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6 Interior Design Trends That Are So Over In 2019

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There is an old adage, “the only permanent thing in this world is change.” And the interior design industry is not an exemption on this old saying. Interior design and everything associated with it – motif, trends, and themes are changing over time. Every year, new designs are introduced in the market allowing every homeowner to give more sophistication, elegance and beauty to their houses. While some styles and designs popular so many years ago come back in today’s trends, there are new designs that are introduced in the industry as time goes by. This is through the continuous development, further research studies, and experiments of interior design professionals with the aim to broaden and expand the business of interior designing.

In early part of the 21st century when technology was just beginning to fully evolve, the interior design trends were quite different from what we have today. The early 200s was all about feature walls. Majority of the houses had painted feature wall in every room and it was considered as one of the most popular DIY design from late 1990s to early 2000s. Other trends during these years include granite kitchens, stainless steel appliances, wide and heavy television sets, nautical theme setting, wooden furniture and traditional paint colors of the house. All of these were the rage of 2000s in the field of interior designing.

In 2017 to 2018 where technology has fully evolved into a drastic paradigm, interior designs have also transformed into the world of modernization. Everything from appliances, furniture, paint colors to other elements of design has changed drastically compared to the early 2000s. Some of the trends in 2017 and 2018 are cerused wood, cork walls, matte finish, nailhead detail, brass, black buit-ins and so many more. Thus, the interior design trends expanded and rebranded to fully provide quality and relevant services to the modern society.

When the year 2019 came into the picture, wide variety of new designs and styles have been introduced by interior design professionals. Fortunately, these trends are considered by the majority in the industry to be the most sophisticated, elegant, classy and modern designs ever utilized in the field of interior designing. Most design firms are significantly adding some approach on these designs to make it more unique and engaging to the customers. Thus, if you are planning to do some changes to your home or if you would like to transform your spaces into a modern setting following what’s the current trend but do not have exactly the idea about what the in and out in interior design trends, you are in the right place. Here are some of the interior designs that are so over in 2019.

Gallery frames

Gone are the days when photo galleries are scattered on your walls, on top of your furniture and in other areas of your spaces. The current trend now is utilizing one large piece that can certainly leave a big impression and can engage the attention of your visitors. Hence, family photos all over your living room is no longer the trend. Some designers believe that photo frames end up being overlooked and ignored. So, to be up to date with the current trend in interior designs, remove you gallery frames in your living room and instead, put a large piece to set the balance and elegance of your spaces.

Word art

Word art trend is no longer happening in 2019. Yes, you heard that right, word art is no longer part of the trends. Words like love, live, laugh and other statement sentences are no longer belong to your walls. They are all over. Today, the message of your designs and styles should not be delivered by obvious words and phrases. But the value and essence of your design should be emphasized through pattern, rhythm and dynamic it possesses.

Grey color

Vibrant colors are the rage today. Gone are the days when grey color is the best deal in painting your walls. Bright colors bring more sophistication and elegance. Professional designers believe that vibrant colors provide the essence and value of your personal style and preferences. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that neutral colors are already over. Designers just see vibrant colors as the modern approach of enhancing and transforming your home into a more futuristic design.


Over the years, microfiber has been the best choice for homeowners. This is because of its affordability and durability. But its functions are no longer needed in 2019. Designers claim that mircrofiber furniture appears to be cheap and out dated nowadays. So what’s the alternative? There are a lot of modern furniture made from glass and they are new trends of today. For more details and information on how to look for furniture that are trendy and modern looking, you can visit

Kitchen Island and over the stove microwave

When it comes to your kitchen, kitchen island setting and over the stove microwave are no longer the rage. Designers suggest that this design is bulky in nature and consumes wide spaces in your kitchen. So what’s the alternative? Experts recommend a dining table situated near to the kitchen or at least use moveable or portable storages.

Boho accessories

Designer Justin Riordan popularized boho accessories in interior design. But that trend is no longer part of 2019. Modern designers suggest that boho has to die because the modern styles do not correspond to it.

2019 has changed the touch of interior design trends. It has transformed some styles and designs into more modern approach. Hence, if you like your home design to be up to date with the current trend, you need to consider removing some of the current furniture, design and style that are considered outdated in 2019. While doing such consideration might be expensive and costly, utilizing these trendy designs in your home can surely bring sophistication and convenience to your family. So what are you waiting for? Go and transform your home!

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4 Tips for Pool Side Furniture

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Are you the proud owner of a cool in-house swimming pool? Hey, then, you must have plans to enjoy lovely evenings by the pool. And that calls for right pool furniture. Swimming is a great way to explore your pool no doubt. But, that’s not always the only activity to enjoy the pool area. You can also host a private candlelight dinner by the pool or an in-house barbeque party with friends there. Then, at times, you may simply wish to relax by the side of water without getting into it. The bottom-line is your pool area is incomplete without right pool furniture.

The post below offers a brief on the tips you need to know for poolside furniture.

Know the materials

The furniture materials you can easily use indoors can’t be used outdoors always, especially near your swimming pool. For example, wooden furniture is excellent for indoors but won’t be that great for a space that experience constant splashes. The ideal materials for poolside furniture are the ones that can tolerate splashes and weather extremities. So, when you are considering materials for poolside furniture, bank on plastic, PVC and aluminum. All these are lightweight, rustproof, demand low weather treating and are affordable. Other similarly great options are wicker and rattan. Wrought iron furniture no doubt look classy but these have to be weatherproofed periodically.

