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A social gathering of women where each member of the game contributes an amount of money to the central pool. Now, every member drew lots from the same or play any game of choice. The person who wins the game will get the money. This fun time game is quite impressive to play with friends where they can change money with anything else like getting stuff or rewards.

The reward can be from candies, common household items, or anything else. It depends upon the amount spend in the game, so anyone can win the game and get whatever she wants. This is basically an Indian game that is loved around the world now. Most of the women play this game and try hard to win any specific amount. Apart from the game, there are fun themes, drinks, and food from restaurants.

Thus, Kitty party games are impressive to try out. Make sure that you check out some of the impressive games where you can ask hilarious questions to the other person and enjoy the evening with your people. Let’s have a look at some of the pretty games to try out.

  1. Guessing Game

If you are trying out the kitty party games for the first time, then you have an easy option to try out. This guessing game is one of the best, and it is very easy to try out. All you need to play this game are Papers, Pens, and A big bowl. Now, everyone will write two truths and one lie on a small chit and fold it up.

After mixing all into a bowl, and one person will pull out one paper form the same. That person will speak out all the truth and lie from the paper, and other members must guess. The person who wrote it would take the name of others so that no one can take an easy guess. Whoever tells it first will be the winner of this game.

  1. Advertisement Tagline

Most of the brands have their tagline, and they get very common. Whoever is organizing this game will write out the tagline of popular and common brands. Make sure to write out the tagline as per the number of people is in the room. Put all the paper chits into the bowl and grab any of them randomly.

Now, one by one, the candidates will speak out the tagline. Everyone can guess the brand. If anyone guesses the name correct, then she will get one point. The game keeps ongoing, and you need to finish the game by the same. The member who earns the maximum point will be the winner, and you can give a reward to them.

  1. Rubber band and Spoon

Taking a spoon and putting an elastic band on the curve part is very hard. It takes little time to put a number of rubbers. All the members get a spoon and plenty of elastic bands. The organizer of the game will start the game, and everyone must do the same thing until it stopped. The organizer should run this game for one minute.

One everyone is playing this game; they need to bit more patient and try to play because this game seems very easy but, it can take lots of time to settle down. Whoever puts the maximum rubber bands on the spoon will win the game. You will monitor everyone putting the elastic band, and everything is done after that. Isn’t it one of the impressive games to try out.

  1. Truth and Dare

One of the fun time games to try out with your female friends is playing truth and dare. You need to tell everyone that the topic is about husbands, and then this will get a bit tricky and impressive at the same time. You can give them conditions as if they have a husband on one side and friend on another side, whom they will save if the world is ending.

You can keep on adding more stuff into the same, which will make this game interesting to try out. When you are playing this game for the first time, then you should stay selective in approach and don’t go too much personal otherwise, such things can trigger a fire in the group.

Bottom Line

During such kitty parties, you can organize food in advance, and the person who wins this game will not pay a single buck in the contribution. It is a better option if you don’t want to feel losing money in such games. Women love such games, and you can find some online portals where you can learn more about these games and try out for sure. Hope you will learn some easy games to try out with your friends and enjoy the hell out of it.

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