Tips And Tricks For The Lady Business Traveler: Advice From The Skies To The Trenches


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In my professional life, I do a lot of traveling. It seems I am constantly either driving somewhere, flying to some distant city, or even taking a train or subway to get to the next destination. Thankfully, one of the side effects of all this travel is that I have learned a few tricks that make the journey a little bit easier, if not a bit more enjoyable. Some of these ideas might sound a bit strange, but trust me; they can do wonders for both your morale and your bottom line.

Tips for Travel — Flying the “Friendly” Skies

The first thing that you quickly realize about flying is that there is very little that you can control about the whole process. As a business traveler, you have very little, or no control over flight times, delays, waiting in line at the tarmac to take off, or even what type of snack you’ll be getting on the airplane. A close second, however, should be the realization that the other passengers are in the same boat. Since misery loves company, your attitude concerning the situation at the airport terminal will do wonders for making the journey a pleasant and smooth one versus one fraught with difficulties. Hence, it is always advisable to use quality luggage like samsonite kohvrid so you are prepared to anything that might happen.

Greet TSA with a Smile

I know. There are a lot of TSA officials out there that simply grate on a person’s last nerve. The always changing level of security, new bottle and carry-on regulations, the faint feeling of being cattle led to slaughter through the X-ray machine, it’s enough to diminish the positive outlook of even a veteran traveler. But remember, behind their crisp uniforms, TSA officials are still human beings, and they will react much better and be much more accommodating if you greet them with a smile and a friendly hello instead of a snarl. I’ve seen it countless times.

An inspection line will be moving slowly, frustrating everyone in the line, and the TSA agent will be moving just as slow, feeling downgraded by the lack of sympathy or simply exhausted by all the piercing stares. Then, a young man or woman will get to the front of the line and with a great big grin greet the TSA official by name, make a quick and friendly comment or joke, and the TSA official will laugh slightly and become more relaxed. Not surprisingly, the line sometimes moves a bit more smoothly after that. Not sure what your TSA official’s name is? Take a look at their uniform. Chances are they’ll have a nametag of some type.

Wear Sensible Shoes

Wearing comfortable shoes while your standing in line or waiting on the plane should be fairly easy to understand. However, try to wear shoes that you can easily slip on or off with your feet. By having the ability to remove your shoes easily with your toes, your hands cam be freed to unload all your jacks, purses and loose change in the inspection bins. Plus, you won’t look as silly hopping around on one foot while you frantically try to untie that secure granny knot in those old tennis shoes.

Pulling back…. Your Hair.

If your hair is on the longer side, say below the shoulders, I would strongly suggest you put your hair back into a braid of some type. That way, there is less of a chance of your hair getting messed up on those long flights. Also, at the end of your flight when you need to do a quick freshen up in the bathroom, a braid can be easily taken out and brushed if desired.

Wear Appropriate Clothing

When you’re flying or driving somewhere, the last thing you want to do is arrive at the meeting looking like you just flew 500 miles to get there. If you can, schedule your flight to arrive at your destination with enough time to run quickly to the bathroom and change. That way, you can wear clothing on the plane that will maximize your comfort level, and decrease your wrinkle level. If you know that you won’t be able to a quick change, consider wearing something that resists wrinkling, or a full-length dress. Also, be sure to check the weather at your destination. The last thing you want to do is to arrive wearing a summer dress when a pair of autumn slacks would have been more appropriate.

Occupying Your Mind

A lot of business travelers will promise themselves that they will get their work done while on the plane. While some of the more savvy travelers may accomplish this, I have always found that working in that environment can lead to a decrease in quality. If you can, try using the time to relax. Read a novel, do a crossword puzzle, talk with your seat neighbor, or perhaps just stare out the window at all those miniature cars and people scurrying around on the ground below.

And finally remember, that eventually, you will be traveling home. That thought alone should make any business trip that much better.

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