Remove Tough Odors From Your Carpets


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Cooking, smoking and pets are just a few of the odor causing culprits in our homes. That delicious fish dinner may leave it’s scent lingering for day’s. Combine that with the doggie smell and Pop’s cigar and you will have one stinky house.

Air fresheners just temporarily mask the smell’s and don’t last very long. Besides most of the odors aren’t airborne. Odors have found a better place to take up residence.Just

look down and you will find the source of those unpleasant smell’s that seem to take over the house.

Carpets are the primary source of unpleasant odors in the home, and while there are many product’s available to help with this problem, many of them are loaded with chemicals and can be toxic. Being a pet owner I have tried different odor removal product’s and have come to the conclusion that there are three common household product’s that are the best for tackling this stinky problem.

I love my dog, but that doesn’t mean That I want my house to smell like him. Pet odors spoil an otherwise lovely home, so we who have furry friends need to take a little extra care to make sure our homes smell fresh and clean.

With so many toxins in our cleaning products, it makes it hard to choose what to use in our homes. Safety for our families and pets should be a consideration when doing any household cleaning. But, none the less, we don’t want our house smelling like a kennel.

First is baking soda. Just lightly sprinkle your carpets and let it sit for about fifteen minutes and vacuum up. Your carpets will smell fresh and so will the whole room.

My favorite odor busting tip is; white vinegar. Fill a spray bottle with five parts water to one part white vinegar and spray your carpets. Not only will this deal with the pet odors but it will bring your carpet back to life by perking up the faded colors.White Vinegar It is also potent enough to remove the smell of pet urine, though a slightly higher dose is required. Create a cleaning solution by following this ratio – 3 parts water, 1 part vinegar. Vinegar is also quite excellent for stain removal and will break up tough ground in dirt. You can even use a vinegar solution for shampooing the carpets. this will give you wonderfully fresh carpets with brighter color. Just use the white vinegar in place of your usual carpet cleaning product. you will be pleasantly surprised at the results. If your carpet smells a little like vinegar, don’t worry, that will fade as it dries. You can also add your favorite scented oil to the vinegar solution to dress up the ambiance of your home.

Lemon is another way to get rid of carpet odors. It will also leave a fresh lemony scent in the room. Lemon’s acidity is more than enough to pull the plug on carpet odors. Mix fresh lemon juice with a little water then apply it on the smelly areas. I mix the solution in a spray bottle and spray the carpet then I use a stiff bristled push broom to scrub it into the carpet. I love the scent of lemon, It leaves the room smelling fresh and clean.

Just one final tip; When I bathe my dog, I rinse him with a solution of 1/2 cup of cider vinegar to 1 cup of water it not only keeps his odor in check, but it reduces dander and repels fleas. This has worked so well for him, that I’m happy to recommend it to all of you. However, if the dirt holds the carpet so firmly, that these DIY solutions can’t remove, you may also want to consider to hire carpet cleaner near me.

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