What Are The Some Best Bathroom Storage Cabinet Over Toilet In The Market?

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Do you have a small toilet and a lot of things? Are you not being able to find space to organise your toiletries and essentials? And is there unused space over your toilet?

These are the common questions you come across while organising things in your toilet. Moreover, in most bathrooms, there is a lot of space above the toilet, which goes to waste. And it is because of this that one needs to have a bathroom storage cabinet over the toilet areas. It does two things. One, utilise a waste space. And two, help you organise your essentials.

Bathroom storage cabinets are cabinets made solely for storage purpose. But the question lies in which one you should choose. Finding the best bathroom storage cabinet over the toilet is a tiring and never-ending task. So, to ease your difficulty, here is a list of some of the best bathroom storage cabinets over toilet.

  1. Sorbus Bathroom Over The Toilet Storage Shelf:

One of the most elegant and sturdy storage shelves for your bathroom, this storage cabinet from Sorbus is fully made up of metal, with a steel-built construction using premium quality hardware. Additionally, the cabinet handles are made of industry-grade Nickel, which adds to the entire look of the cabinet, while increasing its usability as well.

According to the best bathroom storage cabinet over toilet reviews, this over the toilet storage shelf measures 23.75 inches in length, 9.87 inches in width and 66 inches in height. Therefore, it can easily fit above any standard toilet. Furthermore, the shelf has a powder coat finish, due to which it is resistant to corrosion. Moreover, the shelf is medium in size and quite lightweight, weighing around 10 pounds, with a 3-tier shelf, for easy, vertical storage.

  1. UTEX 3-Shelf Bathroom Space Saver:

This 3-shelf over the toilet storage cabinet is made up of solid wood, which not only makes it quite durable and long-lasting but also resistant to any sort of corrosion. Along with an elegant design, the cabinet also has spacious shelves which provide a hassle-free organisation of your toiletries and other bathroom essentials.

This minimal yet elegant bathroom cabinet weighs 20 pounds, and measures 25.1 inches in length, 10 inches in width and 61.5 inches in height. This is very convenient, especially when you wish to organise your towels, tissues and other necessities within reach. The best bathroom storage cabinet over toilet reviews suggest that the shelf also comes with a soft white coating and easy assembly by UTEX itself.

  1. Target Marketing 23040NAT Bamboo Spacesaver:

When searching for utility as well as art, this cabinet by Target Marketing should be your go-to choice. Made up of bamboo, this over the toilet cabinet looks quite stylish and has the natural colour of bamboo to it. Moreover, you can add extra shelves to the cabinet, for more storage space.

In addition to having an adjustable shelf option, this storage cabinet also has secure door panels, which ensure that your products inside are safe. This cabinet is also ranked at the top according to the best bathroom storage cabinet over toilet reviews. Additionally, this wooden cabinet has the perfect dimensions which suit all standard bathrooms, being 10 inches in length, 24.6 inches in width and 66.8 inches in height. Weighing 33 pounds, it is very stable as well.

  1. Household Essentials 3 Tier Storage Rack:

For a cheaper, yet stable alternative of an over the toilet storage cabinet, your best option is the one by Household Essentials. Offering a lot of open space for organising your necessities, this metal cabinet is extremely stable and durable as well. Additionally, it has a curved top, which makes the overall look of the cabinet quite elegant.

This storage cabinet weighs around 14 pounds and is 11 inches in length, 23.5 inches in width and 65.5 inches in height. Since it is compact and lightweight, you never have to worry about any accidents in your bathroom.

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