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Everything You Need To Know About Parc Esta Condo

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When looking for a property in Singapore to invest in, there are several factors that you need to consider. From location to amenities to price,  buying a property is quite challenging. This is more daunting in Singapore. In a fast paced and stressful city, living in a home where you can experience convenience and relaxation is indeed a necessity. One of the perfect examples of such property is the Parc Esta Condo. This property has been popular over time because of its value and great amenities. In this article, you will learn some of the best things about Parc Esta Condo.


Certainly, when looking for the best property to invest in, one of the major factors that you need to consider is the location. Location is everything. Hence, Parc Esta Condo got the best location for you. It is perfectly located in a dynamic enclave within the city. The best thing about its location is that you can experience both the city itself of Parc Esta and the east cost. Thus, you can also get to experience the urban and modern life. It is located near the public station so you don’t have to worry about the hassle of traffic. Most of the MRT stations are just a few minutes walk. Par Esta condo is also strategically located and it is highly accessible through an integrated network of roads.


While Parc Esta condo’s rates may seem intimidating, you must always take into consideration that this property provides you with the best value that you can get. This property is considered as a 99 year leasehold condo which sits on the past HUDC Eunosville and has been acquired by Eunosville for 756 USD. Back then, it was the 2nd highest price for HUDC estate. Parc Esta has 9 towers pf 18 storeys and five retail shops with mezzanine basement car park. With the big community of this property has, we can fairly say that it is worth your money.


Another factor that most people consider when buying a property is its developer. Surely, as an investor or unit buyer, you want to buy from a developer with established reputation in the market. And that is something that Parc Esta Condo can give you. The elite developer of this property is MLC Land, a leading property group in Singapore. MCL Land is a member of Jardine Matheson Group and it has a long and established track record of building high quality residential homes and condominiums.

Resort Style Facilities

Another impressive thing about Parc Esta Condo is its resort style facilities. Commonly, a lot of condos are located in most cities, so when given that everything is equal, the facilities should serve as the tie breaker. Residents of this condominium are well satisfied and happy because of the property’s resorts worth of amenities and facilities. The towers’ exterior façade are designed with full-height glass. This provides aesthetic appeals of the overall appearance and ambience of the condo. Some of the boasted amenities of Parc Esta include live esteemed at Grand Parc and live fully at west parc.

Outlooks and Developments

The good thing about Parc Esta is that it doesn’t become stable over time. There ae a lot of planned innovation and developments in the property in the future. Some of the interesting information about the growth of the property include the URA master plan that includes paya lebar central, and relocation of paya lebar air base from year 2030. These developments and outlooks allow owners to upgrade their way of living and have a new ambience in the near and far future.

Highly Recommended

Parca Esta is ideal for those people who would like to upgrade their lifestyle and live in a modern and dynamic environment. When it comes to properties like condominium, Parc Esta is always one of the best properties that a lot of people would suggest or recommend. With its impressive and amazing features like its resort like facilities, convenience, location and value for money, Parc Esta is certainly worth investing for. So what are you waiting for now? Go now and consult with an helpful agent and make your dream happen.

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Velux Blinds And Skylights

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When you have to decide which type of blinds are the best choice for your skylights, then you have to consider not just the look, but the energy efficiency as well. Velux blinds offer some of the best skylight blinds for that purpose. Here are some things to make sure that your home has the best look and some tips on choosing the right blinds for them to feel just right for your lifestyle. If you have a passion for creativity then Velux blinds and skylight with their tons of customization options is a perfect choice for you. You can customize them whatever way you feel like since the customization process is not that expensive.

If you are redesigning, going green or just adding a brand new room in a house, you can get the right skylights and blinds for the look of the room, while maintaining an energy-efficient design. When you add a skylight to a room, you make the entire place feel lighter. That can improve the look and make the place more energy efficient as well. This can be very important in places that lack adequate light. If you are decorating a home in a place that has more clouds than sun, then you have to consider the way that light is needed for a room, before making your choice in blinds and skylight choices. These factors can affect the choices that you need to make.

Light can be dangerous however if it is not filtered by UV light protection. Sunlight is very different from indirect light. Light can be filtered and changed to make it safer and more visually appealing. Reflective light can make a room feel bright, without the danger of the direct sunlight. Velux blinds and skylights can provide that.

The best Velux skylights are those that offer energy efficiency, with a design that delights the eye. They should have the following energy-efficient qualities. Skylights should be made of a dual-pane glass that offers a UV feature. This helps protect the cost of heating and cooling while adding UV safe light to the room.

Now that you have the protection of the skylights, there are times that you need some shade. You can get Velux blinds your skylights so that you have the perfect look for your design and or insulation as well. They come in many blocking styles as well as color diffusing blinds.

These features, allow you to have a whole different look at your room. When you use the color diffusing lines, you completely block the light from the outside into your room. When you use the light diffusing color blinds for skylights, you have a different look to the room.