Types of furniture

What kind of furniture do you need for your poolside area? The basic ones are some chairs and table. If you often have your friends coming over, you may contemplate about getting a large table for 6 or 2 tables for 4- depending on your space. For seating arrangements, rattan cube garden furniture will be great. These are compact and ideally for small spaces. Do you dream of basking under the sun by the pool on warm sunny winter mornings? Then, you must invest in a sun lounger.

You should also contemplate about getting umbrellas over your tables and chairs to ensure a shady retreat by the water on scorching summer days. You may obviously fold down the umbrellas during winters.

Mind the cushions

Your best bet will be a cushion crafted from all-weather fabric. These kinds of textiles can repel water quickly as well as helps in fast evaporation of moisture despite constant splashes. Also, your choice of fabric must be UV-protected. Your cushions should come with air vents as well as assure fast drying. Cotton duck, treated canvas, polyester and acrylics are durable, comfortable and excellent for poolside furniture.

Safety tips to remember

  • Make sure chair & table legs are sturdy and able to carry sold weight. You must sit on chairs to inspect them before the final payment. If the chairs flex even by a bit, don’t hesitate to look for other options.
  • Go for spring-based cushions for large furniture as spring helps to keep the shape of cushions intact for a prolonged time.
  • All your poolside furniture must have plastic or rubber feet. You certainly don’t want ugly scratches on your beautiful poolside pavement.

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Sauna Accessories For A Richer Bathing Experience

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The sauna is a common part of a lot of spas. This is because people find spending time in them one which is really relaxing. Some people who have space in their house, and are fond of saunas actually take the initiative to have one installed in them. One site that sells saunas and accessories for use at home or for spa use is no other than This is a great site to check out if you love spas and are from the UK. While the sauna itself is relaxing and can reap benefits, making use of certain accessories can help to enrich this experience. With that said, what are some of the best sauna accessories for a richer, better, sauna bathing experience? Let’s find out below!

Towel Sets
If you think that any towel will suffice for your sauna, then think again. The best type of towel for the sauna is different. Get one that’s make of cotton and linen, which is what will work best for a sauna. Getting a comfortable towel will also condition your brain into relaxing, and will also help you to have the best sauna experience possible.

Seat Cushion
To add to the longevity of your sauna, it matters that you get a sauna that stays clean and will look new. A soft cushion is more comfortable also to sit on rather than a hard bench. It may be a bit more expensive, but it matters that you get one that is waterproof. Note that not just any seat cover will do.

Brushing of Dry Skin
If you want to set up a sauna for yourself at home, getting a dry skin brush is beneficial. This is because it can scrape off the dead skin cells and will also help to energize the skin by activating generation. It can also help to detoxify yourself, and the sauna can also make it much easier for you to remove dead skin cells as skin is more loose when you expose it to heat.

Light Stretching
Heat will be more conducive in stretching the muscles. If you want to lose more weight by sweating more, then this is also the perfect means for you. You can get hand weights for a better facilitation of exercise, too. Stretching will also help to flush out lactic acid in your muscles which can cause a sore feeling in your limbs after a thorough workout.

Music and Meditation Guide
For better activation of the parasympathetic side of your nervous system, music and meditation is the way to do. Get into the sauna and focus on yourself. Meditation is definitely the key. There are a lot of guides that are out for you, guided by the basic principles of yoga and chakra balancing. Gentle music can also help to up the relaxation experience, as is the case of other spas. It’s not difficult to find the perfect music as there are several sources from which you can get your music online.

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How Does A Sauna Work To Improve Fat Loss?

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Are saunas is useful in reducing weight? Yes, it helps reduce the weight because when we get inside the heated room and sweat it out. The sweat which comes out from our body leads to losing weight from our collection. For losing weight the temperature of the room is near about 150-195 0F. According to research, the sauna bath has directly compared to a new workout.

If you want to take the sauna at home, then you can get to buy a home sauna UK. You have to pay for one, and then you can take a bath several times, but excess use of sauna has it harmful effect also. So, you need to use it in sometimes. There are several benefits which help in losing weight.

Improve metabolic rates

High temperature leads to an increase in the heart rate by 30% which turns to improve metabolic rate by 20%. If the metabolism is accelerated, then you are lean to burn more calories in a short time. When you come out from the heated room, then the metabolism will be up, and this turns to lose weight by taking a sauna.

Lose water weight

In your total weight, the water contributes more than 5 pounds, and it takes near about one week to reduce. In the sauna, you will lose your water weight in just one or two days. While in a heated room your body will sweat and this leads to reduce water weight.

Reduce stress

Sometimes stress it leads to an increase in weight. Sauna helps in reducing the stress and provides relaxation to our body. The stress hormone is released when you are in mental or physical stress. It increases the harmful free oxygen radical. When you are taking a sauna, then your body gets to relax, and the level of stress is reduced.  Thus it reduces weight.


When we walk or climbing ups the stairs, we felt out the breath out. The sauna is also helpful in tackling this problem by increasing your breathing capacity, respiratory system also increase, and reduces the problem of respiration. When your stamina is increased then automatically, you may do more workout which leads to reduce the weight.

Muscle recovery

Most athletes may take a sauna for making their muscles strong. As we know that muscles are an essential part of our body and it also plays a vital role in metabolic rates, so you make sure that your muscles are strong. Sauna helps to remove the soreness from tissues.

There is some more type of sauna for losing weight.

  • Steam rooms
  • Infrared- (not works like a sauna but is part of it)
  • Wood burning
  • Electrical sauna
  • Home sauna UK

Thus these are some benefits of sauna for weight reducing. Sauna also burns several calories in 30 minutes. In half session of the sauna, you may burn 30 calories, but for burning more calories, you can’t take a sauna for 24 hours. The more use of it leads to affect your body and health.