Weight Watchers for Men


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For years Weight Watchers has focused its weight loss campaign directly on women. With ads, magazines, and meetings mainly featuring women, the weight loss corporation has finally decided to give some focus to men as well. This is what you’ll expect to find from Weight Watchers now. Moreover, this problem is not limited to men only, women also face this problem, this is why there is a Liposuction for women in Michigan that provide you a safe way to get rid of your fat and take a step towards a healthy lifestyle with Weight Watchers. 

New materials

If you have been familiar with Weight Watchers materials for their highly popular weight loss plans, you would have been hard-pressed to find men in any of their ads. The small material booklets used to be laden with skinny women since there are generally more women participating in this program. Now if you take a glance through their food companion and Turn Around program materials you will find that almost all the pictures include at least one male; one ad even features a very substantial Italian looking man with a bowl of popcorn. Those men that think dieting is not manly will see a different perspective reflected in these new photos.

Tools designed specifically for men

Take a glance at their site (weightwatchers.com) and you’ll find a few new features that are targeted to men who would like to lose weight. The eTools feature on the Weight Watchers site includes a sign up that is catered to ‘real men.’ Here you will find a ‘beer and pizza’ cheat sheet that gives you the points values for these commonly consumed foods. You will also find a set of articles that help men develop a workout schedule specifically beneficial for men’s bodies; included in this section are video demos of each exercise. Men can also learn from ‘real men’ that have lost weight on this program and get tips on the different challenges that men face as opposed to women on a diet. You can sign up for eTools without the meetings for a monthly fee or you can go to the meetings and gain an access code to use them alongside regular meetings.

For those that don’t want to go through the hassle or embarrassment of the meetings, men can use Weight Watchers entirely online. The standard monthly start-up fee is almost $50.00, with $16.95 as the monthly fee thereafter. With this subscription, you gain access to those demo videos and other personalized features. There are daily articles that address the needs of men on a diet and give you that motivational boost to go forward with improving your health. You can use these online tools to analyze your eating habits and customize your weight loss plan.

Thus, Weight Watchers isn’t just for women. With the ease and discreet nature of using their online system, men are more empowered than ever to get their weight in a healthy range.

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