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More Online Cooking Games – Free Cooking Games Online for the Whole Family

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Online cooking games let the food freaks show their competitive side. Whether you like to beat the timer in a cooking game, do cooking term word searches, or learn new recipes, there is a cooking game online to suit your taste.

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In part one of Cooking Games Online, you found Food Photo Hunt, a great chocolate game from Cadbury, a Pizzeria game, and more. Here, in Part 2, you will find the best directories for online cooking games that will lead you to a cornucopia of food fun!

here you will find pages and pages of free online cooking games you can play right from your PC. Games such as Crazy Cafeteria, Food Memory, Sandwich, Sea Foods, and my favorite, Ratatouille. There is sure to be at least one cooking game to enjoy at this site.


CDKitchen is home of Food Photo Hunt. Other cooking games available are Cooking Jigsaw, Virtual Fortune Cookie, and Food Scramble.

Another HUGE resource of online cooking games! Be sure to check out Dr Dreadful and Food Trivia.

The secret jackpot of online cooking games. Looking for a wedding cake cooking game? They’ve got it. How about a Hamburger cooking game? Got that, too! Dinner party cooking games, shower cake games, and so much more. This site will keep you full of cooking games to play online for free!

Games2Girls offers a huge helping of online cooking games geared towards girls. They have a three-page assortment of games like Disney Restaurant, Remia BBQ-Academy, Sue Sushi Restaurant, and many more. Young girls should have a blast at this cooking game site.

FUN cooking game site for kids! Fun music, too! Cooking games for kids such as Fruit Memory, Cheese Hunt, and Fruit Drop. Bright and entertaining graphics that are sure to keep the kids hungry for more! has a massive assortment of online cooking games (and other fun online games, too). At this cooking game site you will find games such as Abbatti Pizza, Barmaid, Better BBQ Challenge, Birthday Cake, Carb Invaders, Chip Grabber, and Dinner at Romeos. I had a ton of fun at this cooking game website!

Restaurant Empire

Restaurant Empire is a more advanced cooking game. This online game starts you with some money and your goal is to build a restaurant. You will be in charge of hiring staff, cooking, and decorating all within a competitive market. This games can get to the level where you are in charge of 30 chefs! Restaurant Empire offers a free download version of this game to play online. There is also a paid full version available for true culinary competitors. Warning – this game is highly addicting. You may get so involved that you forget to eat!