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Where To Find Myspace Layouts, Graphics And Backgrounds

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The internet is filled with great places to find pictures to use as MySpace backgrounds. It’s also a cinch to find MySpace layouts and comments. However, finding Holiday MySpace layouts can be a little more taxing. This is especially true for some of the holidays that aren’t as heavily promoted. While July 4th is a great time to have barbecue and see fireworks it hasn’t yet given rise to a cottage industry of MySpace layouts. There are a few sites that offer access to July 4th MySpace layouts. I have listed the sites in order of the quality of the backgrounds. I based my rankings on quality of images and use of graphics and color. Using these layouts and graphics is very easy just like buying IG video views. You just have to be creative, be imaginative and keep on trying to ensure that you will get the best outcome. Here are some platforms where you can find Myspace layouts, backgrounds and graphic.


MySpace Layouts

All 4 Myspace

All 4 Myspace offers a vast array of really great Holiday layouts. These include a number of really well done Happy July 4th and Patriotic layouts. Their use of color and graphic placement is very dramatic. A really great site to get your Happy July 4th Myspace layouts or any other layout you might be interested in.

Go To My Codes

Go To My Codes was a little slow downloading on my computer but it was worth it. They had some of the cooler Happy July 4th Myspace layouts. The layouts boast great graphics and bold use of color. These are really nice.

Hot Profile Plus

These guys have a few pretty nice Happy July 4th layouts, including a Precious Memories one that is cute as a button. However, for my money it is this sites Patriotic layouts that give you the most bang for your buck. They don’t say Happy July 4th but they feature the flags and eagles and other cool graphics. They would work equally well for 4th of July or any of the other patriotic holidays. Check them out, they update the layouts regularly

Myspace Graphics

Perhaps you don’t want to change your Layout but you want to add some great graphics or send some really cool glitter comments to say Happy July 4th to your long list of friends. I’ve listed two sites that I found during my research. There are hundreds, if not thousands more that also offer access to Happy July 4th glitter graphics and comments.

Cool Holiday Graphics

Cool Holiday Graphics has a few Happy July 4th Myspace layouts, but their true claim to fame is their patriotic glitter graphics and Happy July 4th comments. In fact almost any site you visit has great Happy July 4th comments. It is much easier to find the comments than it is to find layouts.

Glitter Graphics

Get you patriotic bling-bling on. Glitter Graphics is your one stop shop to make it shine. They live up to their name. For starters they have the coolest array of glitter graphics I’ve ever seen. To be quite honest they don’t have any 4th of July layouts but they got such great graphics until it’s worth it to swing by and pick up a few.


Just about any site you go to is going to offer at least some type of patriotic background which you can use to generate a Happy July 4th layout. Almost all sites offer access to code generators that allow you to create layouts or use preexisting photos to create layouts. Yes you can use your own photos or photographs you find on the internet to create backgrounds for your 4th of July Myspace layout or whatever you might be creating the layout for.

A Quick Word About Images

Most of us have, at one time or another used an image we found on the internet. However, because of the high visibility of Myspace, one has to be careful about copyright infringement. If you find a photo you like on someone’s site and you want to use it, you should find out if that is allowable. People have been asked to remove photos from their sites or had charges of copyright infringement levied against them. To guard against this sort of thing you want to find sites that allow you to use photos for commercial use. There is some debate as to whether Myspace qualifies as commercial use. I say err on the side of caution and use the photos that allow for commercial use. Who wants to get their cool July 4th site up only to have some one come along and make you take it down? Most of the free photo sites have some sort of licensing guidelines and require that you provide the photographer with attribution. Others allow you to not only use the image but to modify it to suit your needs. To learn more about attribution check out the Creative Commons tab at or go to Here’s a list of some sites that offer photos for use.

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When Will We Catch Up With The Tools Provided To Us In Social Networks?

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Why is it that everyone feels that they are either part of the conversation, on the outside, or being slighted, by the activity on social networks? Let’s say you have 1,000 friends on Facebook and I have 20. Clearly, there is an understanding you have those friends that I will never have. Perhaps some of the 20 friends I have are part of the 1,000 you have. Perhaps some are not. If you have 50 times as many friends as I have, I will always feel left out regardless; whether or not I actually engage with your 1,000 friends because they aren’t my friends, they are just casual acquaintances, and our relationship with you is the glue that holds things together.

This is the reality of social networking. Some people are more charismatic than others. Some take time to get to know than others. I could make friends on social networks, but I am not honestly interested in doing so. I could care less if you follow me or not. I would rather have an interesting conversation with an acquaintance, or someone I do not care to know, than to have a boring conversation with someone I’ve known for 20 years. The boring conversations at the social account will be converted into interesting one with cheap instagram likes. The rates of the likes will be under the funds available with the person.

Facebook requires us to know about every single person that is following our activities. We have a list of friends with whom we are supposed to have this reciprocal relationship with. The only problem with Facebook, is that relationships are not always on a reciprocal basis. You could be my friend on Facebook and never say anything to me. You could be my friend and get upset when I talk to your friends (but don’t talk to you). You could be my friend and ignore all of my attempts to converse with you.

People can “like” things on Facebook and they can “poke” people. These are the dumbest tools in the world; I honestly do not care what you like and do not waste your time poking me if you do not have anything to say. Poking has to be the most passive aggressive means by which to interact with Facebook; you say nothing and the only appropriate thing that other person can do is poke you back because chances are you aren’t going to respond to anything else but a poke. It is utterly ridiculous. Sure I’m shy, but say something to me, and say what you mean.

Google Plus has circles, which is a cool feature. The only problem with the feature is that I cannot get people onto Google Plus! I have thousands of friends on Twitter and around 30 on Facebook, I could care less if any of them are on Google Plus because these people rarely talk to me as it is! To bring them onto Google Plus would mean that I am bringing the same people that do not talk to me from one network onto another. The only impetus to do so would be the functionality that circles provide, which is to post some updates to some people, others to other people and some to everyone. If I have something to say to you, and no one else, I will just email you or call you on the telephone. The entire point of social networking is to broadcast to the world.

In fact one of the problems with social networking, is that we want to replicate real world relationships online when we should be using social networking as the marketing tool it was intended to be. Social networks should be a place where you market your own personal brand, not a space on the Internet for you to have intimate conversation with someone you should be texting. Now Twitter is a great service for this, except that a lot of people that aren’t using Twitter in that way get upset with you. One of the problems with Twitter is that anyone can follow you, for any reason. If I have 6,000 friends, my experience is not any richer than it is for you with your 30 friends. I rarely talk to any of the people I follow on Twitter.

All of the social networks offer rich tools for engaging and interacting with other people in those networks that no one ever uses. Google Plus allows you to create a Hangout, which is a video conference in which you and several other people can actually talk to one another instead of typing away. Facebook Groups allows you to meet new people and have interesting discussions. Twitter always lists their top ten topics that are trending on the site, so when your friends are not talking about anything interesting you can click on a topic and see what the majority of the people on Twitter are talking about. People might actually respond to your tweets when your friends do not. Google Plus lists their top topics as well, although I have yet to see ten topics actually listed for discussion. Both Facebook and Google Plus allow you to share a calendar of events with your followers; Google takes it a step further with a “Party Mode” inside of Google Events that allows you to share pictures of the event outside of your regular time line. Yet no one ever uses any of these tools. People still rely upon services like Skype and Facetime when there are services integrated into their favorite social network. People still search engines, when Google Plus allows you to search the Internet from within. There is a lot available on social networks, if you are willing to look. If you are still upset about what happened on a social network years ago, it could be due to the fact that you are exploiting the network in a unique and creative way …