Many Things You Can Make for Your Small Business


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It’s a lot of fun looking through catalogs that offer supplies, office decorations and other things for a small business. It’s fun to dream about all the things you could buy for your shop or office, but in reality, it’s much better if you can have those things without spending the money! Money saved is money you can use towards other business needs. You might not know this but there are many different things you can make for your small business, and not only will you save money, you’ll have lots of fun creating the easy supplies, accents and more.

One thing anyone could make for their small business is a unique business card holder. Start with a small box and a picture you like. The picture can represent your business or can be one you’ve simply chosen because you like it. Glue the picture to a piece of cardboard. Trim the cardboard to be the same size as the picture. Cut an upside-down “u” shape in the center bottom of the picture. Use a small box in this area to hold your business cards. Paint the box or just use a decorative box you’ve purchased from a craft store. Put the box against the backside of the cardboard, draw around it, then cut out the shape. Place your business cards in the box and slide the box halfway into the hole. The box will not only hold the cards but it will also serve as a stand for the poster.

Make other business card holders by choosing an appropriate, small box and decorating it to suit a particular theme. For example, you can glue on fake jewels, seashells or even colored yarn. Wrap yarn around and around the box until it is completely covered. Glue a trinket on the front to give it a more professional look. You’ll find thousands of miniatures that will look perfect on your business card holder. Give the box a more masculine look by covering it with bits and pieces of masking tape. After the box is completely covered with cris-crossing and overlapping tape, cover it with shoe polish or furniture stain. The masking tape will take on a look of leather with this technique. Another great thing that you can make for your company is a system for small businesses using the latest technology. This will provide efficiency in your operation.

Make an “Open” and “Closed” sign for a glass front door by starting with a suction cup. You’ll find them in many sizes at a craft store. Create the sign you want using your home computer and printer. Laminate the sign, but as you do, trap the string in the top side areas. The string can then be used to hang the sign on the suction cup.

Make countless other signs for your shop by simply printing the desired sign out on your home computer. The signs can say “No Public Restroom”, “We Will Be Closed On Labor Day”, or “Welcome”. Make any sign, with any background, and any icons or logos. Place the finished sign in a nice picture frame and hang it on the wall or set it on a counter top.
Make all sorts of desk accessories by using an assortment of things. For instance, a wallpaper trough, used for dipping wallpaper in water or glue, makes the perfect organizer. Set it across the back of a desk and it can hold everything from staples to paper clips to sticky notes. Make cardboard separators and it will be even easier to keep track of a huge assortment of things. Cut the bottom off a two or three-liter bottle, cover with a piece of fabric and a ribbon to hold it, and you can set a real or fake flower on the desk or elsewhere. A fish bowl or ivy bowl makes a beautiful pencil and pen holder; an ordinary juice glass can hold writing instruments, stapler or other things. Use a long Styrofoam block to make yet another desk organizer.

Paint the Styrofoam the color you want but make sure the paint you use is suitable for Styrofoam. Some paints will actually melt Styrofoam so check the label. It’s easy to cut shapes from the top of the Styrofoam so that each item on the desk has its own place. Poke holes to hold pens and pencils, cut slits to hold rulers, cut dugouts for paper clips or cut other shapes to hold a stapler and more.
If you have a sign outside, one that has interchangeable numbers and letters, you can make those yourself. Instead of having strictly black or red letters like everyone else, make much more attention-grabbing numbers and letters yourself. Simply use stencils to cut them from neon colors, pretty cloth prints or even scrapbook papers. There are no limits to the different designs you can do. Laminate the letters and numbers then use them to advertise special prices outside on your sign.

Create all sorts of storage room by making a magnetic organizer for the side of a file cabinet. Glue magnets to the backs of wire, wicker or plastic baskets to hold any number of things. Or, cut a long piece of fabric, felt or thick plastic, and use it to make the organizer. Glue on pockets you’ve cut from additional fabric or plastic. These pockets can hold notes, reminders, photos, incoming and outgoing mail and much more. You want your business to succeed and what better way to get it to that point than by saving money when you can. Make some or all of these business crafts and you’ll not only save money but you’ll have the designs, colors and patterns you chose yourself!

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