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Fixes for Common Wireless Router Issues

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Even though wireless routers have become incredibly easy to set up over the years, thanks to the step by step instructions laid out in front of you on your computer screen, there are still plenty of problems that come with a variety of different problems. Connection issues, speed, and security are just a few of the bunch that causes consumers to become disappointed with the router and the entire experience. If you’re having trouble with your router here are a few general tips that can help get it back in working order, however, it is really important that you know how to restart a router before you get a hold of all these amazing router tips.

One of the most commonly overlooked fixes is simply updating your router’s firmware. While routers are always shipped with a working version of the firmware it is not unusual for it to be upgraded from time to time. Upgrading your firmware is incredibly simple, though it may vary depending upon the particular type of router you have. For instance, updating the firmware on a Linksys router is done by visiting the support section of their website where you can find the model of your router and the latest firmware upgrade to download. By visiting the browser-based interface you’ll be able to see just what version you’re presently running. If it’s time for an upgrade simply go to the “administration” tab and choose firmware upgrade. The process is as simple as uploading the upgrade. The process is similar for Netgear routers as well.

Another issue, one that evolved from a problem with connection speed/signal strength was resolved with changing the channel in the router. By accessing your router’s configuration you can change these settings and see if the results improve. Whereas some routers may have this setting placed on “auto” others are routinely placed on specific channels. Changing the channel can help avoid interference, thus improving the performance on what could have easily been mistaken as the router simply being subpar. Interference can also generate from the router’s location; make sure the router isn’t buried somewhere in the corner of a room.

The most tried and true method of fixing router problems is the factory reset; before delving into all of the wireless configuration menus or anything else that you might consider confusing, simply trying resetting the router. A factory reset is accomplished by simply pushing the reset button for thirty seconds then unplugging the router for another thirty. After a minute of patience plug the router back and go through the necessary reconfigurations to see if the problem has been resolved.

There is also a bevy of configuration changes available through any given wireless router’s configuration page, but messing with these settings shouldn’t be done on a whim. If all else fails, rest assured that you’re not the only person experiencing the problem. A trip to Linksys or Netgear’s support forums will give you access to specialists that know just how to change intervals and thresholds.

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Where To Find Myspace Layouts, Graphics And Backgrounds

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The internet is filled with great places to find pictures to use as MySpace backgrounds. It’s also a cinch to find MySpace layouts and comments. However, finding Holiday MySpace layouts can be a little more taxing. This is especially true for some of the holidays that aren’t as heavily promoted. While July 4th is a great time to have barbecue and see fireworks it hasn’t yet given rise to a cottage industry of MySpace layouts. There are a few sites that offer access to July 4th MySpace layouts. I have listed the sites in order of the quality of the backgrounds. I based my rankings on quality of images and use of graphics and color. Using these layouts and graphics is very easy just like buying IG video views. You just have to be creative, be imaginative and keep on trying to ensure that you will get the best outcome. Here are some platforms where you can find Myspace layouts, backgrounds and graphic.


MySpace Layouts

All 4 Myspace

All 4 Myspace offers a vast array of really great Holiday layouts. These include a number of really well done Happy July 4th and Patriotic layouts. Their use of color and graphic placement is very dramatic. A really great site to get your Happy July 4th Myspace layouts or any other layout you might be interested in.

Go To My Codes

Go To My Codes was a little slow downloading on my computer but it was worth it. They had some of the cooler Happy July 4th Myspace layouts. The layouts boast great graphics and bold use of color. These are really nice.

Hot Profile Plus

These guys have a few pretty nice Happy July 4th layouts, including a Precious Memories one that is cute as a button. However, for my money it is this sites Patriotic layouts that give you the most bang for your buck. They don’t say Happy July 4th but they feature the flags and eagles and other cool graphics. They would work equally well for 4th of July or any of the other patriotic holidays. Check them out, they update the layouts regularly

Myspace Graphics

Perhaps you don’t want to change your Layout but you want to add some great graphics or send some really cool glitter comments to say Happy July 4th to your long list of friends. I’ve listed two sites that I found during my research. There are hundreds, if not thousands more that also offer access to Happy July 4th glitter graphics and comments.

Cool Holiday Graphics

Cool Holiday Graphics has a few Happy July 4th Myspace layouts, but their true claim to fame is their patriotic glitter graphics and Happy July 4th comments. In fact almost any site you visit has great Happy July 4th comments. It is much easier to find the comments than it is to find layouts.

