How to Control Tartar Build-up in Dogs


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The Border Collie is a fairly common working dog that comes from Scotland, which has also given them the name, the Scott Sheep dog. These dogs are common workers for many Scottish farmers and even in some parts of eastern England. They are most known for their extreme athletic ability and have been seen in many dog competitions, even taken first prize.


Being a descent from other droving dog breeds, the Border Collie has a medium sized build that is much smaller than their ancestors. This dog gets its prowess from its distant ancient cousin, a dog that herded reindeer for Vikings in early AD centuries. This dog is known as a stronger worker with a powerful drive for helping out humans which it gets from its long era of functioning. With a long gaze from its eyes, most cattle can get fear from this dog and they follow their the path they are needed to go after a stare down with the Collie.


Just because they don’t have a hefty size to them, does not mean they lack the power of their duties. This dog weighs about forty to sometimes fifty pounds and have a beautiful coat of soft and shiny fur. They have large ears, usually with tufts of fur at the insides. Their muzzles are long and end in a big black nose, sometimes brown. Their eyes are quite expressive and are usually a light blue or a dark brown. They come in a wide variety of colorings, the most common is the black and whit spotted. They also come in all brown, all black, brown and white patched, and sometimes a speckled blue.


These dogs are vibrant and entertaining. They need their quality share of exercise to keep them active and happy. If they become lazy, they will be so stubborn and inclusive which can lead to house accidents. These dogs need to be in a household that can provide them a lot of play time or of course a good farmer’s home with the drive to herd cattle. These dogs love the attention of their families and seek it out often, they are a needy dog that needs a great attention meter.

Grooming and Health

Because of their long fur, they need to be groomed daily to keep up with shedding and stop it in its tracks. Border Collies need a bath every month to make sure their fur is crisp and clean and not flea ridden. Living up to twelve years, these dogs can gain cancer in their later years as well as cataracts. Though, on average, this breed is mighty healthy from its usual exercise. You should also be able to provide them with the right type of food like best food for French bulldogs with sensitive stomach. This will protect them from experiencing pain internally.

Border Collies are a beautiful breed of dog that need an owner who has enough energy and spunk as much as they do!

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