Things To Consider When Buying An Angle Grinder

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If you are fond of doing home improvement and other DIY projects at home, it is important that you use the right tools and equipment. With the right items on your hand, you can easily and swiftly finish the work that you are doing. When it comes to assembling tool for your home improvement projects, a quality and powerful grinder must always be on your list. This tool is one of the commonly used equipment at home so it is important that you have it on your kit. This equipment is not only intended for shaping, grinding and polishing, it is also a helpful cutting device that functions through a spinning abrasive disc. So if you are now interested in buying an angle grinder, you are in the right place. This article will provide you a consumer’s guide to buying this powerful device.

Type of Work

First and foremost, when buying a grinder for your project, it is crucial to determine the type of work where your angle grinder will be used. Generally, an angle grinder can be used for heavy or precision work. Thus, you have to remember that a heavier and bigger job, the bigger the size of the disc that you will need. To further help you, here are the different types of angle grinder based in the diameter of their discs:

  • 115 mm is generally used for finishing work.
  • 230 mm is used for larger metal cutting activities
  • 125 mm is generally used for large scale and lighter work.

Power Source

The next factor that you need to put into consideration is the power source of your angle grinder. It could be an electric, pneumatic or petrol-powered.  Electric grinders are considered as the most common types of angle grinder when it comes to its power source. The power rating of an electric grinder is generally measured in watts. On the other hand, pneumatic grinders are one of the convenient to use angle grinder because of its portability. They are also described as lighter than electric grinders. Lastly, a petrol-powered grinder is considered as a powerful cutting machine that is mainly used in large-scale activities like cutting asphalt and concrete.


When it comes to the price of a grinder, there are several factors that affect its over all cost in the market. It includes quality of finish, on-off switch responsiveness,, resistance to overheating, carbon brushes, handle comfort, the quality of the components of the tools and most importantly is the brand of the grinder. As a home improvement enthusiast, you must never compromise the quality of your angle with its price. You should consider this tool as a worthy investment for your home projects.

Ultimately, as someone who loves improving your house, it is important to invest in quality tools and equipment to make your life easier when working on a particular home project. You need to always remember that the features of your tools will make your household jobs easier through the help of an angle grinder. Thus, you need to be mindful of the recharge time as required. But most importantly, when buying tools and equipment like angle grinder, more than just your convenience, you must take your safety as your number one priority so always choose the best angle grinders in the market.


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