Glitter Graphics

Get you patriotic bling-bling on. Glitter Graphics is your one stop shop to make it shine. They live up to their name. For starters they have the coolest array of glitter graphics I’ve ever seen. To be quite honest they don’t have any 4th of July layouts but they got such great graphics until it’s worth it to swing by and pick up a few.


Just about any site you go to is going to offer at least some type of patriotic background which you can use to generate a Happy July 4th layout. Almost all sites offer access to code generators that allow you to create layouts or use preexisting photos to create layouts. Yes you can use your own photos or photographs you find on the internet to create backgrounds for your 4th of July Myspace layout or whatever you might be creating the layout for.

A Quick Word About Images

Most of us have, at one time or another used an image we found on the internet. However, because of the high visibility of Myspace, one has to be careful about copyright infringement. If you find a photo you like on someone’s site and you want to use it, you should find out if that is allowable. People have been asked to remove photos from their sites or had charges of copyright infringement levied against them. To guard against this sort of thing you want to find sites that allow you to use photos for commercial use. There is some debate as to whether Myspace qualifies as commercial use. I say err on the side of caution and use the photos that allow for commercial use. Who wants to get their cool July 4th site up only to have some one come along and make you take it down? Most of the free photo sites have some sort of licensing guidelines and require that you provide the photographer with attribution. Others allow you to not only use the image but to modify it to suit your needs. To learn more about attribution check out the Creative Commons tab at or go to Here’s a list of some sites that offer photos for use.


Web 2.0 Suicide Machine

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In the age of technology, it is almost strange for someone to not have some sort of online profile. As today it seems everyone has a Facebook, Myspace, LinkedIn, or Twitter account. These services can be extremely rewarding and fun. With them you can easily communicate with long-lost friends, distant family, or even just a way to update your close friends that you see every day. As great as these virtual communication tools may seem, sometimes people just go overboard. In extreme cases, they move into their basements and forget how to talk to real people all together. Instead, they spend their whole day updating their Twitter about what type of cereal they ate for breakfast. If this is happening to you, maybe you should take a look at the Web 2.0 Suicide Machine at

The Web 2.0 Suicide Machine was developed to do just what the title implies. It’s the virtual noose to your online identities that you once loved so much. With the click of the “Commit” button on the site, all of your pictures, tweets, and status updates can be erased forever. You can feel free to step outside in the sunlight once again and enjoy the fresh air.

What if you don’t live in your basement? Are there other reasons to use the Suicide Machine? Absolutely! As many of us have heard, the internet provides for instant transfer and storage of the very best, and the very worst information of the world. This applies to a lot of people due to many colleges and companies scanning social profiles of their students and employees. Angry tweets and status updates have led to terminations from jobs and colleges across the world. If you’re worried that your social profile could prevent you from getting into college, the Suicide Machine is great for you!

So you want to commit suicide huh? Well let’s take a look at how you can use the Suicide Machine to do it quick and painlessly! First, go to Next, select which profile you would like to wipe from the web. If you’re sure about this, enter your username and password into the corresponding fields along with your final words. Once you click the “Commit” button, it will be as though you had never signed up for your social profile in the first place!

Web 2.0 Suicide Machine is a free service, and has a very simple and fun interface. The developers application are from the Netherlands and did a truly great job with this web application. If you want to delete your social profiles for any reason, using the Web 2.0 Suicide Machine is the fastest and most efficient way to do it. It’s effectiveness is just like how medical web design provides medical website design. It looks reliable and reputable.


Three “Hidden Costs” In It Project Implementation

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“Hidden Costs”

Every IT implementation has its challenges. Among these are events unforeseen during project planning. No matter what their form, they end up translating into a hidden cost of time spent in dealing with them. They further translate into a hidden cost you pay out to your team as they wait out a delay or wrestle a problem you didn’t expect to arise. As a further cost in the form of risk, you may have to contend with missed project deadlines.

Three Lesser-Known Hidden Costs of an IT Implementation

While no amount of planning can capture your entire project’s hidden costs, it helps to identify not only the commonly overlooked costs, but also some lesser-known factors that loom largely when they do appear.

While individually they may seem trivial, the cumulative effect they may have over time can amount to a large sum. These lesser-known hidden cost factors may arise from:

* Holiday Production (or Lack Thereof)

While working holidays into your calendar may seem a no-brainer for most folks, some of us can say we’ve actually seen a few projects led by a seemingly clueless project manager who plans a major roll out on or near a holiday. Given that some team members have families and a life outside of work time, it’s wise to plan ahead.

