Do You Have to Have a License to Practice Plumbing in Texas?


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The answer is yes but classified ads may suggest otherwise. “Part-Time Plumber Needed No License Necessary” may run abundant at times. The ads may be appealing and you could earn some good money but is working without a plumbing license possible?

There are at least two answers on how working without a plumbing license is possible. Both answers could give you experience and allow you to one day be able to get your own plumbing license if you desire one.

If you are working for a licensed plumber and if you provide emergency plumbing repair, you probably won’t need a license because the licensed plumber is the one that will oversee your work and be held responsible if anything goes wrong. Basically, it requires more supervisory and conceptual skills rather than the technical skils. It would be similar to working at a locally owned restaurant and you forget to put out a wet floor sign after you’d mopped and someone slips and falls. The owner would have to take responsibility for the fall. People that are working for a licensed plumber may be doing so to obtain work experience so they can one day get a plumbing license. They may fall under the title of a “Plumbers Assistant.”

If you aren’t working for a licensed plumber you may be able to obtain work experience on your own through doing plumbing jobs for friends and family or by being a “Jack of all Trades” or a handyman. In this case you may be able to still receive pay but you are also setting yourself up for potential problems such as lawsuits and fines. You’ll be the one held responsible if something goes wrong with the plumbing after you tried to fix it. If the law catches you practicing plumbing without a license you could get slapped with huge fines or worse.

If you aren’t seeking to get a plumbing license you can in all likelihood still work for a licensed plumber but you wouldn’t be making as much as if you had your own license. The next time you see an ad in the classifieds needing a “Part-Time Plumber with No Experience Necessary” you’ll have a better idea of what it means. You can always call the number listed, e-mail or go to the address mentioned in the ad to find out about the position. It never hurts to check it out. You may find that plumbing is something you enjoy setting you on a course that will lead to a plumbers license.

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