Make Your Bathroom Shine Like A New One By Following These Tips!

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Everyone avoids cleaning bathrooms and is never fun. Every couple, friends tend to say others to clean it while everyone wants a clean bathroom. Cleaning the bathroom can be done a good task if done correctly. You must follow some of the tips that will never make you feel the burden of cleaning the bathrooms. Also, it is better to be hygiene and clean bathrooms timely so as to avoid bad smell or risk of infections.

You can also make use of the hepa filtered vacuum cleaner to clean the dirt of the bathrooms and floors of your home. Know some of the tips to clean your bathroom in an easy way:-

  1. Make use of sandpaper

For cleaning the hard stain, you must use sandpaper. Use ultrafine on the hardest stains of your bathroom and then clean it with a cotton cloth. This tip will help to remove the stain and make your bathroom shine again.

  1. Use baby oil or vinegar to get the shine back

It is the issue of most bathrooms that chrome looks dirty and is difficult to clean. You must use the baby oil or vinegar to make your chrome shine. Try to put baby oil on a cotton cloth and then clean chrome to make it shine brighter. To clean chrome with vinegar, try to put it in a spray bottle and add lemon juice in it. This will prevent the watermarks on the chrome and will make it shine.

  1. Lemon juice removes stains

It might be possible that your faucet is leaking if you see blue-green stains on the surfaces. Make use of lemon juice and borax, mix them well and rub it on the enamel surfaces when there are stains. After rubbing the mixture, put it as it is and use a plastic scrub pad to remove the mixture and clean it with warm water. This will remove all the stains from the enamel surfaces.

  1. Use vinegar and borax to remove toilet stains

Vinegar is a fantastic solution to remove the stains from the toilet. This acid, when mixed with borax, can help in getting rid of all the watermarks. You need to add three cups of vinegar to the toilet seat and scrub it with the toilet brush. This will help in removing all the toilet stains. To use the borax, you must switch off the water supply of the tank and out the powder in the toilet and clean it. Let it be there for around 30 minutes and then turn on the water supply and flush the toilet. It will give a shiner look to your toilet and will remove stains as well.

  1. Clean your toilet brush regularly

Toilet brush plays a great role in cleaning the toilet, and thus, it must also be cleaned. You need to clean the toilet brush regularly by putting it in a bucket full of hot water. Add 3 cups of bleach to a bucket of hot water and leave the brush for around 50-60 minutes. This will remove all the dirt and dust, and t foul smell from the toilet brush, making it clean like a new one.

Bathrooms are used regularly and must be kept clean. Get to know some of the incredible tips to clean your bathroom easily by the tips mentioned above.

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