They can be adjusted all the way from completely closed to fully open, and everywhere in between. This allows many looks for your room. You can even get remote control blinds. All of these styles delight the senses and the eyes. They also offer added insulation to your room, which helps you save money on utility expenses.

Many green building practitioners demand these sorts of energy-efficient blinds and skylights. If you’re one of those people, or you live in an area where this is required for your home, then Velux blinds and skylights are the perfect solutions for you. Consider the various styles, colors, and shapes for your skylights and have the best blinds for your personal design needs. Just get the measurements of the skylight and buy your blinds. You can even have them professionally installed for an easy solution to your blind and skylight needs.

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Product Review: PUR 2 Stage Vertical Faucet Mount

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In may of 2007 I moved into a new apartment in the city. Previously I had been staying out in the country where the tap water was deliciously benign and a water filter was not need or used. I decided to get a water filtration system, but in the chaos of moving in, with an 11 month old none the less, I was too distracted to look into what brands were suppose to be good and what models had got the best reviews. Instead I scanned the shelves for something that was in my budget and something that was in stock, thus I bought the PUR 2 Stage Vertical Faucet Mount, model #FM-3333. Little did I know that research was much needed. This is among the 5 best brand for kitchen faucets that you can choose from.

The PUR 2 Stage Vertical Faucet Mount was easy enough to install to the faucet and the filter was even easier to install inside the filterer so I thought that everything looked like it was going to be smooth sailing. I had never owned a faucet mount water filter before and so I was very excited about that, because I would not have to be constantly filling a pitcher with water and I would always have plenty of filtered water for cooking and such. The filter ran out in the amount of time that the box said it would so I was also very pleased about that. I didn’t really have any complaints, except that sometimes it kind of got in the way when I was washing dishes, but honestly that is hardly the model’s fault but rather that whole design of any vertical faucet mount.

I would guess that 4 or 5 months passed and I didn’t have any problems, issues and bad things to say about the PUR 2 Stage Vertical Faucet Mount but then it had sprung a leak. I was always very careful to not bump and bang dishes into the faucet mount so I couldn’t imagine what would have caused the leak. However the day before for some odd reason the one person in the house who hates to wash dishes, never washes dishes had washed some dishes. Clearly they were not as careful, oh the irony, the one time my better half did the dishes he broke the water filter. The leak was minimal, a couple drops would dribble down when I turned on the water, so I wasn’t too disappointed or worried about it.

Fast forward 3 months later, the leak is huge, when you turn the water on it sprays across the room, at this point I am just waiting to finish the filter so I can replace it. I plan on replacing it with something that I have well researched before I buy it though. I learned my lesson there.


Interesting Tips for Painting Your House before a Sale in market

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You may not think that paint is an important element in regards to a sale of a house, but in fact it is. Look at it this way, the paint you have on your walls sets the mood for potential buyers as they walk through the door. You don’t want them walking in to see vivid colors; although they might match your personality and your furniture it is always good to go with something neutral prior to listing the house for sale. The painting of the Pasir Ris Central showflat can be done under the supervision of professionals. The paint of the flat can be done through the owner himself with different colors.

Home Owners

If you are the home owner you already know there is a lot of inventory out there and selling a house isn’t easy. So why limit yourself to something as simple as paint color when listing your house for sale. There are a bunch of colors that you can pick while staying in the neutrals. Also make sure that you don’t go too light where it just blends in with the floor boards and/or molding. If you are selling your house through a realtor, it will also be advantageous to consult them on the paint color. Usually they will suggest this to you while doing the walk through of your house prior to listing it. If you feel that the paint you have on your walls is good enough for the sale and contrasts with the furniture you have, it would be a good idea to leave the furniture in while the house is on the market. Another advantage to this is that potential buyers can envision how the space would look with furniture. Again, consult your realtor while making these decisions.


Investors are also seeing a lot of inventory on the market. If you are buying and flipping a residential investment property it is in your best interest also to paint the complete house a neutral color. I have had experience in this matter, as I have stayed in beige tones when I selected the paint for my investment properties. Sometimes I like to brighten it up and move towards the very slight shades of yellow. This makes the room feel larger. If you are staging your house for sale, a good way to spice things up is to add a different color contrasting the neutral on one wall to make it pop out. Then add the furniture that contrasts both the colors and never forget to add pops of color throughout your spaces. It is also a good idea to paint the outside of the house especially if you are flipping; it gives the house a newer cleaner look. Again don’t make the mistake of painting the entire outside of the house one color. Most likely you will be painting the house a lighter color, contrast it with a darker one maybe on the window sills, or add dark colored shutters to the windows. A good way to see what colors will look good on your property is to take a drive around the neighborhood and take pictures of the colors you like, then visualize it on your property. Also, if you are working with a realtor, don’t be afraid to ask for their advice if you feel like you are lost in the color swatches.