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There is no set formula for website designs; designs can range from a simple spread with Home, About Us, Contact and Product to an intricate fifty-page spread with flash animation and a virtual catalog. You’ll need a website designer to create your designs, but how you get that designer all depends on what you want to achieve and why.

The Options

Obviously, you’ll want a full-time website designer if your company offers website designs. The question is do you hire a website designer and put them on the payroll or find a contracting designer? There are pros and cons for both:

Hiring Pros and Cons

Pro: There’s a better chance of keeping a strong team structure.

Con: Having a designer on the payroll means paid vacations and benefits.

Pro: Generally, hired designers have no customers; they’re specifically available to you.

Con: They have to be paid whether there’s work or not.

Pro: There’s better control over the project.

Con: You can end up spending so much time on supervising the creation of the website designs that there’s no time for anything else.

Pro: By hiring someone, you’re helping with the local economy.

Con: Choosing from a smaller area isn’t necessarily cost effective.

Contracting Pros and Cons

Pro: By contracting, you’re not responsible for taxes, paid vacations or benefits.

Con: It can be difficult to develop a team structure, especially with more than one contractor.

Pro: You only pay them when you need them.

Con: The website designer may have other work that conflicts with your needed timeline.

Pro: Contracting can free up resources for other areas of website design.

Con: There’s less control over a project.

Pro: You have a wider reach, which means more designers to choose from.

Con: Choosing a contractor from another country can cause negative feedback from locals.

You want to do what’s best for your company, which means choosing the best options. Generally, the best results can be found in a mixture of both. If you sell website designs, you can hire a contractor to do back-end work, saving you the time and hassle, while you work on the designs. If you have an excellent team in all respects but one, you can hire a contractor to fill that skill gap, whether it’s coding, SEO or the designs themselves.

Now, by no means do you have to hire a contracting website designer, of course. This is only one option, but a viable one. Don’t get so stuck on what’s in front of you that you forget to look anywhere else. Between putting a website designer on the payroll or looking at all the available designers on business solution sites, it’s possible to find the best mix-and-match of skills you need to give your customers what they need.

The business of selling website designs is a highly competitive one, and you need every edge you can get; weigh the benefits of each option and choose the best for you.

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