League of Legends or Counter Strike: Global Offensive – Which one to play!


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The player base for the League of legends might have been a wide one but with the release of Counter Strike:  Global Offensive, the value of entertainment for players has increased substantially. The elements of counter strike are comparatively more exciting and grander than League of legends. 

League of Legends seems to have turn stale for players, who find the same teams playing at the top spot, as always. Bringing a wave of fresher attributes, Counter Strike provides its players with a chance at newer objects and timelines, improving their interest and channeling their enthusiasm on a new route. 

One of the most remarkable feature of the game is that there is no domination of any single nation in the game. With each new tournament session, players can view a classic structure that involves multiple high grade events in the year, something that is hard to come by in League of Legends. This particular feature of the game also makes it more attractive for an investor from business point of view. 

Many players complain about the production quality of League of Legends, claiming that it has always been more like a television drama. Perhaps, this is where Counter strike overcomes the whole competition with a wave of innovation, upcoming talent, diversity in competition, and monetization of a product. Speaking in monopoly terms, League of Legends remains under the control of one while Counter Strike brings a fresh fleet of liberty on the board. 

This is why, Elo boosting service claim that when it comes to playing either of the two, perhaps it might be a good choice for players to opt for Counter Strike: Global offensive, rather than settling for League of Legends, which seems to have fallen down the charts. 

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