a soothing place to be, and you will help to minimize the frequency and intensity of your flare-ups.

Picking an apartment is exceedingly important. You aren’t just choosing a place that you are going to put your stuff, you are choosing a home. Be sure that your home is going to be conducive to every part of your life. Even your ulcerative colitis.

It is a known fact that finding out rental apartments for patients grappling severe ailments is a tough job but you must make the best of the situation if the situation calls for it because you just cannot sit back and let them fend for themselves for this is the moment when they would require help the most and if you have most of the facilities mentioned above then half your job is finished and you need not worry about the Parc Central Residences price of any Porsche locality to look into because no matter how small an apartment may be, it is still excellent if all the amenities are provided.

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Reasons to Have Teens Do Household Chores

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Everyone has to learn the basics in order to survive in this world. The responsibility of teaching your children the necessary traits to become upstanding adults lies with you, the parent. Society has changed over the last 30 years in how they view raising the children of our world. In the 1950s and 1960s parents appeared to be more strict with their children. 

Teenagers were given chores to do around the home, dishes, laundry, yard work, and many other types. The least of the chores, of course, is to keep their own domain (room) clean and presentable. If the teen was remiss in their duties there was punishment. Yes, that was corporal punishment in some households. 

Then there was a change in how we looked at the raising of our children. People began to feel that corporal punishment was harmful Now that did not mean only corporal punishment given in outside the home settings. It meant the punishment given within the home also. Families began to use methods such as time out’s and grounding of these youngsters in order to get the point across. There was enough raw data to prove that corporal punishment did some harm to the youth of the world I will grant you that. However, it appears that by not using some form of punishment the youth of today has begun to run rampant in all our towns. There is graffiti on all the walls and no respect for other belongings appears to be the best way to put it. All this also important as you get a cleaner house with these types of punishments. Moreover, you will find that as teenagers help with these household chores you get a much cleaner house free from mold and other harmful bacterias. Besides that, you will see that services like Moldxperts can help you with this as well. 

Apparently many adults have taken the no-punishment to the extreme. Our youth do not know what it is to respect others, to keep their hands to themselves, and even some have lost their way when it comes to providing for themselves.

There are some things your teen needs to be taught. To give your teen chores allows them to learn how to survive on their own. Teaching them how to cook, clean, do laundry, dust, all the basics is not harmful to them and, in fact, will teach them things that we all need to know. The reasoning behind this is that if they were to move out of our homes their future may well be filled with squalor as they will not know how to care for themselves.

Having your teen do chores teaches them respect for others and themselves. They must be taught not to abuse other people’s property and belongings. Not to invade the privacy of another. They will learn great skills that, someday they will need. It is not an easy task to get them to do the chores you set forth, your teen will have many excuses not to do them. But be insistent and strong and you will get them on the road to a better understanding of the need for this. It is also a good way for the family with two working parents, to have teens share in the household chores, it helps the house to run more smoothly and keeps it on an even keel. Nothing will disrupt a family’s happiness faster than a messy and un-kept home with dirty laundry in the floor and dirty dishes on the countertops.

Now it might not be a bad idea to reward them for the chores they do. I remember when my children were teens I gave them $20.00 a week. This gave them the ability to feel worthy and to learn the importance of money. They learned to schedule their homework, chores and fun time so that there was little or no conflict. These are needed skills for all people if they are to survive in the world of today.

Some of them learn these skills at school, but for the most part, teens are not truly learning needed life skills at school. By teaching them how to care for themselves you will have prepared them to venture into the world and make something of themselves. You will feel more peaceful knowing that they are capable of caring for themselves and that they will be able to accomplish anything that they wish.

It is necessary for them to walk out into the world and make mistakes on their own. This will help them grow and mature at their own pace. It is, however, the parent’s duty as a parent to teach them the skills and give them the needed information to help them succeed in this world. They will be better-equipped grownups having learned the basic skills of living.