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Top 5 Most Dangerous Scientific Discoveries of the Last Decade

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It is an exciting time for science. Scientists are coming up with new discoveries all the time. Many of these discoveries can improve our lives. Others, not so much. Some of these dangerous discoveries may force humans to live differently. Some of them are natural phenomena that are completely out of our hands. Still, others are created by people who think it is interesting to study things that can destroy the world. In this world of physics, all the college students are looking for physics tuition assignments. Such students can get credible content for their physics assignments here. 

The ocean is rapidly acidifying

Science Daily reported on the correlation between ocean acidification and the amount of CO2 we produce. In fact, the way CO2 affects the ocean is probably easier to understand than the way it may be affecting the climate. As Science Daily says simply, “CO2 dissolves in the ocean, reacts with seawater and decreases the pH.”

Unfortunately, the rapid lowering of ocean pH can have dire effects on marine life. Some marine life may be able to acclimate to the changes, but they may not be able to acclimate quickly enough to withstand the amount of acidification coming their way. Stephanie C. Talmage and Christopher J. Gobler published a paper detailing how the already rapid acidification of the ocean is already affecting shellfish.

An electromagnetic pulse (EMP) could disable the U.S.

While on the campaign trail, Newt Gingrich talked about how an EMP attack could disable the U.S., and kill millions within the first week. The New York Times pointed out that those fears were irrational. The scary thing is that it could happen without an attack on our country.

New Scientist explains how our own sun could send a powerful EMP our way. It has actually happened before. In 1859, the largest solar storm ever witnessed hit Earth. It was the product of a coronal mass ejection from the Sun. The electrical grid was in its infancy at the time, so it was not a big problem. If we had another one like that, it could destroy the grid, and could happen at any time.

There may be no use in worrying about such things. Just make yourself a Faraday cage for your electronics, and everything will be fine. The bonus is that Faraday cages can protect the RFID tags on your credit cards from snoops.

Bacteria is taking over

RxList explains how bacteria become resistant to antibiotics. You may have noticed how antibiotic-resistant bugs have made the news more often in recent years. That may be the result of doctors using antibiotics in totally inappropriate ways. Some doctors rely on antibiotics for viral infections such as colds and the flu, which are not even affected by antibiotics.

We may be at the beginning of a mass extinction

Scientists have begun to consider the idea that we may be at the beginning of the sixth mass extinction on Earth. A paper published in Nature points out the signs that it may be true. If it is, humans have the advantage of being intelligent beings. Perhaps we will figure out a way to survive. There is also the possibility that we are causing the problem this time and can reverse it. Even if we are not causing the problem, perhaps we can figure out ways to reverse it anyway.

We can make and store antimatter

Science News has a nice little article explaining how an international team of scientists were able to create and store antimatter. There is even a section called “How to make and store antihydrogen.” Luckily, a huge facility worth billions of dollars is one of the necessary requirements for making the antimatter.

Studies using antimatter may be extremely interesting. They may even help scientists to learn how Earth was formed. We just hope a billionaire masochistic scorched Earther doesn’t figure out how to produce antimatter on his or her own.