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Cheap Shaving Cream Alternatives For Women

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Ladies, in case you thought that shaving cream was one of those evil necessities – something you would rather not spend your money on, but still you must-think again! I gave up shaving cream a long time ago in place of some things that are much more effective and inexpensive. Instead of waxing strips, the use of the rasierer can be done through the females. The rates of the product will be defined in the rasierer test to girls and females.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of those women that can go for weeks without shaving. If I shave in the morning, I’ll have a five o’clock shadow. Gross, I know. So you can understand why it is so important to me to be able to get the closest shave possible. I don’t want to have to take the time to shave every day! I have found a few options that I find to be much better than regular old shaving cream; you might just be surprised with what I have to tell you.

A couple of years ago, I had a roommate who informed me that she “sucked with shaving cream” and instead, used hair conditioner. Well, I thought she was crazy and a little weird so I dismissed the conversation. Then one day, I found I was out of shaving cream when I desperately needed to shave. I had a bottle of conditioner I had bought and didn’t really care for, so I decided to give it a try. Much to my surprise, I got a really close shave and my legs felt very smooth afterwards. Best of all, I wouldn’t have to throw away that entire bottle of conditioner (I hate to waste things). Voila! A new cheap replacement for shaving cream that didn’t cause razor burn-something I am prone to getting.

Unfortunately, I eventually discovered that not all conditioners are created equal; some just don’t leave my legs feeling very moisturized after I shave. Therefore, I decided to try a moisturizing body wash instead. I tend to have very dry skin, but I don’t care for lotion, so I thought it would be a good investment. I had heard that cocoa butter is a good moisturizer, so I chose Suave’s Cocoa and Shea Butter body wash. This is the only body wash I have ever had that I can actually use to shave and not be in pain later. It doesn’t allow as close of a shave as the conditioner but it’s still good in a pinch and I don’t have to buy anything extra.

Finally, I give you my favorite shaving cream replacement. I tried using just baby oil to shave, but it was really hard to tell where I had shaved already and if I had missed any spots. To remedy this, I mixed up a dime-size amount of body wash with about a tablespoon of baby oil in my hands, and slathered it on. I have never had a closer, smoother shave in my life. Even when the room is a little chilly, the baby oil seems to help prevent razor burn caused by shaving over goose bumps, and it works wonders on the bikini line area. What’s more incredible is how smooth your legs feel afterwards. I can’t even get them to feel like that if I use lotion! My only caution against this method is to make sure you don’t slip. I would recommend sitting on the edge of the tub or making sure you have a good gripping surface on the bottom of your bathtub.

You may never have thought that you would be able to give up that old can of shaving cream, but I tell you, there’s no time like the present! Shaving cream is expensive, it’s yet another thing you have to buy, it runs out quickly, the can may rust, leaving a ring on your tub, and it’s never as moisturizing as the label claims. So quit wasting your money and try some other options. After all, what’s the point in wasting money that could be better spend elsewhere?