Foot Trouble? Why You Should Love Your Feet

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Until a few generations ago, Chinese society practiced the custom of binding the feet of young girls to prevent their feet from growing and developing normally. Small feet were considered more feminine and fashionable. This was their rationale for this pernicious practice. Today, we ridicule this custom as barbaric and cruel, yet we commit equal outrages against our own two feet in the same name of fashion.

We have become slaves to the god of fashion irrespective of the pain and suffering, foot deformities, and poor posture that being in style may cause. Nature did not design our bodies to be thrown off balance by high heels. Nor did nature design human feet to be tightly imprisoned in leather jackets which shut out all life-giving air and sunlight, preventing them from functioning and moving normally. Judging from the shapes of most so-called stylish shoes, one would think our feet were constructed primarily to fit the peculiarities of the shoe rather than the shoe being designed primarily to accommodate the physiological requirements of the human foot. It is small wonder that more than 75 percent of all civilized people suffer from some foot disorder. Our feet are comprised of functioning, living tissue, and muscles requiring movement and fresh air in order to remain in vigorous health. If you happen to come across some of the most common mindinsole reviews on the internet, you will find that it is a very effective remedy for acupressure. 

From almost the moment of birth, when many parents can’t hardly wait to put on those cute baby shoes, we start mutilating and deforming our feet, and throwing our body and spine into a state of imbalance. Those among us who have enough courage to flaunt fashion and wear sensibly-designed shoes or sandals, and see that their children do the same, should be commended for preventing much of the foot deformity and mutilation produced by high heels, pointed toes, and tight and ill-fitting shoes, corns, calluses, “hammer toes,” and bunions are always due to poorly fitting shoes.

The constant wearing of high heels, in addition to causing poor posture, cramped toes, abdominal protrusion, and backache, also tends to produce a shortening of the calf muscles which decreases the range of dorsiflexion of the foot.

Arch supports that claim to strengthen the weak muscles of the foot accomplish nothing insofar as that is concerned – and weak muscles are the primary cause of fallen arches or flat feet.

The common malady referred to as athlete’s foot or ringworm is caused by a fungus. Fungus thrives best in a warm, dark, moist environment, almost exactly as provided by the inside of most shoes. (Although the basic purpose of shoes is but as a special covering for the feet).

Sunning the feet, wearing well-ventilated shoes or sandals, and drying them carefully after bathing or showering, especially between the toes, will prevent this skin disease from ever occurring. Keep in mind that fungus will not attack healthy tissue. It is only when the body cells have been debilitated through the lack of air, sunlight, and exercise that their resistance is lowered to leave them vulnerable to fungus.

Flat foot is another common malady which may be caused by chronic strain and remedied by appropriate exercise. The long arch, stretching on the inside border of the foot from heel to toes, is the elastic spring upon which the entire body weight rests. The arch comprising numerous bones, is held together by muscles and ligaments. The value of the arch depends upon the integrity of the muscles supporting it.

Those persons whose occupations require them to stand for long periods of time, such as policemen, nurses, barbers, beauticians, storekeepers, clerks, factory workers, guards, and so on, should practice exercising their feet daily to strengthen their arches in order to counteract the extra strain which causes the pain in their feet.

Remember, don’t expect miracles overnight. But if you will only liberate your poor, aching feet from their dark prisons, treat them to a generous helping of fresh air, let the sunlight kiss them, walk them barefoot on the beach whenever the occasion is apropos, allow the morning dew-laden grass to lovingly caress them, grant them the freedom of movement and appropriate exercise they desperately desire and well deserve; I promise you with all sincerity, they will not only eternally appreciate your kindness and consideration, but they will bless you and be only too happy to faithfully serve you for the rest of your life.

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