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Having opened in September of 2007, Crystals’ Writing and Photography is becoming a very high trend. From Writing personalized poems to taking beautiful pictures of virtually anything, Crystal is becoming publicly known as “Poetry Girl”.

“Today we are living in a world that seeks an overwhelming number for talented people who write poetry.” Says Crystal, owner and operator of Crystals’ Writing and Photography. Poetry and Photography are two of the most demanding but highly competitive occupations of today. There are many people opening up many businesses worldwide but some people are revising and exaggerating their resumes and portfolios. Some have even gone as far as to editing images in photo manipulation software programs often found on the Internet for free.

Crystals’ Writing and Photography recently opened the doors on September the 9 of 2007. She has many sample pieces of her Poetry and even volunteers to give away three poems each month to a winner of a drawing. She also will be doing many photography sessions and will also be giving a free photography session with no sitting fee. Those enrolled in this club get BIG discounts and Free Stuff.

“Poetry”: Each poem will be custom made with the customer in mind. The customer may choose to give her details of the person they wish to buy the poem for and she will write with that customers needs in mind. She will also be including special Stationary paper or you may choose to have it published via e-mail.

“Specialty: Love Letters” They also will be customized to the customers wants and needs. They also have special stationary paper or original. She will also be introducing a new form of never heard of before special embroidery on pieces of fabric including jeans.

“Photography Sessions and Appointments”: will be available to the public October 1st 2007. Crystals’ Writing and Photography will schedule either sit in sessions such as backdrop and lighting or public appears such as weddings, birthdays, or anniversary parties. Crystal has taken Photography classes and will be displaying a portfolio of copyrighted photos that she, herself published. All sessions are listed below. You might get to know a thing or two about the Canon T6i lenses here.

Here are Crystals’ Writing and Photography Rates:


“Specialty: Love Letters”- Are customized to the customers likeing,

“Photography Sessions and Appointments”- Bronze Package- 100 pictures. Silver Package- 200 pictures. Gold Package-500 pictures

NOTE:Sulphur, Ardmore, Ada, Davis, Pauls Valley, Hennipen, and Roff Oklahoma will be free of Traveling Charges but for any other city in Oklahoma, there will be a simple “Pay For Gas” Fee.

Crystal Owns and operates this business. She loves helping her community and really the only true thing she wants is to leave a lasting impressions on someone.


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