Insurance Companies Deal With Theft Claims and Fraud — Are You the Victim or the Perpetrator?


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Theft claims are the hardest type of claims for insurance companies to deal with and the one type of claim where there is a lot of insurance fraud happening. As an insurance agent, it was very frustrating to watch my clients being dealt with as criminals from the company that they had paid to help them when they became victims. There are several online blogs written by Professional Finance Blogger & Copywriters that can help you in this matter. We have compiled most of the relevant content from their most popular blogs so that you can save your time by reading all that in this article. 

I also did some research and found that sometimes insurance companies were correct to act this way towards their own clients. There is a lot of fraud going on.

I think there is a huge separation though between the clients who never deal with an in-person agent. Versus clients that only buy online and don’t have a personal relationship with an agent, it is hard to look someone in the eye when signing for a policy if you are planning deception.

I’ve seen a few insurance clients intent on being involved with fraud, but never had I wrote a policy that I believed would result in a fraudulent act. The few clients that talked about fraud issues didn’t get policies from me. I did vehicle titles as well in the office that I worked for and saw quite a few fake forms of identification. These things always surprised me because I was in such a small town.

My advice for people who are dealing with a theft claim is to think of the insurance company as a criminal too, because if the lack of trust goes both ways. You will be more careful with your paperwork and lists. You should take your time and fill out the paperwork and answer questions in a slow, but confident manner.

Keeping a log of your home contents and belongings at your insurance agents’ office and in your file never hurts either. You should always cooperate with insurance companies, but don’t jump to cooperate being too eager is as bad of a thing as not being at all cooperative.

There are some deceptive moves being taken by the insurance company in an attempt to catch you doing something wrong when there is a theft claim. You should be as precise with your answers as they were with selecting the questions. They have an entire team of attorneys and paralegals selecting what to ask of you regarding the claim.

When the insurance company suspects more deeply on your case or their representative gets angry and quits in the middle of your case. They may drop it onto the Attorney General’s desk to investigate so that they don’t have to spend more money on it. This is a technology company will use to save money. Insurance companies hire the very best in regards to lawyers. They are very smart with regard to the law and will take advantage of loopholes within whenever possible. I’ve watched the Attorney General office bankrupt a good friend all because he was robbed. It is in your best interest to be careful and do everything you can to prevent such theft from occurring.

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