Glacier Park Vacation Reviews


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Originally home to ancient ancestors of current Native American tribes, Glacier National Park became a national park in 1910. At least 1.6 million people visit the park each year. Lodging include hotels, lodges, cottages, inns and two chalets accessible only by backpacking.

Glacier Park Vacation Reviews

The park is open all year; however most visitor facilities are open from late May to early September. Vacationing at the park offers many activities for people of all ages.

Glacier Park Vacation ReviewsWows and Woes

Wildlife viewing is excellent; it’s possible to get close-up photos of grizzly bears, mountain goats, moose, elk and bighorn sheep. Bird watching is amazing; harlequin ducks frolic in McDonald Creek, dippers bob and golden eagles fly high.

Glacier National Park offers a wide array of lodging for every budget.

The weather changes quickly; bright summer days can bring heavy rainstorms without warning and snow at night. Internet access and televisions are not available at Glacier Park, Inc.’s lodging. Lake McDonald Lodge rooms do not have air conditioning, coffee makers or bathtubs.

Glacier Park Vacation ReviewsInsider Tips

The best time to visit the park is from late May to early September, as many visitor facilities close in the fall and winter. Take a Scenic Red Bus interpretative tour offer for a comfortable way to enjoy the scenery. Take fishing gear to catch abundant lake trout.

Bottom Line

Glacier National Park is an excellent vacation spot for families, couples or singles. The wide variety of activities will please anyone.

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