Holidays bring your team’s family needs to the fore. They’ll need personal time off for travel to visit relatives out-of-town, and they will need some flexibility in their work schedules to make this happen. If you knowingly plan out a deadline falling close to a holiday, be forewarned that tempers may flare when co-workers expect some accommodation – and don’t get it.

To defuse this scenario, plan on having your deadline fall one or two weeks ahead of a holiday. Doing this may allow all to enjoy some breathing space for a few days immediately before the holiday. If the office is open all the way up a holiday, plan your resources to tackle items that have been put off throughout the project. While you’re at it, you may also hold a team holiday party, too!

* Cross-Border Teams

If your IT implementation project includes teams from several offices within your continent – or across several continents – then you can count on several challenges in the making already!

Given that individual offices have varying procedures governing how they communicate, perform tasks, as well as how they work with other offices, you can throw a host of other factors into the mix. These could include cultural differences, language barriers, and time-zone differences.

* Poor Communication

Aside from the challenges mentioned already, bear in mind that despite the tools of technology we have today, miscommunication ranks among the biggest headaches for the best of planned projects. The travelers will not face the problem of poor communication in abroad after checking the hearing aid reviews. Knowledge of the device should be competent with the person for using the hearing device.

In the planning and kickoff stages of a project, each team member should agree upon the “six elements” (who, what, where, when, how, and why) of communication to reduce any chance for misunderstanding. For example, the use of e-mail to gather information from ten people is a violation of the proper application of “how” to communicate. How to communicate is a question of form following function. To facilitate a meeting, get together in a meeting room, a conference call, or a video chat. Using email for meetings just won’t cut it.

Plan Ahead for Efficiency

Aside from being able to budget extra time and money into your project, also make certain you have a backup plan to work every possible problem. Get a commitment from your major stakeholders to be flexible for you well before you start pushing a deadline or a costs threshold.

Again, every IT implementation has its challenges – and these cost time and money. Being flexible as a supplement to good planning can help you surpass unexpected project gremlins as they arise.

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New Kindle 3G + Wi-Fi Already Old

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The Kindle was all the rage but the important word here is was. After the Kindle came out literally hundreds of other ebook readers have come out. In fact even before the ebook readers cheap Chinese mp3 and mp4 players had ebook readers that were limited to one simple old ebook format so the Kindle only popularized the ebook reader. Now the newest version of the Kindle is out the Free 3G + Wi-Fi version and the consumer that knew to wait for a little while to buy a Kindle is probably asking if now is the time to make that Kindle purchase. If you are wondering whether or not you should buy the newest Kindle then you will want to read on.

The Kindle was pretty cool but it had some issues and the latest generation has come around to fix some of the problems with the older versions of the Kindle. The newest Kindle does a great job of fixing some problems with the older versions. A new experimental web browser has been included but it is likely that if Kindle makes it one more update this browser will be updated and be better. You an now use a dictionary, highlight, and even make notes. The pages turn faster. You have free 3G plus there is also built in Wi-Fi which if anything is overkill. You get double the storage and longer lasting battery even though it is even lighter then before. It has the best contrast of any ebook reader with improved back lighting to eliminate glare.

All in all these new features make the newest Kindle better then ever. Because of the competition from other ebook readers the price has been dropped to only $189. Now would seem like a great time to get the latest version of the Kindle but is it really the best time to get a new Kindle?

I am not sure the Kindle is going to last. Everything is getting put onto one machine now, our cameras, GPS, and phones are all on one device. All it takes is a simple app to read ebooks and the Kindle is obsolete. Not only are smart phones competition but a bigger threat comes from the iPad and other similar devices that are coming out because of their larger size which is similar to the Kindle, and they offer much more then a Kindle offers. Also, some people think that smartphones will overcome kindle in the future especially now that best wifi booster is being more developed.

While in the past I thought you should wait for the price to come down I now think you should wait to get something that will do more. If you cant wait and you want an ebook reader then you might want to go ahead and buy the new Kindle 3G + Wi-Fi. If you are willing to wait and want something more then just a ebook reader then get something else because the Kindle may become obsolete soon.


How to Earn: Make Money Online easily and experience new way of business!

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If you are looking for the truth about how to earn money online, then you have probably discovered that there are a multitude of programs available online that promise huge rewards for very little work, considering your marketing techniques to get your medical practice started online which is really profitable business can be a great example for your concerns. In reality, the internet is a massive source of financial wealth, but as with any venture, you are required to do a certain amount of work in order to achieve results.

