Internet Cafes With Free Wi-Fi Service in Myrtle Beach


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Thousands of computer users who own laptops in Myrtle Beach have now found a new way to have fun and meet interesting people. The internet cafe has become a very popular way for internet users to enjoy a good cup of coffee, or dine out and take pleasure in their favorite meal. The original coffee cafés did not have the capacity of this technology; many of these older cafes in France and Turkey have now turned to this new medium. There are many other sitting rooms in the Myrtle Beach area who have capitalized on the new wave of business – due to the use of Wi-Fi services offered to customers who patronize a particular location. Myrtle Beach Wi-Fi networks have become a viable source for internet users who take advantage of this new communication network. There are a few set backs of being and using a network of this type. If too many computer users are using the “frequency hop” that is via high-bandwidth applications at the same time – the user can experience disturbance which causes interference and loss of connection to the net. Below is a list of internet café’s and local restaurants that offer free Wi-Fi service.

  1. Overtime Sports Café

1409 Highway 17. S.

North Myrtle Beach 29582


Great happy hour, restaurant has friendly and pretty waitresses, excellent mixed drinks, a very enjoyable and upbeat atmosphere. The food rating will be a four stars, considering it being a sports bar, which is still a favorable and fair rating of the food served at this establishment.

  1. Happy Hour Heaven (under new management)

1409 Highway 17. S.

North Myrtle Beach 29582

843-361-8900 (this review is courtesy of the weekly surge news)

Very relaxed comfortable atmosphere, plush sofas for a comfy at home setting. Excellent happy hour, patrons will also experice great hospitality and food – also wonderful appetizers served with happy hour. This local sports bar and restaurant used to be the famous Macatz Bar, the overall theme is still the same comfortable and relaxed enviornment. Food rating is 4 ½ stars, a great hideaway spot, and the drinks are killer. 

  1. Atlanta Bread Company

506 Highway 17 North

North Myrtle Beach 29582


A very laid back atmosphere where the customer can enjoy a great coffee, or munch on a fresh bagel while surfing the net. This establihment has upright stools for back support, and plenty of space and windows to enjoy the surrounding scenary. This location is ideal for artist or entrepenuers who wish to establish a meeting place to conduct and share profitable ideas.

  1. Jacb’s Java Café

810 3rd Ave. South

Surfside Beach 29575


Great place to interact with the Surfside locals, excellent variety of baked goods, very relaxed and comfotable atmosphere. Limited seating, all staff are friendly and cordial – set in a laid back décor. Seasoned tourist will love this café, it has remnants of New York City, a urban flair that has added to the buzz of this community

  1. Beef ‘O’ Brady’s

8703-F Hwy. 17 Bypass S.

Myrtle Beach 29575

This local chain restaurant has a laid back atmosphere, a fun place to enjoy networking when visiting the Myrtle Beach area. The food and drinks are a good value for anyone that is on a tight budget.

  1. Your Cup Runneth Over Café

700 Highway 17 Business South

Suite D

Surfside Beach 29575


A premium café that serves their own specialty blend of gourmet coffee starting at $4.99 per bag. Very comfortable setting, a great hideaway for tourist who don’t mind travelling to this café. Get to know this establishment when visiting the Myrtle Beach area, another great hideaway spot for locals and visiting vacationers. Lastly, to ensure that you have a strong connection, you can check out the best superboost wifi review and get yourself one. 


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