Zuri’s Starcast for May 2020

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Step into the intention of financial freedom and stability as the sun spends time in the sign of Taurus through May 21st. With May being a 5 month in numerology, it inspires everyone to embrace new opportunities and try new things. It’s an energy cycle of expansion and adventure, as we are all called to live our intentions with purpose, strength and clarity. Plant the seeds of change and watch them grow this month.

May asks you to explore what you value and make positive changes that activate material success and abundance. Challenge the thought patterns that focus on lack and create a shift in thinking and behavior that reflects the person you can be proud of. Re-define your money and relationship stories and execute a plan of action that transforms the problems into tangible solutions. This is one of the most popular forecasts that are there at this time. You get complete details and predictions as well. If you are a firm believer of this you have Mindfulness and justice that can guide you with all the necessary details.

The Taurus cycle supports healing any issues around our ability to create multiple streams of income, building self worth and finding beauty in the physical body. Ponder this:

How do you define security?

Where are you putting your energy?

Are you carving out time to indulge in comforts that bring you joy?

Or are you denying yourself what you really desire to serve others?

As the month unfolds, if you listen carefully, the answers will be felt within your body. Any imbalances or untruths will come through as a physical manifestation, from weight fluctuations to inflammation of some sort. Pay attention to how your body reacts to emotional triggers from the environment. These responses will ultimately provide valuable insights into what is really going on within and around you.

This month encourages moving that energy out of your body through healthy diet, exercise, and some type of therapeutic massage. Being on the tail end of spring, we have the power to clear out any junk from our lives so we have room for the things that we really want in our sacred space.

The goddesses of self-empowerment will help you face the fears that come up when you are on the cusp of major change and instill the courage needed to move with the flow of growth. The sign of Taurus is all about self-care and making sure you are well taken care of. And, when those primal needs are not met, the bull’s not playing games. Be prepared to experience a cosmic shake up that forces you to get your priorities straight.

The power of the Egyptian goddess Hathor is behind you this month when you evoke the beauty that lies within. Treat your body like a temple with loving rituals of self care, nurturing and wellness. When you truly feel beautiful, you will radiate a self confidence that is intoxicatingly attractive to everyone you come in contact with. Anchor Mother Earth energy through your feet and clear out any root chakra debris through physical healing therapies and spending time in nature. You have my permission to plan a spa day of reflexology, hot stone massage or a cleansing facial to rejuvenate the senses and allow that inner beauty to shine through!

We can finally see clearly out of the Mercury retrograde’s fog that dominated our mental landscape last month. With clearer skies, comes new opportunities to grow, honor our physical pleasures and create beauty from the world around us. During the late night hours of May 2nd, the new moon is in Taurus. Our thoughts and actions will be grounded in earth energy so we can manifest our goals and be ready for the new beginnings in the weeks and months to come.

With the blessings of the spiritual team of Lakshmi and Ganesh, now’s the time to write your abundance check and set the intention that prosperity in all of its forms is yours to create. By mid-month, Venus, Mercury and Mars join the sun in Taurus. We are asked to think about how aligned we are with our career as our life’s work. Are you working a job simply for the paycheck or is it something that you feel called to do, that answers a soul-based passion? Venus will teach you that when you are pursuing a vocation that you love, the money will follow. Call upon Archangel Chamuel to find the right job and watch the magic happen.

The Full Moon in Scorpio on the 17th will provide the perseverance to complete any tasks and karmically call in twists of fate having to do with changes in fortune or potential financial windfalls. Invoke the power of the Scorpio full moon to release any karma related to money and draw the luck you need to manifest abundance.

From May 21st onward, the sun moves into Gemini, sparking new ideas and sharing information that make a difference. For the rest of the month, engage in activities that promote learning, teaching, communication and bringing people together to create new projects from the collective brainstorming sessions. This would be a great time to network and socialize with influential people.

Have a prosperous month!


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