Easy Aquarium Maintenance Guide You Must Keep In Mind


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You should buy one of the best fish tanks aquariums for your fishes. But a high quality aquarium isn’t enough. You must do proper maintenance regularly to make its habitat stable, balanced and healthy for your water pets.

Thinking it’s not that easy? You’re not alone. Many people who want to buy fish tanks hesitate because they thought upkeeps are difficult. Truth is, it’s easier than some people thinks, as long as you’d know how to do it properly.

Simple Notes in Keeping a Fish Tank Aquarium at Home

Daily Reminders

Here are basic routines you should do for your fish tank every day:

  1. Check if all equipment in the aquarium are working properly. Check the air pump, filter and arrangement of ornaments among other factors. You might need to replace or fix some things every now and then, especially when your aquarium have lasted for few months or years.
  2. Be sure to feed your fishes accordingly. Don’t put food which your fishes cannot eat all in 5 minutes to avoid contaminating the water. Remove any remaining food after they eat immediately. Moreover, observe the behaviors of your fish while eating, since unusual movements often indicate problems.
  3. Count your fish daily or weekly to make sure they’re complete. Remove dead fish from the aquarium immediately. This is to avoid increase of ammonia and nitrite contents in the water, which would eventually poison other fishes.

Notes Every other Week

Be sure to keep tab of these maintenance tasks every two weeks:

  1. Use a reliable water test kit to check PH, carbonate hardness, nitrite and nitrate levels. PH should indicate around 6.5 to 7.5, carbonate hardness (KH) should not drop below 4.5KH, and nitrates not more than 10ppm. Nitrites and ammonia should never be present in the water.
  2. Clean the interior of your fish tank. Never use regular household brushes because they would harm the good microorganism’s build-up in the tank. In cleaning the walls, begin from bottom to the top, and rinse your scrubber every now and then with clean freshwater. Use a special gravel vacuum in cleaning the gravel.
  3. Change around 10 to 15{6981676f896451ec7f0201b4f2e2dba09f1165d5d0ff016768ccdcb379f49531} of the water. Be sure to use water conditioner afterwards.
  4. Finally, clean the filter inserts using the extracted water from your fish tank. Never use detergent or any artificial cleaner for it. The key is, you should remove the debris and miniscule substances the filters have trapped.

Monthly Maintenance

Lastly, here are essential steps you should do each month:

  1. Replace vital parts and accessories of the filters, including the inserts, cartridges, carbon, Algone and floss. While at it, be sure to rinse the filter before putting it back.
  2. Closely inspect vital parts and equipment of the fish tank. Check tubing, skimmers, connections and air stones among other points. Be sure they function properly without any problems.
  3. Check all boxes and bottles of the aquarium equipment, tools and chemicals you use. Be sure they haven’t passed the expiration dates yet. If they do, immediately replace them to avoid any problems. Test water kits, for example, tend to give false result when expired.

These are the basic and general reminders you should take note in maintaining an aquarium. Be sure, however, to talk with experts for specified advice. That’s helpful if you have unique fishes, or unusual aquarium ornaments such as real coral reefs. And these are all for your fishes to remain healthy and live longer lives.

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