Common Effects Of CBD Vape Oil And Regular CBD Oil


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There have been a lot of confusion and misconceptions surrounding the use of CBD vape oil and that of regular CBD oil. Are there differences and similarities between these two liquids? What is more potent or effective between the two options?

Well, while both are referred to as “oils”, the regular CBD oil is concentrated and to be taken strictly sublingually or orally. You cannot ever use this for vaping or smoking. This is one major difference between CBD vape oil and the regular CBD oil.

Do note that there are vape-specific CBD products while the regular CBD oils should be administered orally and not suitable for vaping. The vape juices or e-liquids are a bit similar with the CBD vape oils but are mainly used for inhaling as steam and in vaporizers.

CBD vape liquid and CBD vape oil are one and the same and manufacturers would often use this interchangeably. However, many people would refer to this as CBD vape juice which gives it an interesting tweak, so click here.

CBD Oil or Tinctures

It’s a classic type of CBD product which started it all. This is the regular CBD oil that is to be taken under the tongue or orally administered. The actual CBD looks like salt and is solid in structure. The CBD oil has been derived from using another organic kind of oil to serve as carrier for CBD. This helps in the actual absorption of pure CBD into the body systems.

The CBD tinctures or oils make use of food-grade oil such as hemp seed oil, coconut oil, or olive oil which carries or transports the CBD to be fully absorbed by the body.

CBD Vape Oil

The CBD vape liquids do combine a thinning agent with food-grade oil so as to lessen the viscosity of the carrier oil to ensure enjoyable and efficient vaping. If you are not much of a fan of the regular CBD oil because of its odd taste and consistency then this CBD vape liquid is your go-to CBD product because it’s specifically formulated for vaping. CBD vape oil is derived mainly from CBD hemp oil. It is a very safe and a non-intoxicating agent so the CBD hemp oil can be purchased in different retailers worldwide even without a prescription.

Delivery Method

CBD vape oil and regular CBD oil differs in terms of the delivery route or method. The regular CBD oil usually comes in bottles or catridges which are used with a vaporizer. Many manufacturers or brand owners have improved the look, aroma, and taste of CBD vape liquids which is meant for vaping. The different flavors actually add spice and interest into the use of CBD vape liquids. It created an exciting flair to the regular CBD vape oil.

There are tons of anecdotal evidence to support health claims as people have manifested that CBD vape oil has improved their mood swings, decreased anxiety and depression, as well as reduce pain and inflammation. There are so many health advantages in using CBD as it seems to be considered a miracle worker as it has tremendously helped people suffering from cancer and other chronic conditions swiftly recover. This is considered to be the fastest route to absorb CBD as compared to oral methods which is why a lot of CBD users prefer this route.

Vaping is said to be more efficient because it gets directly into the bloodstream as compared to taking it orally which would take a bit longer as it has to be metabolized first before it is dispersed right into your bloodstream.

It’s a long route when you take it orally as compared to vaping because the respiratory system allows CBD to be inhaled which passes through the lung membranes and then distributed to the bloodstream. It’s really a shorter and faster route as compared to using the regular CBD oil. However, with vaping, the CBD effects may be short-term as compared to ingesting it orally.

Consuming CBD and the delivery method would really depend on your preference or purpose. Some would like the convenience of vaping while there are those who want to enjoy CBD in a vaporizer. So, the delivery method would entirely depend on your comfort zone.

Regular CBD oils should never be vaped because it isn’t made to be inhaled or vaped in the first place. Vaping regular CBD oils can cause lipoid pneunomia or a condition characterized by inhalation of fat particles which could clog your respiratory system and then evently lead to lung inflammation. This complication is mainly because your lungs are unable to process or absorb these oils.

In addition, these CBD tinctures or regular CBD oil are made with propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine which can only be inhaled or ingested and not vaped.

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