Choosing a Secured Door Intercom System for your Home

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Door intercoms help in keeping your household safe from intruders and disturbances. But such security can be exploited if your intercom isn’t secured in the first place. We reviewed the Ring Pro video door intercom, and we’ve figured out you must find helpful features in choosing a system. This is to have a dependable door intercom round the clock.

How to Find a Secured Door Intercom System to Protect your Home?

Criminals tend to be crafty just to achieve their goals. So, expect them to tamper with your security systems to break inside your home. To stop their ill intentions, be sure of having dependable security systems protecting you.

Now, a door intercom system is a good security system to shield your entryway. But to make sure of having a dependable intercom, you must consider these points in mind:

  1. Provides Accurate and Real-Time Notification Efficiently

You want a door intercom because you want to know who’s at your door before opening it. That helps you avoid opening the door for somebody uninvited, such as an intruder or a neighbor disturbing you. And the system would serve such purpose efficiently by providing accurate and real-time notification when somebody is at your door.

For example, some door intercoms notify you with audio-visual clips when somebody rings the doorbell. But some criminals don’t bother to ring your door, right? That’s why other systems have motion or heat sensing features. It notifies the homeowner the moment an object or somebody goes near the door.

Real-time notification is important as well. This would give you enough time to act quickly before an intruder forcefully breaks the door. For example, you receive a real-time notification, and you see it’s someone trying to hack the door locks. So, you’d have enough time to hide, prepare for defense or call the police.

  1. Security against Cyber Attacks

Now, many black hats or illegal cyber hackers tamper with home security systems today. When they manage to hack into your intercom, they can remotely control it such as shutting it down. And if you use your door intercom system to talk with somebody, hackers have a good chance of hearing your conversation.

So, be sure to purchase a door intercom with high reliability in terms of security. Don’t merely trust what the brand advertises. Read reviews and feedbacks from actual customers. Consider going for wired door intercoms too.

Moreover, avoid using the door intercom when talking about sensitive info, such as your bank account details. Also, check your system every now and then to make sure it’s up and working.

  1. Remote Control Capabilities

Remote-controlled operations is another great feature of a secured door intercom. It allows you to remotely operate the door unit of the system. Some brands even allow you to control the door and its locks seamlessly.

Let’s say, your answering unit receives a real-time notification. Then, you see on the video feeds that it’s a suspicious man nearing your door. You suddenly remembered your door wasn’t locked. With the use of remotely controllable door intercom, you can lock your door from a distance easily.

Some door intercoms merely integrate their remote control system on the answering units. However, there are systems that offer smartphone integration through apps.  You only need to connect the door intercom and your smartphone to a Wi-Fi network for it to work.

  1. Professional Installation

Buying a highly secured door intercom with helpful features isn’t enough. You must install it properly for the best results.  That’s why you should hire a professional to install it in your home, instead of doing it by yourself.

A professional installer makes sure every part and connection is working fine. For example, you want to install a wired door intercom. The expert makes sure the cables aren’t exposed to harmful elements, so you don’t have to worry about the system suddenly malfunctioning. And you don’t wish it to fail right when there’s a threat at your doorsteps.

A door intercom is a worthwhile investment for your home security. However, be sure to remember the points mentioned above for a secured system protecting your household. That would help in keeping intruders at bay—letting you enjoy good peace of mind indoors.

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