In order to success at earning and making money online, there are only three rules that need to be adhered to. Following just one of these rules will not ensure that you make any money, in fact, if you do not adhere to all three of these rules, you are bound to spend more money than you make and will still not succeed.

These rules are:-

  1. In order to make money, you need to generate traffic to your site. The best form of free traffic is through search engines and the only way to get organic traffic from search engines is to find good keywords for your product. A good keyword can be defined as a keyword with a decent amount of clicks or searches, but with a limited amount of competition. This is rule no 1, but without rule no2 amp; 3, this is still no guarantee that you will make money. Most online marketers are informed about rule no1, but very few ever find out about the other two.
  2. Rule No 2 requires that once you have a collection of keywords that you feel have a good quantity of searches, but have a low amount of competition, you then need to assess if that product is something that people are going to want to buy. There is no point in working your sales page to death if all the sites around yours are offering the same information for free or for less money. A market of people just browsing for information, but not taking out there wallets is not a market you want to be spending time in.
  3. Finally, Rule no 3. If you don’t know who your competition is and how to beat them in order to get the best ranking, you may find yourself working extremely hard to crack a keyword that is beyond the boundaries of what you are capable of doing. Knowing your limitations and working at markets that you know you can dominate is the only way to make your mark on your particular niches.

One of the most valuable lessons to learn online is knowing what tasks to perform that will generate results and which are a waste of time and energy. Often when you are dealing with free marketing strategies it is easy to find yourself working for hours without achieving the results you had hoped for. Knowing what you should be investing your time in and what you can eliminate from your daily task sheets will make the difference between having enough hours in the day to produce the results you want or finding yourself tied to your desk with little reward.


An Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Best Web Hosting Service!

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Web hosting services are highly in demand as now everything is Internet-oriented and to establish your business and to attract the customers on the Internet. You can create a website easily, but making it open for the public and making it easily accessible to them is not easy, and for doing that, you will need an excellent web hosting services. Web hosting service helps you to get your website on the Internet and makes it visible for the users. These services use different servers to host the websites and provide them storage space. If you have a host for your website, it will connect any computer to your server whenever your domain name is entered on that computer.

You need to have a domain for your website as it is necessary to hire a web hosting service. The hosting service will provide you an email account along with FTP access, which allows you to upload data on the website which you want to show to the users. There are numerous web hosting services, but you need to choose a proper web hosting service for the best results. It is not an easy task to select the best hosting services, but there are few tips that can help you to find the most suitable web hosting service.

Essential tips to consider while choosing a web hosting provider


Price is the most crucial factor to consider while choosing a web hosting service. You must ensure that the services are affordable and the features it is offering is worth for the money you are paying. To ensure that you will not get your money wasted, you must check that the support department is the in-house team as some companies outsource it, which is not reliable enough. You must take a few different service providers into consideration and compare their features and prices. Comparison helps you to find the most suitable and affordable option available for you.

Features and specialties

Every person has different needs and requirements, and every service provider won’t be able to satiate all your needs. You need to find out what you actually need and what you want to be in your website’s host. If you know about your needs and requirements more precisely, it will help you to find the best hosting service. You must ask about the features and downfalls of the service provider. You must note down all your needs and queries and ask it from the provider. You must ensure that the web hosting service provider has enough features that can help to grow your website.

Some of the important elements are Good RAM, powerful processor, ample space on the disc so that your site works well and load at a good pace. You must know what you need as some of the cheap service providers are not able to fulfill these needs. It will help you to find a hosting service that fits perfectly with your needs and requirements.

Add on services and features

Once you are satisfied with the primary services and features offered by the service provider. You must look for some additional features that make the provider differ from other service providers. There are various add ons that you can look for, such as credits for ads, numerous data centers, data backup regularly. For better options, you can ask your friends and colleagues for referrals as it can help you to find the most suitable service provider.

Technical service and support

The support department is the backbone of every company as it forms its image in the market. You must ensure that the customer support of the service provider you are choosing is efficient. They must offer you uninterrupted support 24X7. They must be able to provide support to customers in different ways, such as Emails, telephones, texts, etc. The customer support must be the priority of the service provider as some of them offer no support once they are done providing service to their customers. Excellent technical support is necessary as web hosting is a complex issue, and everyone doesn’t have enough knowledge about it.

To put it in a nutshell, you must be heedful while selecting a web hosting service, and you can follow some tips to make your selection better and choose the best service provider for your website.