Changes in You Lifestyle that Will Help You Lose Weight


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It is beginning to gradually sink in to a few people’s heads that diets don’t work. Not in the long run in keeping the weight off that you have worked so hard to lose. What works is removing that word completely from your vocabulary and replacing it with Lifestyle changes. This is the only way to keep that weight from coming back.

One of the first lifestyle changes that many suggest is to do away with fast food completely. It is not only loaded with calories and unhealthy fat, but overloaded with sodium as well. Even the salads are unhealthy with the added cheeses, fried meats, croutons and way too much dressing. Fast food needs to be virtually eliminated from your lifestyle if you want to be successful.

Another change to make is to eliminate as many processed foods from your home as you can. They are also filled with way too much sodium and other preservatives that do no one any good, plus lots of hidden sugars to help them taste better.

No, these are not going to be easy changes to make but by doing just these two things, you will be doing your body a huge favor and you will begin to notice a difference in how you feel as well.

Cooking your own food, being in charge of what goes into your body empowers you. Take back your life and begin to regain control. You will see results soon.

Other changes to make would be to avoid white bread and white rice. Stick with whole grain breads and pastas. Not only do they taste better, they are much better for you. Brown rice has all its nutrients intact and has a wholesome, nutty taste.

Any “diet” that excludes any one group of food is destined for failure. Sooner or later, you will break down and eat that food which you have been denying yourself. It’s just human nature. So when you eat carbs, just make sure they are healthy and not the kind that give a quick spike to the blood sugar and then fade away. The glycemic index is a good way to track these. For example, a sweet potato is better than a regular white potato, just don’t pile it high with sugar and marshmallows.

Fats are essential, too. We use them for our hormones, as brain fuel and to make our skin look good. Just use the right kinds and in small portions. Avocados, nuts, seeds, olives, olive and canola oils are only a few. Fats help you feel full and satisfied, too. Just limit saturated fats by choosing lean meats, skinless chicken and eating more fish.

Another lifestyle change, and this one is probably the one that will help the most at losing the weight, is portion size. We are out of control here. Supersize this and supersize that! We eat way too much food for as sedentary as our lives have become. Start looking at the recommended portion sizes of the food you buy. We are eating way more than that. Start by using a smaller plate. This really can help. At first, your body is going to want more and you will feel hungry, but after about the third day, things will begin to shift. Your brain will begin to realize that you are full and send that signal out. Pay close attention at your next meal. Just try this: It really is kind of surprising. If you are eating slowly, as you should be, at some point toward the end of the meal you will find yourself putting your fork down. Now just wait and don’t pick it up again. Listen to what your body is telling you. Are you still hungry or are you satisfied with what you have eaten? Not stuffed and uncomfortable, but satisfied? If so, then get up and walk away. Your body has told you it has had enough for now.

So, to summarize, avoid fast food, start making your own meals, eat healthy, real foods, watch portion size and listen to your body, which will help you a lot in dealing with flabby arms and you can consider these dietary precautions to anyone without hesitation after experiencing its benefits. These are lifestyle changes you can do and that will work. Throw in a thirty minute walk four to five times a week and the weight will come off faster and your muscle tone will improve. No monthly fees to pay and your will feel so much better as well. Best of luck to everyone.

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