Web 2.0 Suicide Machine


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In the age of technology, it is almost strange for someone to not have some sort of online profile. As today it seems everyone has a Facebook, Myspace, LinkedIn, or Twitter account. These services can be extremely rewarding and fun. With them you can easily communicate with long-lost friends, distant family, or even just a way to update your close friends that you see every day. As great as these virtual communication tools may seem, sometimes people just go overboard. In extreme cases, they move into their basements and forget how to talk to real people all together. Instead, they spend their whole day updating their Twitter about what type of cereal they ate for breakfast. If this is happening to you, maybe you should take a look at the Web 2.0 Suicide Machine at www.suicidemachine.org.

The Web 2.0 Suicide Machine was developed to do just what the title implies. It’s the virtual noose to your online identities that you once loved so much. With the click of the “Commit” button on the site, all of your pictures, tweets, and status updates can be erased forever. You can feel free to step outside in the sunlight once again and enjoy the fresh air.

What if you don’t live in your basement? Are there other reasons to use the Suicide Machine? Absolutely! As many of us have heard, the internet provides for instant transfer and storage of the very best, and the very worst information of the world. This applies to a lot of people due to many colleges and companies scanning social profiles of their students and employees. Angry tweets and status updates have led to terminations from jobs and colleges across the world. If you’re worried that your social profile could prevent you from getting into college, the Suicide Machine is great for you!

So you want to commit suicide huh? Well let’s take a look at how you can use the Suicide Machine to do it quick and painlessly! First, go to www.suicidemachine.org. Next, select which profile you would like to wipe from the web. If you’re sure about this, enter your username and password into the corresponding fields along with your final words. Once you click the “Commit” button, it will be as though you had never signed up for your social profile in the first place!

Web 2.0 Suicide Machine is a free service, and has a very simple and fun interface. The developers application are from the Netherlands and did a truly great job with this web application. If you want to delete your social profiles for any reason, using the Web 2.0 Suicide Machine is the fastest and most efficient way to do it. It’s effectiveness is just like how medical web design provides medical website design. It looks reliable and reputable.

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