Mind Map and Brainstorm Tools: The Essentials For Basics


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The mind is considered to be the strongest portion of the body because it houses the brain inside the top of the head. While all body parts are of equal importance to every living being, the one that is considered the most powerful is the mind.

Why so? What qualities does it possess that it has been honored with this tag? Does it mean that other parts are of less significance or are less powerful? How do the experts come at this conclusion?

Well for one thing, the mind has the capacity to think beyond measure. Human beings have no idea as to how far a mind can travel while being a body part all the time. Isn’t it ironic?

How can a person have no ‘idea’ about what is going on in his/her mind? The mind is part of the body so naturally anyone can know what the mind is thinking as it is their part, being attached to their body.

The mind can be said to have a mind of its own because it has the capacity to travel faster than the speed of both sound and light. The brain is considered to be the most powerful and intelligent part of the body.

But outside of the body, the arms, legs and chest are the ones that bulge with muscles so how does the brain become stronger?

Because, as the saying goes, mighty brawn is no match for nimble brain. It is through the brain that people have the ability to think and analyze which are then implemented by the arms and feet through physical tasks while the brain takes care of mental tasks.

But, at the same time, it is the head that is the most sensitive and delicate body part so therefore vulnerable to injury and will not be able to bear any heavyweight falling upon it as that would be the end of everything.

While we are on the subject of mind, let us analyze it a little bit more but this time from technological point of view.

Mind mapping is the process where diagrams are used to represent information that are in the mind which are brought out on a piece of paper so as to share it with other people.

It is mostly prevalent in corporate organizations where projects are relayed through powerslides mind map templates in powerpoint format.

Similarly, brainstorming is a technique through which problems are analyzed and a solution is thought out in the process through creative and innovative ideas.

It is done through by taking in the suggestions of different team members of the company which are then analyzed and discussed with the entire team and the best one is selected after careful consideration.

Mind mapping and brainstorming are the two main tools for software purposes which form the basis of artificial intelligence which is set to take core centrestage in the coming decade.

So here are some mind mapping and brainstorming tools:

  • Mindmeister: Good for intuitive purposes and discussions through live chat
  • iMindMap: Designs creative images
  • Spiderscribe
  • Coggle
  • Freemind
  • Text2mind
  • XMind
  • Group map
  • Mind 42
  • Stormboard
  • Wisemap
  • Mind manager
  • Free plane
  • The brain
  • Lucid char
  • Mindapp
  • Mapul
  • Scapple
  • Comapping
  • My thoughts
  • Bubble
  • Popplet
  • Mindomo

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